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Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Erik the Hungry Traveller

Best Dessert Places in Cebu & Where to Find Them


Coming up with this title, I had the Wizarding world in mind! So, if any of you caught it- this blog post is my sneaky way of incorporating the Harry Potter books (which I am obsessed with) on this post.

Come to think of it, making desserts is like MAGIC. In a sense that you mix raw eggs, flour, sugar, and the like and transform it into something breathtaking! There is so much thought process and delicateness in creating desserts that pastry chefs are one of my favorite people in the world.

Thus we at Erik and the Hungry Travellers Club decided to search far and wide. Err well within the boundary of CEBU (LOL) for the best dessert places and home-based pastry chefs who make ooh those delicious and heavenly desserts!

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How did we come up with the List of the Best Dessert Places in Cebu?

  1. Erik and the Hungry Travellers conducted a poll through the ETHT Facebook group.
  2. Erik the Hungry Traveller’s personal favorite when talking about the Best Dessert Places in Cebu.
  3. Recommendations coming from valued and credible friends who also have a keen eye for distinguishing between YUM Vs. BLAH



A Big Thanks To:

I would like to give a big shout-out to these friends of mine who gave credible recommendations and to the rest of the Hungry Travellers for participating in the poll.



Dolly Belo

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Isis Francisco

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Marlon Ardiente

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Crystal Neri

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Dolly, Isis, Marlon, and Crystal are also thriving in their respective careers. I look up to them in the field of literature, arts, sports, and lifestyle. Follow them on their social media accounts now!

Disclaimer: As with my other Best of Cebu series. This post is not a paid marketing advert for any food establishments included in this list of Best Dessert Places in Cebu. I and the rest of my team value Quality, Cleanliness, and Taste when choosing an establishment/ person to be part of the list.

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Best Dessert Places in Cebu


Tangerine Kitchen – Mini Cakes

Specialty: Cakes, Pastries, and Bread

Price Range: Mini Cakes – 180 PHP; Big Cakes 8″ – 800 and above

Location: Guadalupe Cebu, SM City Cebu LG Floor

Order from Tangerine Kitchen

Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Tangerine Kitchen


Small but terrible. That is how I describe the mini cakes of Tangerine Kitchen!
If you plan on having a cake festival in your future New-Normal gatherings and or you suddenly crave cake but buying a whole cake is not practical! Then go for the mini cakes of Tangerine Kitchen.
Despite its size, their mini cakes are flavorful, very moist, and aesthetically perfect. I was able to try 6 of their mini cakes. Specifically: Chocolate Decadence, Smores, Choco-Mallow Crumble, Red Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle, and Ube-Langka Cheesecake.



Which One’s my Favorite?


My personal favorite (If I have to choose only one) is the Ube- Langka cheesecake. I usually gravitate towards chocolate cakes, but the Ube- Langka cheesecake of Tangerine Kitchen surprised me with the lightness of the cheesecake and the unique flavor combination of ube and langka. They also have a bigger version of the mini cakes. Moreover, they bake bread and pastries as well.
Tangerine Kitchen’s location is in Don Gervacio Quijada St. Guadalupe. They will also be re-opening their kiosk on the Lower Ground floor of SM City Cebu on November 27 (Friday), so do check them out at either address.


Jessica’s Delights – Artisan Ice Creams

Specialty: Artisan Ice Creams
Price Range: Half a Gallon – 350 PHP; 1 Gallon – 700 PHP; 500 ml – 150 PHP
Location: Cebu City, Tagum City, Davao City

Order from Jessica’s Delights

Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Jessicas Delights

We are not making the Best Dessert Places in Cebu without the inclusion of ice creams. I will not allow that! Hahaha. Good thing I know just the perfect feature when we talk about Artisan Ice cream!

For me, a good ice cream shop must have both the staple favorites: Vanilla, Chocolate, Ube, and Mango. Plus some unique flavors. When I travel outside of the country, I always try out ice cream parlors and venture to some hole-in-the-wall restaurants that offer unique ice cream flavors.

Until recently, I did not know that we also have artisan ice cream shops here in Cebu! Jessica’s Delights originally started in Tagum City but expanded their ice cream business (thank God) and included the Cebu and Davao market. Their ice creams are creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The texture is unlike your commercially made ice cream.


