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Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : 1st Non Endorsed Hotel in Cebu

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : First Non Endorsed Hotel for this Site

Date of Stay: November 7, 2020


With the gradual re-opening of local tourism in Cebu City and local business in general, we at Erik and the Hungry Travellers Club wanted to identify which places and establishments are adept and have fully implemented health and safety protocols to adapt to the New Normal.

Over the past months, I have reviewed Cebu based hotels and rated them based on Erik the Hungry Traveller’s (ETHT) Endorsed Criteria, which are as follows:

  1. Location
  2. Amenities and Facilities
  3. Customer Service
  4. Room Cleanliness and Functionality

Each criterion is on a 5 point scale rating. A 3.9 average rating and above is an Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed hotel.

Reviewed Hotels By Erik the Hungry Traveller

Amethyst Boutique Hotel Logo 
Harolds HotelQuest

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : First Erik the Hungry Traveller Not Endorsed Hotel


For those skimming this blog, I am saving you some time and provide the verdict that Waterfront Cebu City Hotel is the first Erik the Hungry Traveller Non-Endorsed Hotel in Cebu City. 

If you want to know my reasons why I have rated Waterfront Cebu City as a Non-Endorsed Hotel for my blog, then read along.


Disclaimer: For obvious reasons, this review is non-sponsored by Waterfront Hotel Cebu City. This post is based on my experience during my weekend stay at Waterfront Hotel Cebu City last November 7, 2020

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Location


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel:

Waterfront Cebu City hotel has the perfect location. It is smack in the middle of business and leisure establishments in Cebu City.

The property is just a crosswalk away from Cebu IT Park. A BPO industry hub and 5 to 10-minute drive from Cebu Business park that is also a hub for business and leisure.

Driving to Waterfront Cebu City Hotel is also not a problem as it is a property you sure would not miss. For tourists, I am 1000% sure that taxis and public utility vehicles are familiar with the hotel. It is a well-known hotel and one of the few 4-star hotels in Cebu city.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Amenities and Facilities


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel:


Before my stay at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, I have frequently visited the place. Pre pandemic, I was a member of their in-house gym, Citi-Gym. I still have a month’s worth of unused gym membership. But regardless of my recent stay at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, I have long decided to forfeit my membership as I still am not comfortable heading back to any gym.

I also provided my rating and ENDORSED one of their in house restaurants as part of Cebu’s Best Restaurants for 2020 when discussing New Normal Dining Experience.

Lastly, aesthetically their lobby is a sight to marvel at. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel has one of the best-decorated lobby’s in Cebu City. They have always maximized their space and consistently updates the lobby design to fit the current season/ holiday.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Customer Service


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel:


In all honesty, the reason why it took me some time to write a review for this hotel was to inorder for me to objectively provide my input and feedback for Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.

Yes, I was upset with how my weekend stay concluded last November at the Waterfront Cebu City hotel. I did not want to do a review fueled by emotions as it tends towards being biased. That could lead to forgetting the positives of the hotel.

With this said, customer service was okay in general. The team at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel performed their roles based on what was expected of them to do. However, what I felt the team lack was genuine care and enthusiasm. For a 4 star hotel, it just did not feel right.

The warmth was absent. And perhaps taking some time to write about a review for Waterfront Cebu City Hotel provided more comparison and validation that they lack genuine customer service that was prevalent with the team of Amethyst Boutique Hotel and Harolds Hotel.

Authenticity is an abstract concept that is more felt than seen. And for the lack of authenticity and genuineness, I rate Waterfront Cebu city a 3 for their customer service.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel :Room Cleanliness and Functionality


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Unpleasant room

I have said this in my previous blog posts. That even before the pandemic, I am particular with cleanliness, and with the ongoing COVID 19 crisis, it now became a top benchmark if I am to revisit an establishment.

Cleanliness and Sanitation are Waterfront Cebu City’s MAJOR MISS.

I have visited four hotels since October (Quest, Waterfront, Amethyst, and Harolds). I can confidently say that Waterfront Cebu Hotel lacks the effort and the action in ensuring that their hotel maintains a high level of standards when it comes to cleanliness, specifically for the NEW NORMAL requirements.

It is not that they are not observing the new health standards and protocols. From what I have observed, while the rest of the hotels are striving to go above and beyond, Waterfront Cebu City hotel just aimed to meet the minimum expectations.

Alcohols are Not Readily Available in Strategic Places:

All the 3-star hotels I have stayed in for the past three months, Quest, Harolds, and Amethyst Boutique Hotel, have sanitizer gels/alcohol in strategic locations. These hotels also provide health kits (face masks and alcohols to guests). Lastly, right outside the elevators of these hotels, hand gels are available.

