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Best Korean Restaurants in Cebu
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The search just started for the list of Best Cebu Restaurants for 2020! As we say hello to 2020 a few days from now. Erik the Hungry Traveller is making another milestone as this travel and food website is heading towards its 4th year.

And yes, even I can’t believe it has been 4 years since Erik James Requina (that’s me by the way) conceptualized Erik the Hungry Traveller

I recently visited the city of Puerto Princesa Palawan for a well-deserved vacation. Aside from exploring and revisiting some its iconic destinations I also took time to check out the food scene in Puerto Princesa.

Chao Long Bao Palawan
Anton's Cebuano Chinese Restaurant

Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Amethyst Boutique Hotel. So is their in house restaurant worth a visit?

Read along to for my restaurant review for Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant – I promise this would be a quick one.

The Hungry Traveller Endorsed Club Rating: 4.5 Stars

The restaurant stands out in the mall as it is the only Korean Restaurant in SM Consolacion. The place has wide open space and does not feel cramped.

Unlike other Korean restaurants I have been in where they maximize the space to the point that people with claustrophobia would have a panic attack before they could even eat their first set of meal.

Best Korean Restaurants In Cebu: Seoul Korean Grill Cuisine
Food Trip Philippines


Well yes Manila definitely needs some tidying up – do not hate me I speak only the truth but don’t worry this is to head somewhere good – but beyond the ‘hate’ Manila is definitely a cultural food hub.

The 5 food suggestions below are not in any way ‘the best’ that Manila can offer.

These are restaurants or food stalls that I saw while exploring Manila.

Thus imagine if I exerted effort in researching for the best restaurants and places in Manila…

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