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ETHT’s Top 10 Best of Cebu 2021:

Did Your Favorite Make the Cut?


ETHT’s Best of Cebu 2021 is Erik’s second year of recognizing establishments large, medium, and small that have impressed and satisfied Erik’s meticulous and discriminating judgement.

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The typhoon has wreaked havoc on Cebu and the rest of Central Visayas, and while this post was originally scheduled to go live midweek in December 2021, I’ve decided to push it back a month. I haven’t felt nostalgic in weeks, and I’m sure most of my Cebu readers aren’t too excited about this list either if it came out a month ago.


It All Comes Down to Experience:


How did these businesses, food experiences, and/or delivery services make the ETHT’s Best of Cebu 2021 list?


When I visited these places, tasted the food, or used their services, it was all about Erik the Hungry Traveller’s experience.


As with the previous year, great customer service, quality products or experiences, value for money, and uniqueness or creative flair will always qualify for inclusion in ETHT’s Best of Cebu 2021.


So, without further ado, here is Erik James Requina’s aka Erik the Hungry Traveller’s list of the Best of Cebu 2021, as curated and endorsed by Erik the Hungry Traveller.


Erik the Hungry Traveller ‘s

The Best of Cebu 2021


The Best Hotel in Cebu

Amethyst Boutique Hotel


Best of Cebu 2020 : Where to Stay in the Philippines


Amethyst Boutique Hotel, located in the heart of Cebu, has reclaimed its position as the best hotel in Cebu City for me. While they shared the title with two other hotels in 2020, this boutique hotel is the sole winner in 2021.


With the pandemic still looming over the whole world, hotels nowadays have been stripped down to their basic amenities. Yes, there are a lot of fancy hotels in Cebu with better facilities than the Amethyst Boutique Hotel, but what made this underdog hotel stand out for me was that it kept its charm and appeal despite the 2021 commotion!


Amethyst Hotel


The service was still excellent, and the environment was clean, presentable, and upscale. In this category, simplicity and quality service won me over among the strong pool of Cebu hotel competitors I visited in 2021.


Best Health & Wellness Shop

Prutasan ni Adan


Prutasan ni Adan


Before the pandemic, I was a frequent traveler, and I always made it a point to stop at a local market on most of my trips to see what fruits they had that were either hard to find in Cebu or were a little pricey.


Prutasan ni Adan provided Cebuano an international selection of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options during the peak of the pandemic. Apart from offering fruit exports, they also promote locally produced goods, which I wholeheartedly support.


It was in this store that I first tried cherries by the company Northwest Cherries. They were incredibly fresh and plump- when you talk of quality cherries Northwest Cherries is up there on the list.


North West Cherries PH


Prutasan ni Adan is part of ETHT’s Best of Cebu 2021 list for providing high-quality healthy options to the Cebuano market.



The Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant

Anton’s Restaurant Cebu


Best of Cebu 2021 : Antons Restaurant Cebu


This simply means that establishments are on this list for reasons other than popular vote. It’s all about the quality!


Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant provides exactly that! Excellent food and a memorable culinary experience. Hong Kong has always been my favorite international destination, and the food at Anton’s transports me back to the city’s charm .


Anton’s is a value-for-money restaurant where the ingredients are always fresh and the ambiance is less stressful compared to some Asian themed restaurants in the city.


Chef Jay Antons Restaurant Cebu












Try their dimsum platters and their three kinds of mushrooms in oyster sauce—those are my favorite dishes to order when I visit Anton’s.



The Best Bakery & Pastry Shop

Bake ‘O Clock!


Best of Cebu 2021: Bake O Clock


I enjoy pastries, and one of the best pastries I’ve had in my culinary journey was in South Korea.


If you’re a K-drama fan, you’ve probably noticed that most of the pastries you see look so fancy and delicious. Wait until you see the real deal. The pastry shops I visited in Korea appeared to have been plucked from a Kdrama scene.


And one memory that has always made me smile is the first time I tried Korea’s Cream Cheese Garlic Bread. They were enormous, creamy, soft to the bite, and extremely filling. It tasted like heaven in your mouth.


I’m naming Bake O Clock the Best Bread and Pastry Shop for 2021 because they created their own version of the Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread, which resembled the ones I tried in South Korea in both appearance and taste. And, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I ordered a few of their pastries and cakes, which were delicious.


