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Harolds Hotel Cebu Review

Harolds Hotel Cebu : A Detailed Review.

Date of Stay: December 5, 2020

Here we are for another Cebu Hotel Reviews during the New Normal. This time we will be reviewing my weekend stay at Harolds Hotel Cebu City.

I booked a room at Harolds hotel Cebu last December 5, 2020. I wanted to stay in a relatively known hotel but have not been on my initial list when I decided to do a Cebu Hotel Review feature on my blog and social media pages.

I have been to Harolds Hotel Cebu a couple of times now but not to stay at their hotel but to dine at their roof deck restaurant and bar. Well, if this is what you expect that I will be featuring. Then hit that close button as you will be gravely disappointed.

Just like my other hotel reviews, I will be focusing on how ready Harolds Hotel is when it comes to welcoming guests for an overnight stay and or a staycation during the NEW NORMAL. Perhaps we can do a review of their roof deck restaurant as soon as it is safe to hang out and party.

Erik the Hungry Traveller (ETHT) Hotel Review Endorsed Criteria


  1. Location
  2. Amenities and Facilities
  3. Customer Service
  4. Room Cleanliness and Functionality

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored by Harolds Hotel Cebu. My views and thoughts on this review are based on my weekend stay at Harolds Hotels Cebu city last December 5, 2020

Harolds Hotel Cebu: Location


Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : The View


Harolds Hotel Cebu city is between the streets of Escario, Lahug, and Gorordo. These are the major roads if you plan on heading to known locations and establishments in the city. The nearest mall from Harolds is Ayala Center Cebu. And yes, Harolds Hotel Cebu is a few blocks away from Quest Hotel Cebu. A hotel I visited and reviewed last October 2020.

It is not difficult to locate the hotel as it is very conspicuous since the building is the only high-rise building in the area.

As someone who drives, it is essential that I feel secure leaving my vehicle at the car park of the hotel I will be staying. I am happy to confirm that Harolds Hotel Cebu has parking slots right in front of the hotel and at the back. Both parking spaces have security personnel guarding the area. Although, I highly suggest that you park in front of the hotel.

My only criticism is that there are no convenient stores near Harolds Hotel Cebu. Perhaps, I have been so used to having a 7/11 store in all hotels I have stayed in that it was out of the norm that there were no convenience stores in the vicinity of Harolds Hotel Cebu. It is not something I take against Harolds Hotel Cebu. Still, I find the location of the hotel convenient for any traveler.

Harolds Hotel Cebu: Amenities and Facilities


Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : Lobby


The Lobby 

The lobby of Harolds Hotel Cebu is average. Perhaps, this is just a preference of mine, but the appearance of the hotel lobby was a tad sulky and frumpy when I checked in at around 4 pm. It helped a lot when they turned the lights on when I went down to the lobby during night time.

Ranking Quest Hotel and Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu lobbies, Harolds Hotel Cebu would place the last in this category. What helped brighten the place was the professionalism and genuine courtesy of their front desk team. More about that later.

Hotel Review : Quest Hotel Cebu City


Sanitizers Everywhere

Harolds Hotel Cebu does not offer free face masks and pocket sanitizers for guests like what Quest Hotel Cebu and Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu provides its guests. They make up for it by ensuring that alcohol gels are in inconspicuous locations.

They have it at their front desk, right outside the elevators, and they even have a sanitized pen. Like any other hotels, they would require you to fill in a health declaration form, so if you did not bring a pen, then you can comfortably use theirs.


Facilities: Gym, Roof Deck Restaurant, and Lobby Restaurant

Their gym was closed for renovation during the time, and I was not sure if their roof deck restaurant was open during my stay. My fault I did not bother to ask. But again, my main focus would be the room itself. So taking back my apology for not bothering to ask (hahaha)


Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : Buffet Breakfast


What I want to highlight though is their Lobby Restaurant – H Cafe.

