Best of Cebu 2020 : Food Trip in the Philippines

E.T.H.T Blue Star Citation Awardees! Best of cebu 2020

Best of Cebu 2020! And the Winners Are...

Three more days before 2021! This year is one for the books. It is safe to assume that leisure travel plans for this year were all canceled due to the pandemic that rocked our world (literally and figuratively)

A year ago, Erik the Hungry Traveller introduced the ENDORSED concept. . The thrust was to showcase hotels and restaurants that meet the website’s standard of QUALITY in all aspects. It was to be a global recommendation, and we already had a few establishments and hotels all across the globe that were ready for our reviews.

Well, you know what happened next!

Alas, there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud, and since I was not able to travel this year- except in Palawan last February. I will be focusing and handing out recognitions for the Best of Cebu instead!

These deserving ETHT Blues Star Citation winners are the hotels, establishments, restaurants, and businesses visited by Erik and the Hungry Travellers this year. They are all part of the Erik the Hungry Traveller (ETHT) Endorsed list.

From the list of ETHT Endorsed throughout 2020, I, along with the rest of the Hungry Travellers, handpicked the best of the best to come up with the Best Of Cebu 2020 Blue Star Citation Awardees!

So folks, without further ado! Here is the full list of Erik the Hungry Travellers Best of Cebu 2020 Blue Star Citation Awardees!

Not a sponsored post. None of The Best of Cebu 2020 Blue Star Citation Awardees paid the website to be part of the list. These are purely based on the experience, reviews of Erik the Hungry Traveller, and the rest of the Hungry Travellers Team.

Complete List of ETHT Blue Star Citation WINNERS!

Best Hotel

Best of Cebu 2020

Amethyst Boutique Hotel
Harolds Hotel
Mezzo Hotel

I had a hard time deciding which hotel deserves the distinction to be the 1st Blue Star Awardee for the Best Hotel in Cebu Category. Each hotel has its strengths and weaknesses. It is but fair to call a triple tie in this category.

Amethyst Boutique Hotel
Best of Cebu 2020 : Where to Stay in the Philippines

has the charm and the spark of a new hotel. It boasts of class and elegance. Amethyst Boutique hotel is ideal for transit travelers who want to stay in a non-sense hotel that is affordable, clean, and easily accessible.

Harolds Hotel
Best Of Cebu 2020 : Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : Bed

The hotel has spacious rooms that exude professionalism. The hotel is between 2 major business hubs in Cebu city. Ideal for professionals who seek to stay in a hotel that is away from the hustle and bustle but conveniently located if you decide to head to the food-tech-shopping districts of Cebu City.

Mezzo Hotel
Mezzo Hotel Cebu : Swimming pool

For travelers who wants a little more than sleeping in the hotel. They have a pool and a gym to loosen the stress away after a long day and ideal for people who wish to hang out and chill poolside.  

Best Restaurant

Best of Cebu 2020

Lemon Grass
Best of Cebu 2020 : Lemon Grass Pad Thai

They have reinvented themselves this 2020. The restaurant was one of the 1st restaurants I dined at when Cebu city allowed dine-in in restaurants. I was not a fan of the restaurant way back. However, with the new protocols in place to ensure their dining guests still get the same quality service and dining experience, that is when they won me over.

Ten years in the industry is rare nowadays. They wouldn’t last ten years if the Cebuano market did not like the service and the quality of food at Lemon Grass!

Best Breakfast Buffet

Best of Cebu 2020

H Cafe
Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : Buffet Breakfast

H Café was one of the 1st restaurants that opened its doors and incorporated the new-normal buffet experience in Cebu city. Aside from being significantly cheaper than other known breakfast buffets. H Café’s breakfast buffet has similar quality compared to the more popular and pricier breakfast buffets in Cebu city.

Best Dessert (cake Category)

Best of Cebu 2020

One of the hardest categories, being that I enjoy eating cake!

Nevertheless, the team finally came up with the best of Cebu cakes for 2020. These cafes/ home bakers are underrated and are overshadowed by more commercially made, overly sweet cakes and more popular cakes in the Cebu market. I am a bit hesitant to share this list as I want these cakes all to myself! (LOL)

Best Cheese Cake
MonaLisa Bakes
Queso de Bola Cheesecake
Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Monalisa

Unique and out of the box experience. That is how I describe the Queso de Bola cheesecake of Monalisa Bakes.

