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Mezzo Hotel Cebu

Hotel Review: Mezzo Hotel Cebu


When I decided to book an overnight stay at Mezzo Hotel Cebu, I did not know anything about Mezzo Hotel. In all honesty, I never knew of its existence until my visit.

My only requirement was they had an indoor parking space.

I messaged four hotels, 3 out of the four replied to my inquiry. You see, I’m the type of Traveller that would always choose comfort over price. I always ask all my questions ahead of time before I book the hotel.

So to Marco Polo and Diamond Suites, thank you for your feedback will surely visit your hotels come 2021 and to the hotel that did not reply even though we followed (now unfollowed) each other on Instagram; better luck next time, man, I mean bai!

Okay, I am focusing now on my review of Mezzo Hotel Cebu. Like with my previous hotel reviews, I will be rating the hotel in 4 categories.


Erik The Hungry Traveller (ETHT) Hotel Review Endorsed Criteria



  1. Location
  2. Amenities and Facilities
  3. Customer Service
  4. Room Cleanliness and Functionality


Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored by Mezzo Hotel Cebu. My views and thoughts on this review are based on my weekend stay at Mezzo Hotels Cebu City last December 12, 2020



ETHT Endorsed Rating: 4/5


The hotel is located two blocks from the main road where a more know hotel is situated. Like me, who is unfamiliar with Cebu streets, you may find it hard to locate the Mezzo Hotel. The good thing is it is on Waze.

One disadvantage of Mezzo Hotel Cebu’s location is the possible inconvenience to those living or passing in the area.

The road heading to the hotel is narrow, and if the vehicle parks or stops at Mezzo, it would be difficult for the vehicle to overtake, especially if you drive an SUV.

The place also has limited establishments in the vicinity, which means if you plan on buying food or toiletries, then best that you purchase ahead. The reception at Mezzo Hotel does double down as a small convenience store, creative but a bit tacky for my preference.


Amenities and Facilities

ETHT Endorsed Rating: 4/5

This 4-star hotel has a lobby bigger than that of Harolds and Amethyst Boutique Hotel. And they have a mini Koi pond directly below a wall that has their logo on it.

They also have a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a gym. They essentially have more than the standard amenities and facilities, and is a plus for me.

Mezzo Hotel Cebu : Swimming pool



The Highlight: Café Mezzo

Mezzo Hotel Cebu : Cafe Mezzo



Affordable yet quality meals. That’s how I can best describe Café Mezzo. I do not usually order meals at hotels since I always find them overpriced.

I ordered their crispy tofu and pork skordalia.

The crispy tofu was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside as it should be. It wasn’t oily as well. I am a sucker for tofu, and for any tofu meal, I am happy to try. Their crispy tofu was my happy meal during that day. I did not even bother putting sauce on it as I just enjoyed the tofu itself.

The pork skordalia wasn’t bad at all. I did expect it to have more of a Greek flavor as the Skordalia I am familiar with is of Greek origin.

Skordalia is simply garlic dip but better. Instead of beets, they went local with what I assumed was mashed potato. It was good, but for someone who had their fair share of meals with skordalia dip, their pork skordalia was delicious but not the best I have tried.




Mezzo Hotel Cebu : Breakfast



Finally, the breakfast that came along with my accommodation was also satisfying. It was simple but presented beautifully, which made it more delicious.
I definitely would want to visit Café Mezzo some other time to try out the rest of their dishes as I am sure the taste and presentation would be as impeccable as the dishes I have tried.


The Lowlight : The Place Seems Sad


Mezzo Hotel Cebu : Lobby


 Mezzo Hotel Cebu feels and looks somber. Although I am sure that before the pandemic, Mezzo Hotel Cebu looked grand, inviting and cheery to the guests and even passersby. However, when I visited the Mezzo hotel Cebu, it looked and felt like any other ordinary building.

I couldn’t fault them since these are different times, but I could not provide them a perfect score as benchmarking with other hotels that I have visited; they fell short in keeping the mood of the place happy.


Customer Service

ETHT Endorsed Rating: 5/5

The staffs were courteous and pleasant, from the security guards, the front desk team, the chef, the waiters, and the attendants. During my stay, there were a few hiccups: Cable TV and my electric kettle were not working, but it was not a big deal since it got resolved right away. 

The team sent over a technician to fix the cable connection. And for my electric kettle concern, although they did not replace it, they did give me a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I decided not to ask for a kettle since I was checking out by 12.

As someone who has been reviewing hotels for two years now, I do not look for perfection. What I look for is authenticity and quick to their feet response. Mezzo Hotel Cebu passed with flying colors in this category!


Room Cleanliness and Functionality

ETHT Endorsed Rating: 5/5


Mezzo Hotel Cebu : Mezzo Room


They covered all the stops for me when it comes to room cleanliness and functionality. The room was squeaky clean. It smells good, and the sheets were soft and comfortable. They even have linen disinfectant spray. An item I always bring with me anywhere.

The room was very spacious, and you could not hear any noise from the outside, perfect for people like me who need some peace.

Also, throughout the hotel are alcohol sprays. That must now be a must for any hotel. On my way to the room, I also saw their room service team doing a thorough cleaning.








Mezzo Hotel is Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed

I had a good stay at Mezzo Hotel though their amenities and vibe were not up to par with the rest of the hotels I visited due to the pandemic. It was understandable.

The highlight of my stay would be their in-house café, compliments to the chef for the delicious dishes served! Lastly, the room is well maintained and clean. Some amenities were not new, but they were still clean. I would go for clean over new any time of the day.

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7 Responses

  1. Good point to purchase toiletries ahead of time. I actually like our hotel to be a little off the main sometimes. Makes it more cozy. 🙂

  2. One of the most important things that I choose a hotel is location, glad to know that it’s so conveniently located and it’s a great place to be a stopover whenever I visit Cebu! – Knycx Journeying

  3. Hi Erik, Mezzo hotel seems like a perfect place to visit. Next time I visit the Philippines, I might stay there. Thanks for this honest review.

  4. Good point to buy toiletries in advance. Indeed, sometimes I like that our hotel is a little bit removed from the main ones. Makes it more welcoming.

  5. Love reading this honest review. It’s true Mezzo boost for thier high level of customer service. We went there for a brunch buffet but since I am curios about their rooms, I requested for a showroom. Their marketing team gladly showed me their deluxe and superior rooms. This hotel is still on my list for my future staycations as I continue to support for local tourism..

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