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Tiger Sugar Philippines

Tiger Sugar Cebu : It’s Finally Here!


I was first apprehensive to accept the Tiger Sugar Cebu team’s invitation to the launch event a year ago because I am not a fan of cold milk-based beverages, such as milk teas and frappes.


I haven’t had a frappe or milk tea drink in seven years, and the only reason I had boba pearl tea seven years back was because a buddy of mine convince me to try a milk tea brand that was popular way back which. My stomach instantly regretted the decision that I made!


So Why did I RSVP-ed YES?


That’s why I agreed to go to Tiger Sugar Cebu’s boba pearl-milk tea event, because I knew for sure that this brand was really popular. Tourists and locals alike queued up to get their hands on the iconic brown sugar boba milk tea in Hong Kong and Macau.


The Tiger Sugar Cebu Signature Brown Sugar Boba


Tiger Sugar Cebu


I’ve not had boba pearl milk tea in a while, so the taste was a little unfamiliar to me. It took me a few sips to realize that it was quite wonderful, despite my skepticism about the flavor of milk teas in general. It was, in fact, delicious.


Tiger Sugar Cebu’s brown sugar boba pearl drink reminded me of my favorite Filipino soy-based morning drink, taho, therefore I was delighted to see that it had a lower sugar content than most milk tea marketed drinks.


In the end, I was able to complete my drink with no stomach issues at all, which was a great benefit.


Their pearls, on the other hand, were plump and chewy. Quality was evident in the flavor. Unlike other milk teas which had lumpy boba pears, Tiger Sugar Cebu’s pearls didn’t have any lumps on them, and they were also warm when I chewed them, which made the drink more fun to drink.


Fast-forward to 2022


Tiger Sugar 2 New Flavors


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Now that I’ve had such a positive experience with Tiger Sugar Cebu, I no longer hesitated when they asked whether I’d want to try their 2 new varieties.


Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Milk with Cream Mousse and Brown Sugar Red Bean Boba Milk with Cream Mousse are their two new flavors.


Both of them are excellent. If you’re a fan of matcha’s earthy flavor, Tiger Sugar Cebu’s Matcha Milk Tea is the beverage for you. After a few shakes, the distinctive green hue of Matcha was clearly visible.


Even while this drink was less sweet than the Red Bean one, the sugar content was in line with my other Tiger Sugar Cebu experiences, so it was just right for me.


Although both drinks were excellent, I prefer Tiger Sugar’s Red Bean drink because of my passion for anything with red bean in it! They were able to keep the sweetness of the red beans in check so that the drink didn’t become overpoweringly sweet.


My only suggestion/ improvement about the Red Bean drink is the lack of texture that comes from sipping through soft and mushy red beans instead of brown sugar pearls on the liquid. It’s something I believe you could do for an additional fee.


Cebu Hungry Travelers may find Tiger Sugar’s shop on the ground floor of SM City Cebu. Their kiosk is located outside of well-known bank and an all-you-can-eat Filipino restaurant buffet.

If you have other incredible food finds, hole in the wall restaurants or food delivery services that you wish Erik the Hungry Traveller to try and review do not hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions below. You’re feedback and thoughts is what keeps me making quality content!


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  1. Wow! Nice to know there’s Tiger Sugar in Cebu now! Will make sure to visit once we have the chance. Looking forward to trying the Brown Sugar Red Bean Boba Milk with Cream Mousse

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