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The Secret to Exploring South Korea on a Budget of 20 US Dollars.

Erik the Hungry Traveller revealing the secret to exploring South Korea on a budget ! South Korea has always been part of my bucket list ever since I discovered my passion for traveling. And yes, I am one of those who love me some Samgyupsal, Kimchi and who binge watch KDrama series on Netflix. Getting to see the beauty of South Korea through Kdrama series has been a factor as to why I have dream of exploring the country. Aside from that, a lot of my friends have visited Korea and they cannot stop raving about it. This got me more curious and interested in someday exploring the land of Kimchi and KPOP. When Opportunity Knocks: You Say Annyeong! The opportunity of visiting Korea did not happen up until I got an opportunity to visit America last August 2019. Related post: A Filipino’s First Time Travel to America: Expectation Vs

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