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Amethyst Boutique Hotel ETHT ENDORSED

Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu Updated Review : November 2020

Date of Visit: November 14, 2020


New Normal Staycations in Cebu City : 3rd Hotel Visited


Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu - New Normal Review


After my not-so-pleasant experience with Waterfront Hotel Cebu City, I wanted to visit a hotel that I have confidence in regarding cleanliness, service, and food!

Plus, I was not ready to gamble with a hotel I am not familiar with after my previous nightmare experience. So, I decided to head over to Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu. It was also an excellent opportunity to check out their initiatives and additional protocols during this crazy year of Covid 19. And so, if you have not figured it out already, this will now be my updated review for Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu. The last time I visited them was in December 2019. But I did my original review for the hotel last April 2019. We will still be assessing Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu on the following Criteria:

  1. Location
  2. Amenities and Facilities
  3. Customer Service
  4. Room Cleanliness and Functionality

Last April 2019, I rated the hotel as E.T.H.T Endorsed Hotel with a 4.0/ 5.0 rating. Let us see if I was right with choosing Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu after the stress of my previous hotel staycation.




Well, unless they moved to a different location, then I would focus on this aspect more. But the hotel did not. Amethyst still is located at the heart of Old Town Cebu City.


Amenities and Facilities



Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu

Now that I have other hotels that I can benchmark. I am giving this hotel a near-perfect score for this category. Despite the pandemic, they still were able to ensure that the hotel looks presentable and pretty! With some of the hotels, I visited they compromised on some aspects of their facilities. Such as the Lobby area looking a bit frumpy, poorly lit hallways, and gloomy exteriors. Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu ensured that its facilities remain presentable and relevant to the times. By relevance, the hotel followed health and safety protocols but did not compromise on aesthetics. The hotel placed plastic barriers between guests and front desk counters. I was wearing customized Amethyst face masks by the staff and placing sanitizers in strategic areas that look presentable and classy. A perfect example is them having a sanitizer gel outside and inside the elevators.



Customer Service


 Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu - Customer Service


I gave them a 4/5 for this category during my first visit to the hotel. What they lacked during my first visit was the fluidity of the service. It felt like the hotel staff was like a fish out of water. Awkward, uncomfortable, and unsure of what they were doing. Last year, I still felt uneasiness and hesitation on what to do. Thus I am delighted to see progress with the entire team. The service is now organic and more genuine. I can compare it to a beginner baker who still needs to follow a cake recipe step by step. It is prudent not to miss out on a procedure versus a seasoned baker who knows the recipe by heart and adds his flare to the cake to make it his own.


Room Cleanliness & Functionality


Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu - COVID 19 Hotel Protocols



Without a doubt, in my mind, Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu has one of the Best health and safety protocols implemented for a Hotel in Cebu. As of this writing, I have been to 5 hotels, and no other hotel tops Amethyst in this category. They are the only hotel (so far) that owns a U.V robot that sanitizes the rooms every after guest checkout. In my opinion, it sends the message of embracing the future of the hotel industry and leveling up the playing field. They went above and beyond for their hotel guests’ and staff’s safety during these unprecedented times.











Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED HOTEL


Amethyst Boutique Hotel 2019 Review

Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu - the View


Doing another hotel review, I got to spend the weekend at Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu this time! I have been doing several studies for this site, but this is the first time I am reviewing a Cebu-based establishment. For those of you who are unaware, I, Erik. The Hungry Traveller, I am a resident of Cebu City, Philippines. Thus I got extremely excited when I was allowed to stay at Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu! My goal is to do more features on tourism spots and establishments in Cebu since there are a lot of places to visit on the island

of Cebu. 

We will review and rate Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu on 4 Categories on a 5 point scale rating. Specifically on: 

  1.  Location
  2. Amenities 
  3. Room Cleanliness and Functionality
  4. Service

Location of Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu

The Hungry Traveller Club Endorsed Rating: 4/5


Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu - the Facade


Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu is located along a quiet corner of uptown Cebu City. For my Cebuano readers, Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu is smack right in the center of the metropolis, which is a convenient and easy-to-find location. Specifically, Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu is right beside the iconic Cebu Provincial Capitol. It is a national historic landmark and considered one of the oldest and most beautiful structures of its kind. Famous landmarks and attractions like the Fuente Osmena Circle, Colon Street, old Spanish churches, Magellan’s Cross, Carbon Market, Tabo-an Market, and the Parian district. For my fellow global travelers, the location of Amethyst Boutique hotel Cebu is a gateway to scenic attractions if you plan on visiting the Southern part of Cebu. Famous tourist attractions like the Canyoneering adventure, Kawasan Falls, Oslob Whale watching, and white sand beaches are found.


