Where to Stay in the Philippines?

Where to Stay in the Philippines
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We will be rating the hotel based on their Facilities, Dining Experience, Customer Service and Location.

So let’s dissect this Lazy Dog (err that came out wrong, no animals were harmed in the creation of this post). 

Take two! Read along as I break down what’s hot and what’s not with Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Boracay…

Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast
Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu - the Facade

As a frequent traveler, I always am very particular about my hotel accommodation.
By that I mean I would rather, spend a few extra bucks just to ensure that I am comfortable and safe in my hotel.
Occasionally I encounter hotels that are extremely valuable for your money. The – “I can’t believe I got this hotel deal” type of moment.

The right blend of class and rigidity to attract both business minded and free spirited travelers. I have been to numerous hotels and the vibe of the main lobby is a summary of the entire vibe of the hotel.

Hotel Benilde
Erik and the Hungry Traveller Club
Erik the Hungry Traveller
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