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First Time Air Fryer User

Are you A First Time Air Fryer User? Impress

your friends with

these 6 useful air fryer tips for newbies!


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Whether it’s because social media convinced you to buy it, peer pressure, or you simply want to make crispy fried food with less guilt. Being a first-time Air fryer user can be both thrilling and terrifying.


I was so excited to try out my air fryer when I bought it this year that I almost broke it even before cooked with it.You see,I had purchased a touchscreen air fryer and had no idea how to turn it on.Thus,even though I despise reading manuals, I had to read my air fryer manual since I had to make sure I can cook with that air fryer and not destroy the thing before I create something delicious out from it.. 


So, if you’re reading this blog because you don’t trust the manual or it’s in a language you don’t understand. Today is your lucky day!


These 6 tips for first time air fryer users is the right read for you. These suggestions are based on what I’ve seen on TV, YouTube, and, of course, my own personal experience. If you have any additional suggestions in addition to the six listed below, please leave them in the comments section! Kapish?


6 Tips for First Time Air Fryer Users.



Air Fryer Tips for New Userss



1. Wash your Air Fryer First Before Using It


The first thing you should do if you are a first-time air fryer user is to clean the air fryer pan. It gets rid of the new product odor, which smells like plastic. You don’t want your food to have a plastic odor, do you?


Before using your air fryer pots for the first time, thoroughly clean them. Also, make sure to check for and remove any plastic coverings.


2. Before you begin cooking, preheat the Air Fryer.


Preheating the air fryer first, especially if you are a first time user, ensures that the plastic smell is completely removed. Even after the first use, I always preheat my air fryer for 5 minutes before using it to cook my favorite fried dishes.


I read in the comments section of the shop where I purchased my air fryer that their food tastes like burnt plastic. This is a result of either the presence of unremoved plastic on the pans, or they placed the food right away without washing or preheating the air fryer. People, it’s not the fault of the air fryer and the seller if you didn’t clean it properly, especially if it’s brand new and supposed to smell like plastic!


3. The lesser the moisture, the better.


A first time air fryer user must remember to remove moisture from the food if they want that crispy and crunchy deep-fried goodness. I pat dry my meat with paper towels and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes before placing it in the air fryer.


The drier the meat, the faster it cooks and, in my experience, the crisper and more flavorful it is.


This technique is also useful when cooking vegetables, such as, uh, french fries (hey, it’s dehydrated potato- ergo vegetable!).


To keep the food from becoming soggy, make sure there isn’t too much moisture. That also means you shouldn’t put frozen food in the air fryer and expect them to thaw. It will take an eternity and a day to cook.



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4. Some foods require oil, while others can do without.


An air fryer’s main selling point is that it claims you don’t need to use oil when frying in it. However, there are some exceptions to the rules for no oil air fryer policy.


While the absence of oil still cooks the food, adding a few drops or whisking in a few drops can make the food tastier.


When I cook fried or roasted chicken, I use a teaspoon of oil to keep it from drying out. The oil also helps the herbs and spices stick to the meat and not fall off in the pan.


A few drops added to french fries makes them crunchier. However, I don’t use any oil when air frying pork because the fat from the meat does a good job of keeping the meat tender and moist.


In a nutshell, if the food naturally produces oil while cooking, add only a small amount or none at all. However, if the food tends to dry out or dehydrate quickly, add a teaspoon of oil to ensure it still tastes good after being air fried.


5. Halfway through cooking, flip the food.


I always flip the food halfway through to ensure even cooking. If you want to cook meat, vegetables, or dessert, the air fryer I bought has an automatic function that suggests ideal temperature and time to cook specific dishes. For cooking meat my air fryer prompts me to cook the meat  at 200 C for 20 minutes (although depending on the thickness of the heart, it can go even more than 20 min.)


So, rather than setting the timer for 20 minutes, I set it for 10 minutes. Open the air fryer after 10 minutes,flip the meat and proceed to cook for another 10 minutes. Do this method for an even cook. 


For french fries, I cook them for 5 minutes, toss them around, and then cook them for another 3 to 5 minutes.


6. Clean the Air Fryer Right After Cooking 


Well, of course, don’t do it while it is piping hot! Wash the air fryer while the oil and grime have not stuck to the pan yet. 


I hate washing the dishes, but to ensure your air fryer lasts longer, don’t wait for a couple of hours to clean it. 


Or, if it can’t be avoided since you are the life of the party and no banquet can survive without your presence, then make sure to soak the air fryer with warm water to soften the residuals and remove the oil. But if I were you cleaning it right away is faster than leaving it for a few hours (or days, yikes) in the sink. 


As a first time air fryer user, I am having a blast using it. It addresses the problem of burning yourself with oil splatter or eating soggy take-out fries at home. 


The 6 tips for first-time air fryer users absolutely made my air fryer cooking more fun and exciting. I hope it does its magic to you as well. 


Drop your thoughts in the comments below, especially if you have questions or additional tips for using the air fryer efficiently!


6. After cooking, immediately clean the air fryer.


Of course, don’t do it while it’s still hot! Duh!


I despise doing the dishes, but if you want your air fryer to last longer, don’t wait a couple of hours to clean it.Wash the air fryer while the oil and grime are still on the pan.


If you can’t avoid it because you’re the life of the party and no banquet would be complete without you, make sure to soak the air fryer in warm water to soften the residuals and remove the oil. But, if I were you, I’d clean it right away rather than leaving it in the sink for a few hours (or days, yikes).


Be an Air Fryer Expert! 


As a first time air fryer user, I’m having a great time cooking my favorite fried foods with the product. It addresses the issue of splattering oil on yourself or eating soggy take-out fries and chicken at home.


The six tips for first time air fryer users made air fryer cooking so much more enjoyable and exciting for me. I hope it has the same effect on you.


Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, especially if you have any questions or additional tips for using the air fryer effectively!

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