Before visiting Harolds Hotel Cebu, I never knew that H Cafe existed. However, upon trying out their breakfast buffet. I can now vouch that the in-house cafe of Harolds Hotel offers one of the best breakfast buffets in Cebu.

Yes, they may have a limited selection compared to other hotels, but the basics of what you hope to have at a breakfast buffet are present. And by that, I mean bacon, garlic rice, waffles, sausages, fruit juices, and a good cup of brewed coffee.

For their eggs, they offer omelet, sunny side, scrambled, and to my surprise, Eggs Benedict. Yes, they have eggs benedict on their breakfast buffet menu!



Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : Eggs Benedict


I love a good eggs benedict. I have tried hundreds of eggs benedict in restaurants all over the world! And H Cafe’s Eggs Benedict is up there on the list. The perfectly poached egg complimented well the bread-bacon combination. If only it had more hollandaise sauce, it would have been the perfect eggs benedict!

But come on guys, bacon, quality brewed coffee, eggs benedict! That’s a happy breakfast experience right there!

Customer Service


In all the local hotels I have visited. I have observed that boutique and business hotels excel more in genuine customer service.

Perhaps, big hotels don’t bother to focus on this aspect because they are already an established brand. And it also does not help that guests don’t bother to demand quality customer service.

Harolds Hotel Cebu is above average when it comes to customer service. And yes, I do notice even the smallest detail. From the security guards greeting you when you enter the lobby, the eye contact of the front desk team when talking to you, the pro-activeness of restaurant staff, and the fine line between the subtlety of acknowledging your presence but also keeping to mind your privacy. These things may go unnoticed to most, but these, in my opinion, are the indication of genuine customer service.


So why not give them a perfect score?

Well, there are also opportunity areas that they need to improve. Scenarios isolated in nature, which for me matter but are not worth highlighting on this review as this did not significantly impact my impression of Harolds Hotel Cebu.

Room Cleanliness and Functionality


Best Of Cebu 2020 : Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : Bed


For those who have been following me on my social media pages. You know very well that I had a nightmarish experience in one of the 4-star hotels in Cebu City. To a point that I had to check out early

My review and post about my hellish stay at Waterfront Hotel Cebu city to come soon, wait for it. (Oops – tea spilled right here!)

Harolds Hotel Cebu on the other hand, gets a 5 out of 5 when it comes to room cleanliness and functionality. I booked a deluxe room, and it smells, looks, and feels clean. The bed was comfortable. Their bathroom was spotless, and even their shower curtains did not have any grime or dust, and their bathtub is clean too. The room was also well lit, with nightstands conveniently located on both sides of the bed.


Review Harolds Hotel Cebu : The Room


Perhaps it also helps that they do not have carpeted floors! Yes, Hungry Travellers always go for hotels that have either tiled or wooden floors as they don’t accumulate dust or develop a funky smell.

I have always been particular in the cleanliness and sanitation of my hotel room, even before Covid 19. With the new-normal set-up, I am at a DIVA level when it comes to the cleanliness of my hotel room.

With that said, Harolds Hotel Cebu 100% met my standards when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation during the new normal of hotel staycations. Great job, Harolds Hotel Cebu!




Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating

Make a Reservation at Harolds Hotel

Harolds Hotel Cebu is Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed!

Harolds Hotel Cebu is a good option for those wanting to stay in Cebu city for some much-needed rest and recreation with the assurance of a safe and comfortable hotel stay during the New Normal!

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  1. That looks like such an awesome hotel. The grounds and rooms are beautiful, and that food looks amazing. I’d definitely love to stay there.

  2. I had to admit, the food had me all excited so I would totally go! hahaha! I travel for food and for some reason, even if it’s the same stuff I would be eating at home, it just tastes better when I travel.

  3. I hope to visit Cebu sometimes this year. thank for pointing me to this hotel. Your review is positive and I don’t like search too much, so… I might just visit.
    Thanks again!

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