Best Places to Visit in the Philippines!

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines: Puerto Princesa


October 26, 2018 that was when the new Boracay welcomed tourists to its pristine beaches once again.

After a much publicized closure of the famous island last April 4, 2018. Boracay finally opened its doors errr shoreline to the public.

So what changed? And what remained the same..

Nagtabon beach is the perfect destination for travelers who want to avoid the crowded and commonly visited tourist spots in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

If you are in the mood to just chill at the beach, drink some local beer or just swim without bumping into other tourists.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa – yes there is a lot more to discover in this city of Palawan which arguably is one of the Best Places to visit in the Philippines!

Puerto Princessa is more than just a gateway to the magnificent Underground River.

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