Waterfront Cebu City hotel does not have these protocols. They do have hand gel sanitizers at the front desk and the entrance before you have your temperature checked. But if this were a review for a mall or a restaurant, then it is passable. But for a four-star hotel, I expected a lot better than what I have seen.

The Room was Smelly

I availed of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel Weekend promo rate last November. I paid 2000 PHP for a one night stay. Upon entering the room, the first thing that I noticed was that the room had an unsettling smell.

Similar to the smell of an unshampooed carpet. Or when clothes are left indoors to dry out after being washed. It was unsettling and prevalent upon entering my hotel room.

A Thick layer of Dust, Accumulated on their table

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Unsanitary Table


As customary with my New Normal Hotel visits. I record videos of my hotel room for my followers who prefer vlogs over blogs.

For Waterfront Cebu Hotel, when I did the first swipe on their table with tissue and alcohol, I immediately knew something was wrong. It can be likened to when you are cleaning a table where a beverage was spilled and has dried up. There was some friction to it, and I knew that when I flipped that tissue, it would not be clean.

I mean, dust is acceptable for me, the particles that flutter occasionally and are more visible if you pass the light on it. But when it turns black-ish. Hmmm, that is another story.

The television did not work while the Cable Guide had dried morsels of what I assumed was food- oh dear, I do hope that was just food!

I guess the heading speaks for itself. And with that said, I called the front desk and complained. I was upset during this time, as expected. After a few minutes, the Hotel Supervisor went to my room and offered that I transfer to another room.

The Supervisor was apologetic. I showed her the tissue paper of black dust along with the morsels of scrap that got stuck on the laminated Cable Guide. And Oh, I had to pick up the cable guide as I assumed that they had special instructions on how to turn on the television. Thus the discovery of the morsels stuck on the cable guide.


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Dirty Channel Guide

New Room was Better – Way Better


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : 2nd Room


Upon entering my new room, the first thing I noticed was the smell of the disinfectant spray-Lysol. A scent that was never present when I entered my original room.

I appreciate that they acknowledged my complaint. The hotel even delivered a fruit basket. Despite the setbacks, I decided to move past it and went on with my planned overnight stay at Waterfront Cebu City.


The Straw (with my experience the COFFEE) that broke the Camel’s Back


Since the weekend package, I availed at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel do not have free breakfast. I decided to drink the complimentary coffee and pair it with the fruits sent over the previous night.

However, before I could even tear up the sachet containing the coffee, I already noticed that the coffee had clumps. Good thing I decided to grab my camera and record the “unboxing” of what was inside the small sachet.


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel : Molded Coffee

This was what was inside their coffee sachet. I want my coffee black but not this kind.

I expected the coffee to appear solidified but what I saw next was just unhygienic. What was inside the sachet did not look like coffee at all. It was black and moldy.

That was when I lost it and felt that my experience at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel was a nightmare through and through.

Early Check-Out and a Full Refund:

When I complained yet again to the hotel supervisor, she immediately offered me free breakfast in their restaurant. I declined the offer as there was no way I was going near any food served by the hotel during that time. I also asked to have the fruit basket thrown away.

It was also the moment I knew that I needed to get the hell out of the hotel.






So there you have it, my review of Waterfront Hotel Cebu City. As a hotel reviewer and a travel and food blogger. It is my responsibility to be genuine. I also want to set the correct example to aspiring bloggers and vloggers that GENUINE and QUALITY Content must be at the core of your craft. We owe it to our readers and viewers to provide content that is not only amusing but informative as well.

Never lose your INTEGRITY for the sake of views or likes. With that said, I also want to give Waterfront Cebu City Hotel the benefit of the doubt. That perhaps this was an isolated incident, and I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it was an isolated incident or not. The experience I had with Waterfront Cebu City hotel was traumatic and downright horrible.

Do I think they can improve? They are a 4-star hotel. They NEED to. Do I believe they can improve? Definitely!

Do I have plans to visit the Waterfront Cebu City hotel? With my review of the hotel. I think they would ban from stepping foot on their property (LOL). Regardless, banned or not banned, it is without a doubt that the experience I had was in no way close to how a 4-star hotel experience should be.

My only wish is that no other guest will experience what I experienced during my stay at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.

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  1. This hotel really need to improve their hygiene standards and the customer service. At least you get a full refund. Hope your next hotel stay will be much better than this one.

  2. This hotel really needs to up its game. Bad experiences like this will lead to a bad reputation. People always tend to talk more about disappointments.

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Waterfront. It is sad that they did not step up to the demands on the current times. Cleanliness should be their top priority so if I was on your shoe, I would feel the same way too.

  4. I feel sorry for what you’ve experience in that hotel. Like you cleanliness is number for me most especially this pandemic.

  5. OMG! This place looks like a disaster especially during the times of CORONA. You have been generous to give it a 3.5 stars, I would have definitely not given anything above 2

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