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My Pandemic Wellness Story

3 Things I Do Not Regret Doing Pre & Post Covid 19


I know talking about the life lessons that this shitty pandemic has taught me is a bit late in the game.

Honestly, I was uncertain if posting this was appropriate or not. Why? Since when the pandemic hit us, I was one of those stressed out, anxious and heartbroken with all the “what ifs” and “what could have been” if COVID 19 did not happen.

But here I am now, trying to salvage a draft that I wrote almost six months ago. Editing and making it more relevant to how I am currently feeling.

So, folks, I do “talk” a lot in the intro, so here it is, and I’m zipping my mouth and bringing you the meat of this post!


My Pandemic Wellness Journey


I Did the Right Thing When I Decided to Travel the World 4 Years Ago:

I would have been more devastated than now if I had not decided to quit a good-paying job and swing it. Deciding to do solo travels and go outside my comfort zone is still THE BEST decision I have ever made throughout my 32 years of existence.

And with how travel restrictions are, and optimistic as I want to be. The world of travel will never be the same again.

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I Was Right to Invest in A Car

Okay, before you throw stones at me and call me a pompous brag! Let me be clear here. It is not to rub salt on the wounds and tell those public commuters to suck it! But my point here is I was right that I made an adult decision and invested in my future.

I never had anything of real value that I bought before my car. Owning a car meant a responsibility I am not to handle lightly, and it involved money that I cannot get unless I earn. Plus, having private transportation during this time is very convenient and a lot safer than riding public transport.


I was Right to Try New Things, Learn New Skills, and be open to New Opportunities.

This happened towards the end of 2019, as I mentally wrecked during the first to third half of 2020. But towards the end of the year, I decided to take control of my life and not be a baby about the opportunities I have lost.


So because of that, I was able to:


3.1 Officially start a Youtube Page 

I had one before the pandemic, but it was not well thought off. I was too shy to be in front of the camera, and it just felt so ugh! But this time around, I am more comfortable and frankly less pretentious and conscious about what other people may think of me. Long story short, I gave up at giving a fuck with what others might think of the channel!


Check out my YouTube Page : ETHT TV


3.2 Expanded the ETHT Brand 

I thought that Erik the Hungry Traveller Brand would retire last year. How am I supposed to sustain the Brand when Eating and Traveling were directly affected by the pandemic! It was not easy, but I could evolve and enhance the Brand by redefining and renaming it to include Health and Wellness.


Pandemic Wellness Journey
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3.3 Invested in a Business with the Help of a Friend 


In the next few months, the goal is to do the things that I am passionate about and earn while doing it. That means finally quitting the stressful life of the corporate world and eventually becoming my boss.


My goals are slowly materializing with Young Living. I have always enjoyed using Essential Oils, and I became even more invested with oils when my friend Annecy Gubat introduced me to Young Living. Google Young Living and Essential Oils, and you get both good and bad press. However, with my experience, these essential oils helped me calm down and grounded me to what matters most in life, which is … MONEY (hahaha) kidding!


What matters most in life is doing what you are passionate about and enjoying every moment of life, knowing that you have a purpose and there is value in the things you do! The essential oils helped me on my wellness journey. It may be psychological, but dearie, we all need some boost in our mental toughness with the new normal, and these essential oils are doing just that for me.


Become a Young Living Member and Start your Wellness Journey by clicking on the photo


ETHT Wellness : Young Living
2 of my anxiety and stress relievers from Young Living.


3.4 Got an Accreditation as a Strategic Life Coach in the United Kingdom


Perhaps the most significant accomplishment and the best decision I made last year was pursuing further studies and getting accreditation as a Strategic Life Coach. It was not easy, but I enjoyed every moment of it! My Strategic Life Coach accreditation clearly defined my purpose in life, which is to talk about mental health, be a catalyst for change, and continue writing as a profession.

Erik James Requina Top PH Influencer
So folks just to segueing it in ! I am accepting seminars, wellness talks anywhere around the world (the beauty of online meet ups)! Send me a message and we shall make it work! 



