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Trattoria Da Gianni

Trattoria Da Gianni: Is It Worth the Hype?


Our first review for 2021! I have heard about Trattoria Da Gianni for some time now, even before the pandemic. But I never bothered searching for it or intently looking at the reviews for this Italian Restaurant in Cebu. That is a good thing since I can do this review solely based on my experience visiting Trattoria Da Gianni.

Since this is our first E.T.H.T. Review for 2021, we have changed how we rate an establishment. All restaurants reviewed would be on the Endorsed list. The goal is to receive a high ETHT ENDORSED overall rating.


E.T.H.T. Endorsed rating for 2021

  1. VIBE – is the place aesthetically appealing?
  2. FOOD PRESENTATION- are the dishes visually appetizing?
  3. GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCE – Is their food any good?
  4. NEW NORMAL PROTOCOLS– health protocols in place at the restaurant.
  5. VALUE FOR MONEY – Is it worth going back or recommending to friends?



The Search for the Best Italian Restaurant in Cebu 2021! 





Italian Restaurant in Cebu

Trattoria Da Gianni is located at Crossroads Banilad and occupies the former location of the original Abaca Baking café.

Trattoria Da Gianni maintained the quirky and artistic vibe that I always loved with Abaca Baking. Art decors and unique designs are mounted or hanged all over this Italian Restaurant in Cebu.

In my opinion, they added a more subdued and elegant vibe suited for an authentic Italian dining experience.

I can readily compare this to how Maya Mexican restaurant captured a classy Mexican resto-pub. The difference is that Trattoria Da Gianni occupies a more intimate space than the former.

As a diner and someone who values privacy and space, I prefer dining in their upstairs area. The room space on the ground floor is too narrow for a semi-claustrophobic me.


Food Presentation



Italian Restaurant in Cebu : Arugula Pizza


A restaurant needs to have both a visually appealing and palatable dish. It is a requirement, especially for the meticulous standards of the Cebuano palate. No one would like to eat a sloppy-looking dish even if the chef would guarantee it’s a delicious dish, right?

Trattoria Da Gianni meets my expectation for this category. For those who value an instagrammable worthy meal, then one should order their Proscuitto & Arugula Pizza. It is both pleasing to the eyes and filling to the stomach. The least aesthetically appealing dish (but not unappealing at all) that I ordered was their signature meatloaf and their Tiramisu Espresso. Still, what the two words lacked in the visual appeal they made up for it on taste.


New Normal Protocols


Best Italian Restaurants in Cebu

Disinfectant sprays were readily available in the restaurant. The 1st floor can accommodate three tables and in my estimation around 14 people max. The tables, arranged in compliance with our new health and safety protocols.

Although I honestly would still be uncomfortable and would have backed out if it were jampacked. But that’s my preference.

The waiters and the kitchen staff all had their protective gear and were also conscious of health protocols. In short, I was satisfied with their health and safety protocols at the restaurant.

Gastronomical Experience


The dishes were served at a reasonable time and made of fresh ingredients. I enjoyed that their thin crust pizza and their bacon bruschetta.

My top 3 favorite dishes were Trattoria’s Meat Loaf, Osso Buco, and their Tiramisu Espresso. The two meat dishes captured the aroma and flavor of a homemade Italian meal.

Meat Loaves can be overpowering and unappealing if the ratio of meat-herbs/spice-gravy is inaccurate. Trattoria’s meatloaf was, in my opinion, Perfetto! It is not too soggy and again very flavorful not because of seasoning but because of the spices and herbs incorporated in the meat.

Osso Bucco is like a sizzling pochero, with the flavors mostly coming from the herbs and spices incorporated in the meat. For those hungry travelers who like their meat salty, you may not enjoy the Osso Bucco.

Its flavors are different from how we Pinoys want beef shanks prepared. That is why I enjoyed the unexpected yet delicious taste of the Osso Bucco of Trattoria Da Gianni. Lastly, you guys have to try their Tiramisu Espresso. It may not be pretty, but it sure is delicious! I was packed when we had the dessert that I almost did not try their Tiramisu. Well, good thing I did as that was one of the best Tiramisu I tried in my entire life.


Value for Money



Best Italian Restaurants in Cebu


Is it a fine dining restaurant? Well, I came in there wearing a shirt, joggers, and sneakers. So it is safe to assume that you do not need to dress fancy if you wish to dine at Trattoria. You, however, must prepare a minimum of 500 Php if you want to try their signature meal in this Italian Restaurant in Cebu. Trattoria Da Giannis dishes range from 400 to 600 Php for a single order good for two and three dining guests.
They also have family-group meals. Come on; it is an Italian restaurant! Based on other Italian Restaurants in Cebu that I have visited, Trattoria Da Gianni is a value for a money Italian restaurant. The price vis a vis the actual meal itself is a keeper!

ETHT Overall rating : 8.7 / 10

VIBE: 8.0





Amid many pretentious and facetious Italian restaurants in the Philippines, Trattoria Da Gianni stands out for me for its subdued elegance and straightforward presentation that screams an authentic Italian dining experience. And it is a guarantee, E.T.H.T. will be back for more servings, and I look forward to their new offerings in the future!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this review and learning about this restaurant. While it will be a while before I am next in the region, it is always good to know places that are recommended if you are a fan of Italian cuisine (as I am). This looks like quite a balanced and objective review and I would love to try dining here based on your recommendation.

  2. All of these dishes look incredible. Thank you for sharing. Also, absolutely the food presentation is gorgeous. I would love to try this Italian restaurant in Cebu!

  3. Wow, this place looks INCREDIBLE! I would love to be able to travel here one day and experience this for myself.

  4. What a neat place to dine. Such a cute restaurant and the food looks amazing. I have never been to Cebu and it is nice to visit a city with good food choices!

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