Solo Travel in the Philippines

For this solo travel in the Philippines- adventure I chose to explore an island still close to Cebu.

Creating a Southern Leyte Travel Guide was a challenge for me as this was my first visit to the islands of Southern Leyte.

Well I guess that is the purpose of traveling to a new place. You never know what to expect once you step foot on the island…


So I left a cliffhanger on part 1 of my Southern Leyte/ Maasin Solo travel adventure.

I feel like this is the part of the series where a background voice would say: “Previously on Erik the Hungry Traveller”…


The Philippines being an archipelago is composed of more than 7000 islands. One of them is Legazpi, Albay.

To get to Legazpi Albay you can either ride a bus from Manila to Legazpi which would take 12 hours.

Yikes, even I could not stand sitting on a bus for 12 hours. But who knows I may try it one day.

The other more efficient and an easier route is to head to Legazpi Albay by…T


You may wonder how fun would it be as a Boracay solo traveler. Furthermore, can you afford solo travel in Boracay?

To help you go through the decision if you want to consider being a Boracay solo traveler . Let me,Erik the Hungry Traveller , enlighten and guide you with your decision. 

Should you be a Boracay solo traveler ? Or must you go with friends to enjoy the island?


Solo Travel in the Philippines took be to Dumaguete! 

Dumaguete is found right across the Southern tip of Cebu. It is the most populous town and the capital of Negros oriental.

It is otherwise known as The City of Gentle People.

Aside from friendly folks I can also add that Dumaguete is a wonderful place to travel for a quick weekend getaway…



As a proud Cebuano I am content with the beaches, the party scene and food trips in my hometown.  Don’t worry folks, a feature of my hometown, Cebu City, will be up before 2018 ends.

However, as a travel blogger and a proud Pinoy it is a must to pay homage to the capital of The Philippines, Manila…

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