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Silcafe ETHT Review 2021

Silcafe Coffee : A Philippine Brand with Global Standards!


6 AM, half-awake and half-asleep. The moment when the coolness of air and morning sun’s light seem to compliment the chirping birds and the rustling wind. Then, suddenly, without warning, a bark is heard inaudibly at first but intensifies and magnifies in sound.

The sun, which previously gave the sense of comfort, now triggers the release of pea-size sweat throughout my body. With my eyes closed, I realized the morning breeze, which lulled me to a zen place, is no more, and sweat from my forehead accumulates, running down to my eyelids.  

No, I refuse to open my eyes; 5 more minutes, I said to myself. Then as if my brain was in protest and acting independently to get my lazy ass out of bed, I contacted my olfactory nerves to catch a wisp of a familiar aroma.

A woody, fruity and earthy fragrance tickling my half-asleep body. The aroma was creeping slowly and engulfing my bedroom, with its sweet scent pleasantly awakening my senses. Ahh, I am finally awake as nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning!

I bet we all have the same feeling of not getting up in bed and staying in even for a little while (especially during workdays). And perhaps, like me, the smell of coffee in the morning air gives you that boost of energy to get up and kickstart your day!

I love coffee, and I drink coffee like it’s nobody’s business. If you were to extract my blood, I am 100% sure that it would taste like brewed coffee! That is why my soul jumped up and down, doing somersaults when Silcafe Coffee reached out to ETHT for a brand collaboration.


Silca Coffee Co- A Philippine Coffee Brand!


Silcafe Coffee ETHT Review



Silcafe Coffee is made by Silca Coffee Roasting Company, making freshly roasted coffee in Silang, Cavite. It is a family-owned and operated business from the Asuncion family, grinding coffee beans since the 1970s. – like yes, that long!

Silcafe Coffee’s brand mission is to provide high-quality, affordable coffee to all Filipinos. Silcafe Coffee does this by being accessible at all major supermarkets and online, with fast nationwide shipping. Their coffee is packed in world-class packaging, complete with a one-way valve for added freshness so air can go out but not in.

Silcafe Coffee remains affordable starting at just P195 for 30 cups of freshly brewed coffee and includes 7 blends in 250-gram packaging and 5 blends in 500-gram packaging – ensuring customers have plenty of choices. Silcafe Coffee is designed for Filipino families and businesses.


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ETHT X Silca Coffee Co


Erik the Hungry Traveller Silcafe


I received my Silcafe coffee package through Lazada. For my friends outside of the Philippines-think Amazon!

The delivery was surprisingly fast considering it was shipped in Luzon and delivered to Mars, kidding! Be sent to Cebu. It took only 4 days for the package to arrive at my place. Since the pandemic, I have been reliant on online shops, and stores based in Luzon (Silcafe’s case Silang Cavite) would usually take one to two weeks of delivery.

The Silcafe Coffee Verdict!


For someone who loves drinking coffee, I am highly meticulous and critical of the aroma and taste of any coffee product. Whenever I travel, I always head to artisan coffee shops and try their signature coffee, and 99% of the time, I order straight-up black! No sugar, no milk.

Thus, I can quickly tell if the coffee is freshly brewed and or if the grounds have been exposed to air and sunlight (which makes coffee grounds lose their magic). In a “coffee bean nutshell,” you can consider me a coffee connoisseur.

And I am not kidding when I tell you that Silcafe’s coffee is of absolute quality. As soon as I unboxed the package, the aroma of the coffee grounds engulfed my whole room. And when I brewed Silcafe House Blend Ground Coffee, the taste made my senses tingle from the rush of energy combined with its aroma and intense flavor. It was the perfect and pleasant slap I needed to kickstart my day. 

You can check out my unboxing of the Silcafe package and find out my pleasant reaction to the coffee grounds here!


ETHT Supports Quality Local Products!

A misconception about ETHT is that I do not support local products since I always post about food outside of the Philippines. Which is entirely hogwash! I love trying out local products, but I only support QUALITY and WELL THOUGHT off local or international developments.

Before saying yes to collaboration, I research the product to see if it fits the ETHT brand.

With Silcafe, what made me say yes to try their products was their packaging. Silcafe’s packaging can be likened to any international brand. It screams class!

When I tried their coffee, it solidified my initial gut feel. It is a brand perhaps less famous but can compete in quality with other known coffee brands.

Silcafe’s coffee has its “coffee soul” alive and kicking. Encapsulate in their coffee beans, ready to be unleashed once brewed.

You may order Silcafe Coffee through their online stores and enjoy the following benefits for a limited period:

 – Enjoy free shipping nationwide for orders worth P499 and up (capped at P50) on Lazada for the whole month of June.
 Check out Silca Coffee Co LazMall and Shopee Mall for their EXCITING PAYDAY SALE on June 28 – 30!


Check out their online stores now:

LazMall: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/silca-coffee-co/
Shopee Mall: https://shopee.ph/silcacoffeeco
or just search for “Silcafe” or “Silca Coffee Co.” on Lazada and Shopee. Make sure to follow their stores to get updates and the latest offers!


Silcafe Coffee Products:

· House Blend Ground Coffee: (BESTSELLER) Lovely blend of Arabica and Robusta | medium strength
· Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee: (BESTSELLER) Strong blend of Arabica and Robusta
· Farmer’s Brew Ground Coffee: Our Barako Blend
· Blend No. 3 Ground Coffee: Our special blend of Arabica, Barako, and Robusta
· Mountain Fresh Ground Coffee: curated mix of Arabica and Barako – perfect for iced coffee or cold brew
· Silca Reserve Ground Coffee: 100% Arabica | Dark Roast (Also available in beans) – perfect for iced coffee or cold brew
· Espresso Blend Whole Beans: a special blend of Arabica and Robusta | Dark Roast
· Italian Roast Ground Coffee: 100% Arabica | Extra Dark Roast – perfect for iced coffee or cold brew

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  1. omg i love coffee or best way to say i live with coffee! Definitely gonna try silcafe because it seems very interesting!

  2. This looks like a good coffee brand to try out! Lots of people in my family are coffee drinkers, so I will let them know about this brand.

    1. Non credo di poterlo trovare in Italia, però, sembra davvero un prodotto interessante in molte varietà diverse per ogni gusto

  3. Non credo che si possa acquistare in Italia, però, sembra davvero un prodotto interessante con molte varietà diverse per ogni gusto

  4. This is timely! We have been looking for new coffee alternatives (since we miss our coffee dates) and would love to try this. Happy to know this is proudly Filipino and very affordable. Thank you for sharing about this. We’ll try to order via Shopee.

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