My Solo Travel Experience: Top 4 Lies About Solo Traveling

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My Solo Travel Experience: The Lies About Solo Traveling ย  Coz telling the truth about my Solo Travel Experience is overrated!   Who takes your pictures while travelling? How much do you spend on your travels? Do you meet people while on solo travels? In a scale of 1-10 how was your solo travel experience? […]

Solo Travel in The Philippines: Why It Must Be Part of Your Bucket List

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My solo travel in The Philippines started 2 years ago. It started with me quitting a daytime job that paid well but was too stressful for me to even stay for more than 1 year. During that time, I felt unaccomplished and a complete failure. I remember browsing the web searching for jobs up until […]

Maasin Solo Travel : An Unplanned Solo Travel Part 2

Maasin Solo Travel

Maasin Solo Travel : An Unplanned Solo Travel Part 2   So I left a cliffhanger on part 1 of my Southern Leyte/ Maasin Solo travel adventure.   Southern Leyte Adventure: An Unplanned Solo Travel Part 1   I feel like this is the part of the series where a background voice would say: “Previously […]