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Forgiving Yourself is Self care

Forgiving Yourself is an Act of Self Care.


Forgiving yourself has a similar concept to self-care. You will have a hard time forgiving others if you do not forgive yourself first. Forgiveness of self also contributes to your overall well-being, which eventually creates a better YOU.

Now you may ask yourself, why do I need to forgive myself? Most often, we tend to place our own lives in different standards than others when it comes to Forgiveness. Chances are, we can forgive others more than ourselves.

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We place the self on a pedestal for things that go wrong, but for something that deserves praise, we stay and plateau. It is as if we are holding back the joy and happiness that we feel, perhaps subconsciously, not to hurt other people’s feelings.

So I came up with this post as a reminder to breathe and chill! Forgive yourself for the list of presumed and or factual failures that you have experienced or are experiencing. Humanity is a very flawed concept, and as for me, our existence is not for us to achieve perfection. It can never happen. We exist to make mistakes and learn from them. Then make more mistakes and learn over again.

We are in a loop of learning, forgiving, and moving on! So as you read through the list, be open and accepting. Your feedback and insights are also welcome!


It all starts with Forgiving Yourself.


Forgiving Yourself takes Time



Forgive yourself for not being where you want to be now. I know you planned to be wealthy, successful, own a house or a car five years ago. If it has not materialized, that is okay. Keep on pushing and striving!


Forgive yourself for not taking that risk and chance you know you should have taken. Life is a gamble, and you chose the cards that you got dealt with you during that moment.


Forgive yourself for not being enough. If it makes you feel any better, most of us, if not all, would always feel inadequate; what’s not okay is when you highlight what you do not have in life over the things that you should be grateful for having.


Forgive yourself for being angry with the world. Heck! I am mad at the world too. Especially now. You are not alone. Come share a ride with me towards the “I hate the world right now boat”!


Forgive yourself for not meeting your family’s expectations. They’re your family. They will always give you a hard time. But deep, deep (okay, a little bit further) deep down, you know they love you!


Forgive yourself for the failed relationships. Learn from it and move on. Moving on does not always mean letting go of the hurt. You are not in a romantic film where we all end up happily ever after.


Forgive yourself for the friends you lost, whether it be by choice or by fate.


Forgive yourself for failing a test, you can always go back and ace it some other time. True, there are some harsh consequences, but there will always be second, third, or fourth chances; eventually, you’ll ace it!


Forgive yourself for not getting that promotion or that job. Like in any competition, there can only be one winner. And for this round, you just aren’t it!


Forgive yourself for wanting to have what other people have. Jealousy though a negative concept, when used as motivation, can be very productive. Now don’t go Single White female on them but understand their positive qualities and try to make it your own. Your style of success!


Forgive yourself for not spending quality time with a departed loved one. I wish I could have, and if only’s. Losing someone dear to you is heartbreaking, but life is full of uncertainties, and regretting the past can never bring them back. Forgive yourself and try to do better. This one’s a lot tougher, but acceptance starts the healing.


I could do this all day, but this is where my hands have decided to stop scribbling. As a bookend to this post, I wanted to ground this to the reality that Forgiveness is a tough act. It takes courage, acceptance, and awareness.


Like all other things, it takes time. It never happens at a snap of a finger, nor is there a drug to fasten the process. But knowing yourself and loving yourself makes the healing process a lot easier. Practice makes it better. It does not make you perfect, but it allows you to ascend and be a person better than you were a day before!

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11 Responses

  1. You are so right! When things go even just a tiny bit off course we are very harsh with ourselves. When things go in a majorly positive direction we tend to not give ourselves the credit that we deserve.

  2. Forgiving yourself is so important for general mental health. It can be so detrimental when you don’t!

  3. I love your thought, “We are in a loop of learning, forgiving, and moving on!” We should know we can’t be perfect, and this is ok. But it is important to do positive things and things that make us happy. Starting with small steps is easier to be better people and feel happier. Thanks for sharing!

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