New Boracay: For Better or For Worst?

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines: The New Boracay

The New Boracay: What Changed 10 Months After It Re-Opened?   October 26, 2018 that was when the new Boracay welcomed tourists to its pristine beaches once again. After a much publicized closure of the famous island last April 4, 2018. Boracay finally opened its doors errr shoreline to the public. So what changed? And […]

Top Philippine Male Bloggers to Follow in 2019- We Made the List!

Top Philippine Male Bloggers

For the second year in the row Erik the Hungry Traveller has been awarded as one of the Top Philippine Male Bloggers by Feedspot. Wohoo! I cannot contain my excitement to be a part of this listโ€ฆ again! What’s the Criteria? The Best Philippines Male Blogs from thousands of top bloggers in the Philippines using search and social […]

Erik the Hungry Traveller: 2018 Travel Blog Retrospect

Solo travel in Legazpi

Wait whut! Are we really nearing the end of 2018? Who agrees with Erik the Hungry Traveller, that the year just went by like a flash or just like The Flash? I could still vividly remember how I was very excited to start 2018. The plans and the New Yearโ€™s resolution that I absolutely did […]

My Solo Travel Experience: Top 4 Lies About Solo Traveling

Explore the Philippines

My Solo Travel Experience: The Lies About Solo Traveling ย  Coz telling the truth about my Solo Travel Experience is overrated!   Who takes your pictures while travelling? How much do you spend on your travels? Do you meet people while on solo travels? In a scale of 1-10 how was your solo travel experience? […]

Food Trip Philippines: 5 Erik The Hungry Traveller Recommended Restos!

Food Trip Philippines

Food Trip Philippines: 5 Suggestions on What to Eat in Manila   We are going on a Food Trip in the Philippines specifically in the outskirts of the capital- Manila!   If you are a fan of my posts (semi famous in The Philippines now because of my blog – kidding and yes wishful thinking) […]

Travel Nightmares: How to Survive a Delayed Flight in the Philippines

Southern Leyte Travel Guide

A delayed flight in the Philippines? Really, no way! – Okay being sarcastic here for dramatic effect! So you just had an awesome vacation and you are ready to go home. You pack your bags. You arrive a an hour before your schedule departure. Your mind has already made a mental schedule of the things […]