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5 Spice PH Restaurant

5 Spice PH’s Chef Ric Ramos


In July of last year, I had the pleasure of meeting the executive chef and co-owner of 5 Spice in Maribago Lapu Lapu City, Cebu.

As a storyteller, I find motivation in the company of others who share my enthusiasm and determination in pursuit of our shared ideals. This is why, a year ago, I launched ETHT Talks.

My first ETHT Talk was with my friend based in Japan, Mark Rafe Sionzon. We had the chance to discuss the way of life and the must-see but less well-known attractions that the country has to offer.

ETHT Casual Talks: Life in Japan with Mark


For my second ETHT talk I had the opportunity to chat with Chef Ric Ramos of 5 Spice Restaurant, who is both the head chef and a part owner of the business.

Get to know the brains behind 5 Spice Restaurant’s incredible cuisine.


Who is Ric Ramos, aside from being the head chef of 5 Spice ?


Chef Ric Ramos : ETHT Casual Talks


Chef Ric and I met twice, the first time at Bamaka Steak House where he consults as a chef. Our second meet-up was held at his establishment, 5 Spice.

But Chef Ric Ramos is no ordinary chef; he has worked as a chef both in USA and in the Philippines where he learned to develop market-driven menus and implement efficient organizational processes.

He earned an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from August 2006 to May 2009 and an Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management from August 2006 to May 2009 from Ozarks Technical College in Springfield, Missouri, USA.


Chef Ric Ramos in the US: Have you eaten in any of these restaurants?



Chef Ric Ramos


Chef Ric Ramos, at just 34 years old, already has an impressive list of accomplishments on his resume. He has experience in the restaurant industry from both the US and the PH.

In fact, at the age of 17, he took over the Hibachi station at Nakato Restaurant in Springfield, Missouri, United States, making him the youngest chef in the establishment. Additionally, he is well-known in New York City for his work as a Sous Chef at Michelin-starred Bouley NYC and as the Chef de Partie at cutting-edge Japanese restaurant Morimoto NYC.


Chef Ric Ramos : New York Article


He has also been a chef at the following restaurants: Ocean Zen/ Flo and Pono Farm Soul Kitchen.

Chef Ric was never intimidating, was genuine, and spoke with great enthusiasm about his culinary journey despite his extensive background (we haven’t even mentioned his portfolio in the Philippines).

One of the cool things about him is that he got to work in the same kitchen as Michelin-starred chef Yoshinori Ishii, the Omakase Kitchen, where they make the 8- to 12-course Japanese Kaiseki Menu. For those who are fans of the Iron Chef you would know who Chef Ishii is.


Chef Ric Ramos in the Philippines : A 5 Star Luxury Hotel Chef


Ome Chef Ric Ramos


When Chef Ric Ramos finally decided to return to the Philippines after spending many years studying and working in the United States, he immediately made an impact at some of the country’s finest hotels and restaurants.

Chef Ric became the Executive Sous Chef for both Raffles Fairmont and the Peninsula Manila which are both 5 star luxury hotels. And at this time, he is serving as the chef and owner of Ome Japanese Café.


5 Spice Restaurant and Chef Ric Ramos


Cebu restaurant reviews : Erik the Hungry Traveller


Erik: Can you tell me the history of the 5 Spice Restaurant and how it got its name?

Chef Ric Ramos:

” Having spent some time in the U.S. for over 10 years, our family grew fond of the American-Style Chinese dishes-namely, the Orange Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken and Springfield, Missouri’s very own Cashew Chicken, which was invented by the father of our founding chef’s friend. After coming back to our homeland in the Philippines, such celebrated American-Chinese dishes have already become a part of our household’s family meals, wherein other family members, friends and acquaintances have instantly loved!


5 Spice Restaurant Review : ETHT ENDORSED 

5 Spice Restaurant : Erik the Hungry Traveller


5 Spice is a medley of ingredients-namely star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel-which are predominantly used in Chinese cooking and refers to the five traditional Chinese elements. Similar to our business principle, each of these five ingredients impart a unique flavor element, such as sweet, spicy, sour, salty and umami. The combination of these spices is a marriage of bold, delicious, and irresistible flavors! This same principle of harmony is what we hope to bring from our family to your table. ”


Passion, Resilience, and Talent


Erik the Hungry Traveller Casual Talks


Some people may find the ETHT conversation style unusual because it isn’t structured like a standard question and answer session. However, I am not the typical “foodie” or “traveler” blogger (LOL)

Kidding aside, I decided to create this post while talking to Chef Ric Ramos. That’s why doing a post solely about Chef Ric was the aftermath of our talk. I was tremendously inspired by his determination, fortitude, and talent. His success story is still an ongoing journey, but the path he has left can surely inspire dreamers out there to pursue their passions in life.

One of the most memorable things Chef Ric said was why he decided to launch his own brand, 5 SPICE. Chef Ric feels it is time for him to embark on his own culinary journey and leave his own mark on the world, as he has already made a name for himself and made significant contributions to the success of the restaurants and hotels with which he has been affiliated.

His words have really inspired and strengthened me. That success entails sacrifice, perseverance and the determinations to succeed- GRIT. It speaks volumes about who he is as a person and how skilled he is in the kitchen.

It was a pleasure speaking with you Chef Ric, and I wish you continued success!

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