My Pandemic Wellness Journey: The Next Steps Is Going to be Hard!


The three things I did right that contributed to my pandemic wellness journey clearly defined who I am and where I want my career to head in the future. Thus the next few months will be hell in terms of making sure that I build the foundation for my future.

Enhancing my craft in writing and ensuring that I get more reach with my posts while remaining authentic will remain a top priority, together with establishing myself as a credible Strategic Life Coach and a Mental Health Ambassador. With the eventuality of doing private practice full time.

Creating these ambitious goals, especially during uncertainty, will be challenging, and some may say complete and utter bonkers. But if not now, when do I start living the life I have always dreamed of.


So Why am I Sharing my COVID 19 -Pandemic Wellness Experience?


Sometimes, we get so caught up with the illusions of social media that we think our life is an absolute train wreck. The posts of your friends smiling and striking a pose at the camera. While you silently utter to yourself, “I wish I had his life.”

Well, let me imaginary slap you on your left and right cheek! Social media is far from reality. We post photos and statuses that would gain likes and recognition. We don’t post our dirty laundry on those sites (well, at least for the majority). The point is despite how you see other people’s lives as fortunate or impressive compared to yours; please know that there’s much more behind those posts than meets the eye.

We all have our struggles and challenges in life, and we should not be caught up with the distorted reality that social media provides.

I struggled during the pandemic, and I am sharing part of my story for the world to know. Still, instead of focusing on grief and anxiety, I decided to make this post empowering (hopefully) and motivating.

To you who is reading this, chin up! And start to take control of your life if you have not already.


Live to your heart’s content, Love yourself and Love others like there is no tomorrow, and lastly, follow your dreams. Yes, Failure is an option. It is a viable option, but so is Success. It just takes a little bit of Courage, an ounce of Faith, and 110% hard work and Persistence!


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33 Responses

  1. Sometimes, we get so caught up with the illusions of social media that we think our lives are absolute train wreck. The posts of your friends smiling and striking a pose at the camera. While you silently utter to yourself “I wish I had his life”

    This rings so true with me, we only see a snippet of what people CHOOSE to share! Great blog post as usual dude, keep smashing it!

  2. This was such an amazing post. It can be so hard to live your life when you get caught up in social media or what ifs. It’s the hardest part, I think.

  3. very useful and motivating article for pandemic.Thanks for sharing with us your experiences .

  4. I love this post. The biggest takeaway here is that you have to do what’s right for you – whatever that looks like.

  5. Sounds like you handled the past year perfectly for your situation and brand. I hope to see you continue growing.

  6. I love this! Your story is interesting and inspiring. I love how these things are all right.

  7. Your post is so inspirational.Thanks for sharing all these achivements with us.Wish you all the best in your journey as a coach!

  8. Thank you for sharing your pandemic journey with us, we can all relate to this one way or another. I learned so many things from the pandemic in many ways my life was better and I had a better work life balance

  9. I’ve had a similar journey through the various lockdowns. I found a new lease on life that I never thought I even had in me. I know there have been so many negative impacts, but I’ve experienced nothing but good thus far.

    1. Oh virtual hugs. Thank you for sharing this. I seriously feel we all need to share our Pandemic journey to help keep the spirit alive for everyone. The world needs time to heal and talking about it using this platform is a start! Keep safe and happy!

  10. Awesome! Since the beginning of the Pandemic, I’ve been telling people that it was going to be “The Great Reset”: a chance to get out of our ruts, stop old habits, and create new ones. You took great advantage of the time!

    1. We were stripped to our core Scott and all the things we only see in movies happened in real life. And yes I agree with your term “The Great Reset” this was the real life version of Thanos’ snap!

  11. Your journey was so refreshing to read despite all of the other traumatic stories I’ve seen about COVID. The steps you took before and during are so inspirational! Please keep us posted on your journey!

  12. I actually got a car in this pandemic too because rideshare for me is less and less of an option because of COvid. Great info on have to maneuver positively right now.

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