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HR not a thankless job

HR not a thankless job. It’s about time we

change the old adage.


When I first started working in Human Resources, like any newbie, I had such lofty goals for my career.

The ideal office, with a secretary who brings me coffee and a chauffeur who drives me to offsite meetings. When it came to my idealism, I was, indeed, an extremist.

I have now  worked in the Human Resources Industry for 12 years. Throughout those years I never had my own office. I did, however, have a cubicle. I like to make my own coffee. And I don’t usually travel away from the office for meetings.

Aside from these amusing and absurd expectations, There was this principle during my first few years in the Human Resources industry that I live to by heart. HUMAN RESOURCES WORK IS A THANKLESS JOB.


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These are the lines I hear over and over again, either from former bosses or from seminars I’ve attended in the past.

Until recently, I had no idea that this mindset was crippling our industry. HR professionals are pressured to accept a perceived reality that is detrimental to our overall morale.


Why is HR not a thankless job?


By definition, a thankless job is when you work with little or no praise, encouragement, nor validation that you are doing well. It’s hardwork but with very few rewards.  When an organization wants you to keep doing what you are doing…period. And if there comes a time when you feel discouraged or on the verge of a breakdown, they drop the magic words ‘HR is a THANKLESS JOB.’ 


HR Not a Thankless Job Mindset

But no, Human Resources work is not a thankless job, and just like any other field, it is critical in any business operation. It is hardwork (like any other job) but it should not be undermined nor unappreciated.

Perhaps 20 years ago, when the opportunity was scarce, you could swallow your pride and deal with nasty bosses and ungrateful employees.

But we are in an era where we recognize that money is a need, but it is not the only value essential to keep us efficiently functioning as individuals. We reach a point in our careers where we venture out and search for deeper purpose.


Changing the Thankless Norm: Yes, HR Not a Thankless Job!

So how do we change the thankless job norm? We make ourselves more valuable. Show them your skills, be good at your craft and let go of that meek, fake humility mindset. No job is easy and no job is fun. If it was then we would be doing it for free!

If you are good at what you do as an HR professional, be proud of it and understand your worth.

This post should not frighten you if you have raw skill and talent. In fact, this post  should motivate you to evaluate your current position in your career and properly decide how you want to be treated and how you want to treat others.


I repeat: HR Not a Thankless Job


Managers, leaders, and decision-makers, please read this. Be self-aware enough to evaluate how you treat and motivate your Human Resources staff.

As a leader, I have many flaws, but crying over spilled milk is pointless. But the world is still in orbit, so all is not lost.

To the HR professionals who work so hard. Understand your limitations. Understand when to say NO. Immerse yourself in your craft, and never settle.

The road ahead is long and difficult, but even an inch forward is preferable to standing still. Let us gradually dismantle the notion that HR is a thankless job. Know your worth, know your value.

And if anyone continues to tell you that your job is thankless, slap them! Kidding, show them by always doing your best, and if they still don’t value you, I assure you that you are far better off elsewhere. Leave companies, bosses, or coworkers who diminish your worth and value.

The world is evolving. We must change in tandem with it. Out with the old and in with the new.

Human Resources is NOT a thankless job.

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