The Food and Travel Blogger from the Philippines: that’s ME!

Proud to be a Food and Travel Blogger from the Philippines!

Erik the Hungry Traveller or Erik James Requina is a travel blogger based in the Philippines.

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology cumlaude at the University of San Carlos (USC) Cebu city.

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Fun Fact # 1

A fun fact about our travel blogger in the Philippines is throughout all of his school years he stayed in one institution- and you guessed it USC!

As a kid Erik the Hungry Traveller accompanied his parent’s business travels in the different regions of the Philippines.

Riding on boats, planes and buses at a young age.

Fun Fact # 2

Erik the Hungry Traveller does not know how to ride a bike and has never flown a kite his entire life!

Despite being adventurous this Travel blogger from the Philippines does not know how to ride a bike. Furthermore, he never had an opportunity to fly a kite.

And no his childhood was not a sad one. Let us say that this travel blogger grew up in a unique environment.

Fun Fact 3

Since he does not know how to bike. Erik the Hungry Traveller made sure he is an expert in driving cars!

He is absolutely in love with his girlfriend – Nebula – a 2019 Honda City car.

And since he never had an opportunity to fly a kite, he made sure to compensate it in another arena which is in water.

He loves the pool more than the beach and did competitive swimming during his younger years. In fact he was part of the varsity swimming team during his school years.

Fun Fact # 4

Aside from being a travel blogger in the Philippines. Erik also loves to paint.

He idolized Monet, Picasso and Van Gough and paints like them- kidding! I wish i can paint like them! You can check out my painting on my instagram page erikjamesart

Speaking of social media pages. Erik the Hungry Traveller is also very active in facebook and instagram. You can check out his travel and food related posts in those platforms as well.

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