Having tasted this decadent and sinful dessert, I can say that it is by far miles ahead of the more popular blueberry cheesecakes offered in the market.

A seasonal dessert perfect for your Christmas and New Year gatherings! For my household, the Queso de Bola cheesecake will now be a staple dessert during the holiday season!

Best Pistachio Cake
Best Red Velvet Cake:
Best Mango Cake:
Pink Heaven
Pink HEaven

Pink Heaven’s cakes are one of the best, and those three cakes stood out for me when I visited their store in SM Seaside. Plus, I asked some of my Hungry Travellers to try out their Mango cake, and it was a unanimous YES in terms of the quality and the taste of their mango cake.

Best Of Cebu : Pink Heaven

Pink Heaven is one to watch in the Cebu Dessert scene for 2021!

Best Carrot Cake
Maede to Bake
Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Maede to Bake
Best Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake- Tangerine Kitchen
Best Fruit Infused Cake:
Ube Langka Cake of Tangerine Kitchen
Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Tangerine Kitchen

Best Dessert (Non-cake Category)

Best of Cebu 2020

Ubeko of Genris
Best Dessert Places in Cebu : GenRis

A unique Filipino dessert that combines 2 of your favorite Filipino desserts: the Biko and Ube Halaya. Check out our review (and how to order) of this unique Filipino fusion dessert through the link below. 

Best Health and Lifestyle Meal

Best of Cebu 2020

Gorilla BowlZ
Best of Cebu 2020 : Gorilla Bowlz

Keeping it honest, I usually do not gravitate towards healthy meals. First, they are a tad bit expensive and second, most of which (at least for me) is not value for money.

This is why Gorilla Bowlz is the ETHT Blue Star Awardee for the Best Health and Lifestyle Meal for 2020. They made me a believer that healthy meals can be delicious and affordable at the same time.

Best Sauce

Best of Cebu 2020

Gana Eat Chili Garlic Sauce
Best of Cebu : Best Sauce

I remember when the spicy noodle challenge became so popular yet it made no sense at all to me. And yes I was able to try the spicy noodle that everyone was raving about a few years back. 

And I Hated it. So when Gana Eat Chili Garlic in oil introduced themselves, my first impression was yikes is this product going to burn my lips and hurt my tummy. Do not get me wrong I love spicy food but when you are not able to taste the food and instead only feel the burning sensation then no not for me! 

This is why is the Best Sauce for 2020 since the product does not overpower your food, it compliments it. It is a simple yet well-thought-of product. 

As a Food Blogger and Reviewer, I highly appreciate a product that is unassuming yet is of Quality! Yes, it has some kick to it which is just enough to keep you wanting to eat more. I tried it with siomai, fried fish and even with rice and it was perfect. 

Gana Eat’s INFERNO which is their spiciest product had more kick to it but not to the point that it would burn your lips. It’s a perfect pair for any meal and it is true to its name. A unique appetizer to make any dish stand out-that is if you are a fan of spicy food.

Hungry Travellers Choice: Best Resort

Best of Cebu 2020

Crimson Resort

with 38% of combined website and Hungry Travellers group members votes

Best of Cebu 2020 : Best Resort
Photo taken from Crimson's Facebook Page

Hungry Travellers Choice: Best Burgers

Best of Cebu 2020

21 South Burgers and Fries

with 72% of combined website and Hungry Travellers group members votes

Best of Cebu 2020 : Best Burgers
Photo taken from 21 South's Facebook Page


Congratulations to all the ETHT BLUE STAR CITATION WINNERS for 2020.

 All of you deserve the recognition and the distinction to be part of the 1st Awardees for the site!

I look forward to seeing the list expand in the coming years. On behalf of the Hungry Travellers all over the world! I, Erik the Hungry Traveller wish every a Happy- Healthy, and Blessed 2021!

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    Thanks for putting such a comprehensive list! I miss Cebu so much! This list will help me next time I’m in Cebu!

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    Thank you for sharing the best of the best for us this year! Ironically, my husband and I were looking for a great getaway and were eyeing the Amethyst Boutique Hotel! We will have to try this for next year!

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