What Flavors of Ice Cream do they have?


Best Dessert Places in Cebu: Jessicas Delights


The best part right here. Jessicas delights have a variety of flavors. Aside from your staple ice cream flavors, they also offer unique flavors like the Neapolitan, Durian, Coffee Crumble, Pistachio, Dalgona, Guyabano, Strawberry, and many more!

My favorites are their Pistachio, Strawbery, and Guyabono flavors. There are actual bits of fruits that you can bite into for their fruit-flavored ice cream. Their ice creams are made-to-order. You need to call them ahead as they make their ice creams fresh!


GenRIs – UBeko

Specialty: Filipino delicacies and dishes

Price Range: 300 – 500 PHP, Brownies (25pcs) 380 Php; Egg Pie 350 PHP, Ubeko 350 Php

Location: Cebu City

Order from GenRis


Best Dessert Places in Cebu : GenRis


GenRis is the youngest on the list of Best Dessert Places in Cebu. Genres just recently opened and were recommended by one of my friends. So I checked them out. Yes, I do have an uncomplicated mind when it comes to trying out new food places.

GenRis is home-based and offers a variety of meals and not just desserts. What stood out for me was their unique take on your classic kakanins or native delicacies. Most interesting would have to be their UBEKO. An ube flavored Biko ( sticky rice steamed in coconut milk and sugar) with yemma on top.



Best Dessert Places in Cebu : GenRis


Genres also have their take on brownies and egg pies. Because they are still new to the industry, they still have a couple of areas to improve.

However, their flavors are spot on, which for me, is very promising. I look forward to trying out more of their desserts and perhaps their other offerings. But I do love a good underdog story. I feel that with the correct market reach, more people would love the dessert offerings of GenRis!


MAEde to Bake: Carrot Cake

Specialty: Cakes and Pastries
Price Range: Pastries: 250 PHP and up; Cakes: 600 and up
Location: Banilad Mandaue

Order from Maede to Bake

Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Maede to Bake
Classic Carrot Cake

Back to back home cooks for Best Dessert Places in Cebu!

Back to back home cooks for Best Dessert Places in Cebu!
Made to Bake Cakes were my go-to cakes whenever a family member celebrated their birthday during the Quarantine. And that included my birthday. I always enjoy ordering from this cake shop since Mae (thus the name MAEde to Bake) is passionate about baking! I gravitate towards people for who I genuinely feel the passion and love for what they are doing. And it shows by how wonderfully made and delicious the cakes are.




Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Maede to Bake

The made to Bake cakes are the epitome of soul food desserts. They are the embodiment of a home-cooked meal. Cakes are delicious, though not perfect in all aspects, but you keep coming back for more!

Now, I do not know Mae personally. (removing any assumed biases here) But in one of our chit-chats, while I was ordering a cake, she mentioned that her parents started the Homemade carrot cake trend in Manila back in The ’90s. 4 Philippine Presidents and a few celebrities have since ordered their cake.
On the other hand, their Brazo de Mercedes has just the right amount of fluff. The filling of the Brazo de Mercedes is just addicting as its sweetness is not overpowering.

Made to Bake is Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed and earns its rightful place in our list of Best Dessert Places in Cebu for its delicious cakes and pastries.


Monalisa Bakes: Queso de Bola Cheesecake

Specialty: Cakes and Pastries
Price Range: Pastries- 100 Php and above; Queso de Bola Cheesecake – 1500 Php
Location: Mandaue City

Order from Monalisa Bakes


Now tell me, have you ever tried a Queso de Bola Cheesecake? I bet most of you never have.

This seasonal treat could be the standout dessert in your future family gatherings come December. It combines a Filipino staple during Noche Buena, the Queso de Bola, and the classic cheesecake. It is a flavor infusion of the saltiness and rough texture of the queso de bola with the foamy lightness of the cheesecake.

The Queso de Bola cheesecake from Monalisa Bakes is a perfect dessert choice to be shared with friends and family. But again, in any celebration nowadays, we all need to observe the standard health and safety protocols!


