Macau Travel Tips: Quality and Current FAQs about Macau

Macau Travel Tips

Macau Travel Tips: Commonly Asked Questions About Macau Do you plan on traveling to Macau anytime soon? Read along for Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Macau Travel Tips to ensure your stay in Macau gets to be worthwhile! Below are the questions that I asked myself before my trip to Macau. And if you are reading […]

HZMB Macau to Hong Kong Made Easy!

HZMB Macau to Hong Kong Made Easy, Fast and Affordable!    Planning on traveling to Macau via Hong Kong? Well here is a cheaper and much faster alternative than riding a ferry. This is traveling to Macau by crossing the Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macau Bridge.     Related Post: Erik the Hungry Traveller’s : […]