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ETHT Best of Cebu Desserts 2021

ETHT’S Best of Cebu Desserts 2021


It is now my 2nd year compiling sweet, gooey, and crunchy desserts that ETHT has found in Cebu! Since the new normal started, people selling desserts and other food products have been sprouting like mushrooms.
My take on this is that many are turning their passion into something significant.

Just like how ETHT started! It was all fun and games until I got my first paid gig. Then it became one awesome PARTY!

Anyway, every dessert on the Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 has been tried and “tasted” by ETHT! Unlike the 1st Best of Cebu Desserts, where some were recommended by other Hungry Travellers, my meticulous, high standard, and highly discriminating tastebuds have further filtered this list.

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Now, let’s be clear just because I am picky does not mean these are expensive Cebu dessert finds. My benchmark for including specific products from online stores and restaurants on this list is based on the following:


Finish Product Aesthetics – is it instagrammable worthy?

Food Quality – is it delish or is it garbage?

Food Preparation – do they follow health and safety protocols?

Value for Money – Is it worth the price?


So here we go! Hungry Travellers presenting to you the first batch of ETHT’s Best of Cebu Desserts 2021!


Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 List



Amorbella Sweets

ETHT ENDORSED: Revel Bars and Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Date Ordered: February and May 2021


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Amorbella Sweets


Amorbella Sweets Basque Burnt Cheesecake is the perfect example of a no-nonsense dessert packed with rich flavors!

 Their take of the Basque Burnt Cheesecake surprised me as the flavors were different from the Burnt cheesecake that I tried in one of my travels. Amorbella Sweets’ version was light, creamy, and had a punch-kick combo of tanginess and sweetness.

The acidity of the cake, which came from the lemon, complimented the sweet and creamy taste of the cheesecake. Since there are no toppings on burnt Basque cheesecake’s one must make it diverse in flavor to ensure that the sweetness does not overpower the dessert.



Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Amorbella Sweets



On the other hand, their Revel bars are made of pure tableya (dark chocolate in its raw form), making it both sweet and bitter. Dark chocolate is my favorite type, and if you have been following my blog for some time, you would know I live for desserts that are not overly sweet. Thus their revel bars were perfect for ETHT’s Best of Cebu Desserts 2021.




OZ Chef M

ETHT Endorsed: Spring Onion Hopia and Greek Style Macadamia Biscuits

Date Visited: May 2021

Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Chef Oz


This was an accidental find since I was doing a last-minute buy for a family celebration, and I hated the cakes on display at the mall. So I stumble upon this stall, and they had an array of dessert/pastry options.

I ended up buying these two and a couple more pastries. But their spring onion hopia and their Macadamia Biscuits were the ones that rose above, claiming a spot on my ETHT Best of Cebu Desserts 2021!




Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : chef Oz



Their Spring onion hopia reminded me of my childhood. Their hopia was crusty, and the filling had the perfect consistency to not be overtly sticky and sweet. Plus, the spring onions did not overpower the dessert.

My fave, though, would be the macadamia biscuits. I am nuts for nuts (hahaha) so having a rich buttery taste with an abundance of macadamia nuts deserves a standing ovation for ETHT! Plus, a pack just costs less than 100 PHP, so definitely a bargain for any cookie lovers out there.




Pink Heaven

ETHT ENDORSED: Pistachio Sans Rival

Date Visited: January and April 2021


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Pink Heaven



I worked in Dumaguete during my early 20’s for a year, and whenever I went back to Cebu, I always bring back a box of either silvanas or sans rival. In terms of frequency, I often get the former over the latter.

I just prefer the soft and crusty texture of silvanas over the buttery, gooey, and sticks on your teeth consistency of sans rival.

This is why Pink Heaven’s Pistachio Sans Rival is part of my Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 since their take on this Dumaguete classic desert is buttery, smooth, and less sticky to the teeth. Plus, add Pistachios to the mix, making this dessert a modern and unique take on a well-loved classic.




RomAnya Brownies

ETHT ENDORSED: Dark Chocolate Almond Fudge Brownies 

Date Ordered: February 2021


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : RomAnya Brownies


When these young entrepreneurs added me on social media, I did not bother to check their ‘gram since I thought… Oh gosh, another restaurant outside of the Philippines followed my Instagram.

But after a couple of months, I stumbled on their account and realized that it was not a country but a combination of 2 names! So I checked their page and decided to order their brownies.


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : RomAnya Brownies



Their Dark Chocolate Almond Fudge brownies were crisp on the outside and soft but not overly gooey on the inside. Brownies may be simple to make, but baking with consistency and passion was something I felt and tasted with RomAnya brownies

It was simple, uncomplicated, and affordable, and sometimes perfection can be created out of simple pleasures, like their brownies! 





Trattoria Da Gianni

ETHT ENDORSED: Tiramisu Espresso with their Cappuccino Coffee

Date Visited: January 2021 


Best Italian Restaurants in Cebu: Trattoria Da Gianni


 For all coffee lovers out there, this dessert is for you. Aesthetically Trattoria Da Gianni’s Tiramisu Espresso is not the most photogenic in this list, but what this dessert lacks in “pretty” it sure makes up for in “yummy.


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Trattoria Da Gianni



Its melt-in-your-mouth goodness balances the flavors of its main dishes. Pair it with their Cappuccino coffee, and this one’s a winner. Their cookies that complement the coffee remind me of Christmas cookies and, to a certain level, eggnogs!





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Vienna Kaffeehaus


Date Visited: April 2021


Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Vienna KaffeeHaus



I am a fan of crepes, and their usually a fan favorite in any restaurant. But what I LOVE about the crepes of Vienna Kaffeehaus is that the mango filling is abundantly spread out from end to end.







Best of Cebu Desserts 2021 : Vienna KaffeeHaus




Unlike other restaurants where the fruit filling is just found at the center or is just pure jam which can be overly sweet and makes the crepes soggy. Plus, the restaurant is tucked in a peaceful & less crowded area in the arcade, so it totally fits well with my pre and post-pandemic personality.






The list will surely expand as ETHT visits and discovers more hidden dessert spots and online shops that merit a spot in ETHT’s Best of Cebu Desserts 2021!

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  1. These are a nice list of unique dessert offerings in Cebu! Thanks for sharing your hand-picked selection with us.

  2. Holy crap! I need to visit Cebu just to stuff my face with desserts! These all look seriously awesome.

  3. Oh, I miss Cebu. If I were given the chance to travel to Cebu, I’d try all your recommendations. I love hopia so that’s definitely on my list.

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