Cebu Cardinal Bake Shop: Ube Cake

Specialty: Cafe and Bakery
Price Range: 30 PHP to 900 PHP
Location: Cebu City

Order from Cebu Cardinal Bake Shop

Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Cardinal

Recommended on The Hungry Travellers Group’s website is a bakery café. I am pretty sure you have heard of them if you are from Cebu. Well, that is unless you live under a rock.

One of their famous, if not their most popular, cakes is their ube cake. Most of the folks I know rave about how creamy and moist their ube cake is.

For me, I like their bread more, especially their cheese and yema bread. That is what made me visit the store way back in June of 2019. Their bread is soft, and the filling for me is just right. Perfect for coffee or any hot beverage.

And oh, they have an ongoing promo for their Strawberry Shortcake, which is at 550 Php (from 650 PHP). Promo would be until December 31, 2020! So do check them out!


Chef’s Table Café – Mango Cake

Specialty: Dessert Shop
Price Range: Pastries 100 PHP and up; Cakes 900 PHP and up
Location: AS Fortuna Mandaue

Order from Chef’s Table Cafe


Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Chefs Table


Suppose this post was a beauty pageant competition. Then Chef’s Table Café would win (hands down) as Best Dessert Places in Cebu Voters Choice awardee.

Now I have to be honest here, I have never tried any of their cakes. Yes, I occasionally drive by their store in AS Fortuna. But I have never visited the cafe. So when many of my followers and friends suggested that I try their Mango cake, that got me very curious.
The consensus of the group, they like how their mango cake captures the tropical vibe when you take a bite out of it. Folks love the Mango cake at Chef’s Table because they use fresh ripe mangoes. Ergo, quality ingredients.

Also, based on what I saw on their page, their cakes are just exquisite aesthetically. I look forward to visiting Chef’s Table Cafe soon, and congrats for winning over the hearts of the Cebu Hungry Travellers!


Tablea Chocolate: Tres Tableas Cake

Specialty: Café & Chocolate Shop
Price: Cakes- 850 PHP
Location: JY Square Cebu City & Banilad Cebu City

Order from Tablea



Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Tablea


The Best Dessert Places in Cebu post will not be complete if we do not feature a chocolate shop! And tablea has us covered.
Table Chocolate prides itself in providing its customers with Philippine-grown Cacao beans. What generated buzz on our social media pages was their made-to-order Mocha cake. However, Table is not offering it for now. Regardless, all their cakes are just decadent. If you are a chocolate lover, you have to try their cakes, especially the Tres Tableau Cake!

One of their best sellers, the Tres tableas cake, is an 8-inch cake with chocolate filling, ganache, dark chocolate, topped with white, you guessed, chocolates!


Abaseria Deli and Café : Binignit

Specialty: Filipino restaurant and artisan shop

Price Range: Binits Php 38.00 Php single cup / Take Outs: 76 Php and up

Location: Kasambagan Cebu City

Order from Abaseria


Best Dessert Places in Cebu : Abaseria Deli and Cafe


Wrapping up the Best Dessert Places list in Cebu is the Filipino-themed restaurant, Abaseria Deli & Cafe.

Visiting Abaseria always feels like going back to the Spanish Era of the Philippines. It has a rustic ambiance that induces a mood of regality whenever you visit the place.

They serve authentic Filipino home-cooked recipes in their restaurant, and they also have a souvenir shop where they feature talented local artists. Like any other business establishment nowadays, they have also adapted to the new normal of dining and opened their doors for dine-in customers last September.

Pre pandemic days, Abaseria was one of my top choices if I want to stay away from crowds but still have a good meal with friends or family. When it comes to desserts, my friends and I usually order their Binignit.

Bing- What?

Binignit is a local snack that combines fruits (jackfruit, banana, sweet potato) and tubers stewed in coconut milk.

You can rarely find a restaurant selling authentic and quality Binignit, especially if it is not the Lenten season in the Philippines. During the last time, I visited the restaurant Abaseria, which sells Binignit only on Fridays. But upon checking with them for updates, they now make Binignits every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And it is available for take-out too!

Thus if Binignit is your soul food, then head over to Abaseria as they make one of the best home-cooked quality Binignits in town.


So there we have it, our first 8 Best Dessert Places in Cebu! This list will expand as I, Erik the Hungry Traveller, and the rest of the Hungry Traveller team try out new dessert places and products in the coming days! If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to send us a message!

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