Bake ‘O Clock is a home-based shop in Liloan, Cebu, but it has bested Cebu’s dessert giants due to the quality of their products, creativity, and value for money. Check them out when you get a chance, friends!



The Best Burgers in Cebu

Burger Joint Cebu


Best of Cebu 2021 : Burger Junction


I was In McHenry, Illinois when I tried one of the best if not the best burgers to date. When I had the opportunity to visit the Midwest, the first order of business was to order burgers in every restaurant I visited. As a result, you could say I’m a burger expert.


There were many contenders for the Best Burgers of 2021, but Burger Joint Cebu came out on top thanks to their no-frills grilled burgers. And, as the theme of the Best of Cebu 2021 winners suggests, simplicity is beauty!


My favorite branch for a relaxed and alfresco experience is The Gallery Mabolo. When I order, I always get takeout, but they also have benches if you want to dine in.



The Most Excellent Coffee Company

Silcafe Coffee


Silcafe ETHT Review 2021


This was a pleasant discovery for me in the last year! Silcafe is a Batangas-based homegrown Philippine brand that produces high-quality coffee beans and grounds capable of competing in the international market.


I’ve been using their coffee grounds since they were introduced to me last year. They are not a Cebu-based product, but they are unquestionably the best option in the Cebu market for making high-quality coffee at a low cost.



Cebu’s Favorite Café

Vienna Kaffeehouse


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Vienna KaffeeHaus


While we’re on the subject of coffee, let’s take a look at the Cebu café scene as a whole. And, while there are many of them in Cebu, the best café in Cebu for 2021 is Vienna Café.


If you’ve been following my social media accounts, (now’s the time to follow me if you have not already)! Last year, I spent most of my weekends at Vienna Café, which has a great ambiance, a large space, and good food. If you decide to go, their Irish Coffee and Mango Crepes are the best.


Vienna Kaffeehouse Cebu


And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by my table and say hello. I assure you that I do not bite.



The Finest Deli Shop

JEDCO Meats and Deli


Real California Milk PH



If you’re looking for a wine and cheese night for your friends and family, JEDCO is the place to go. They sell a variety of deli items (cold cuts and cheeses). When you want to make a charcuterie, cheese, and deli box, this is your one-stop shop.


In addition, they have a large selection of Real California Milk Cheeses, which is my preferred and favorite cheese brand, especially when hosting a wine and cheese night. If you haven’t tried this brand of cheese before, I recommend you go to JEDCO right now to try these high-quality cheeses.


The Best Milktea Establishment

Tiger Sugar Cebu


Tiger Sugar Cebu


Tiger Sugar finally arrived on Cebuano shores after a long wait. To be completely honest, I am not a fan of milk tea. As a result, this was never a category last year because I had previously declined invitations to milk tea promotions.


But curiosity won me over because I’d always noticed long lines for Tiger Sugar in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. and I’m glad I chose to accept the invitation.


Best of Cebu 2021 :Tiger Sugar Cebu


Most milk teas upset my stomach, but Tiger Sugar did not, and I enjoyed the drink’s caramel flavor, which was not overly sweet.


The Most Excellent Korean Restaurant



Chosun Chicken


Just for their Korean Fried Chicken. Chosun has won this round. I’ve been to a few Korean restaurants in 2021, but Chosun has the best Korean fried chicken in Cebu that I’ve ever tasted.


With the fierce competition and thriving Korean restaurants in Cebu, I’m looking forward to discovering more hole-in-the-wall restaurants this year.


There you have it: Erik the Hungry Traveller’s (ETHT) Top 10 Best of Cebu 2021!


The goal here is to provide genuine and unbiased recognition to establishments and services that deserve to be praised for an outstanding performance last year, whether you are a large corporation or a small home-based business.


In 2022, I’m looking forward to more culinary and travel adventures! Hopefully, I’ll be able to travel this year. Everyone, Happy New Year, and may we all have a wonderful and blessed 2022!


  • Erik the Hungry Traveler (Erik James Requina)

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  1. Cebu seems to be an amazing destination for traveling. All recommendation in your blog will surely help travellers to explore Cebu more better.

  2. I have never been to Cebu but def one of the great place to visit in the Philippines. I’ll add this to my bucket lists and wish to be there soon!

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