Best Hotels in Cebu: The Hotel Amenities

The Hungry Traveller Club Endorsed Rating 4/5

The definition of amenities is comfort and convenience, most often about a house, vehicle, resort, or rental. An example of amenities is a hot tub and room service in a hotel. 

The Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu Scent


Where to Stay in Cebu




FUN FACT: Amethyst is a purple stone consisting of a purple variety of quartz. It is a natural stress reliever with healing properties that rid negative energy and encourage inner strength, wealth, and clarity of the mind when you enter the lobby of Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu, aside from the smiling security guard, the amiable front desk staff.

The scent seems to be a combination of Lavender, citrus, and other aromas that is very aromatic yet not too strong for those allergic or sensitive to certain smells.

The scent combination is top secret. Thus, I just went for how my nose perceived the scent. 





The Hotel Amenities

Being that it is a boutique hotel, it only has the basic hotel amenities. But as they say, great things come in small packages! The hotel makes up for what they lack in amenities. They make up for it with how they present the whole vibe of the hotel. Whichever part of the hotel is a standout for me. They even have a mirror that has a built-in light inside it for your hotel bathroom selfies. A unique find and something you wouldn’t expect from a boutique hotel.


Amethyst Lobby



Room Cleanliness Functionality

The Hungry Traveller Club Endorsed Rating 5/5

Being a boutique hotel, Amethyst has 52 guestroom capacity. Unlike other hotels, where it feels a tad cramped. The rooms in Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu are very spacious. I was not in a hotel but a luxury condominium due to how big their rooms are.



 They offer a room-specific for your needs. They have rooms for Travel Buddies, groups, and family, and wait for it… for solo travelers. Yes, you read it right. They have rooms – affordable at that – for those traveling solo.

All their rooms also come with complimentary breakfast. – We’ll talk about their in-house restaurant in another blog post. But for a sneak peek, this comprises their complimentary breakfast when you book a room at the hotel. Anton’s Restaurant Review 



The Hungry Traveller Club Endorsed Rating: 3

Where to Eat In Cebu City




Cebuano hospitality at its best. Their staff may be perfect (heck, no one is right?), but you can be assured that they do their optimum best to make your stay worthwhile. Checking in and out of the hotel was hassle-free.

The staff attends to your needs right away. I asked for a bucket of ice, a spoon, and glass during my stay (don’t ask what I need those for, LOL), and they responded to my request immediately. From the front desk to room service, even their waiter and food attendants were all very courteous and eager to make your stay in the hotel a pleasant one.





The Hungry Traveller Club Endorsed Rating

Location: 4/5

Amenities:  4/5

Room Cleanliness and Functionality: 5

Service: 3/5

The Newest Gem in Cebu City: 4.0/5 Star Rating!


Meeting the Team at Amethyst Hotel Cebu


As a frequent traveler, I always am very particular about my hotel accommodation. By that, I would rather spend a few extra bucks to ensure that I am comfortable and safe in my hotel. Occasionally I encounter hotels that are extremely valuable for your money.

The – “I can’t believe I got this hotel deal” type of moment. My Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu experience is on that list. It has all the elements and potential of a 5-star establishment integrated into a boutique hotel. So for all of you interested in visiting Cebu – trust me, it’s a must if you plan to visit the Philippines. Put on your radar Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu.

You can book a room through their website or contact them at reservations@amethystboutiquehotelcebu.com or visit their website at www.amethystbotiquehotelcebu.com. Or if you happen to be in Cebu, give them a ring at (032) 260 9350. They are also in booking.com and other popular booking apps.  Reserve at Amethyst Now

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  1. Do they have a pool? Ill be heading to Cebu come June and this looks wonderful. I especially like the room with the stairs. Quiet a unique feauture.

  2. What a wonderful hotel. I always prefer botique hotels over luxurious ones as i get the same value of service for a lesser cost. And this is on my list now when i visit Cebu

    1. Have passed by this hotel many times and was always curious about how the place looks like. Awesome post as always Erik 😉

  3. I love the nightshot of the hotel. Boutique hotels are a lot better than some 5 star hotels. Is there food any good there?

  4. This looks like a really convenient hotel with a lot of comfort for a wide range of travellers! I love how they’ve made their own signature fragrance!

  5. I totally agree with you Cebu is AWESOMEeeeee in so many ways. I’ll take note of this hotel, your room is quite big and I love the view from your window. I think it’s also perfect choice for family staycation.

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