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Best Food Finds in Cebu by Erik the Hungry Traveller

7 Best Food Finds in Cebu : Dining in the New Normal


Erik and the Hungry Travellers club is all about good food and quality customer service. It became even more valuable now that the world is facing a pandemic crisis.

With the big players in the food industry coping with the new normal, the small food entrepreneurs also stepped up their game to deliver the best products with optimum health protocols observed.


Best Restaurant in Cebu: New Normal Dining


Thus, we came up with a list of the best food finds in Cebu created and prepared by small business entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs on the list are the 7 of the best online food business in Cebu including cafes, and bistros that I– Erik the Hungry Traveller and some of our Hungry Travellers club members tried and liked!

In as much as we want to include all of the food we tasted/ restaurants we visited. There were only seven who met our criteria for the launch of this blog post. However, it does not mean the hunt for the Best food finds in Cebu is over.

We shall continue being at your service and providing feedback and potentially adding a few more brands to the initial top 7 Best food finds in Cebu.


Disclaimer: This post is not a paid partnership with any of the business establishments that are part of the list. We tasted, we sought feedback, and we searched their social media pages to ensure we come up with Best of the Best!  

Best Food Finds in Cebu City: The List

Best Food Finds in Cebu: Balai Karaan

Specialty: Chicken Wings
Price Range: 80 Php – 300 Php
Location: Northern Cebu (Consolacion- Liloan- Onwards)
Order from Balai Karaan

Best Food Finds in Cebu : Balai Karaan


I have been ordering their chicken wings for months now. First, chicken wings are the only part of the chicken that I eat. Two, it is one of the fastest food to order out (aside from staple fast-food restaurants) when my family is too tired to make dinner.

Balai Karaan has remained consistent in providing quality chicken wings. My family’s favorite is their Chicken parmesan with a full coat of cheese with the skin still crispy and the meat tender.

I prefer their honey-lemon chicken. Its sauce has remained consistent. It has the right amount of sweetness and tanginess drizzled on crispy wings.



Best Food Finds in Cebu: The Civet Coffee

Specialty: Roasted Coffee, Frappes, and Doughnuts
Price Range: 100 Php – 300 Php
Location: Cebu City and Lapu-Lapu City
Order from The Civet Coffee

Best Food Finds in Cebu : CIVET Coffee


Pre Pandemic days, I always like frequently visit cafes and be in my suite, quiet spot. As the coffee business boomed, Established coffee shops attracted more crowds. My quiet corner got a bit noisy.

Thus when I want some alone time, I head to Civet Coffee in IT Park. I am a sucker for freshly roasted coffee. They always provide well-brewed coffee every time I visit the café. I cannot comment on their frappes as I like my coffee dark or with a hint of soy on it. But based on the experience of some of the Hungry Travellers Club members, they enjoy the unique flavors and richness of their frappes and tea concoctions.

Their coffee is perfect with either their vanilla or chocolate doughnuts. Gosh, my mouth is watering thinking about this combination. And oh, if you can throw in some extra bucks, they’re also one of the few café’s that offer civet coffee- thus the name.


Best Food Finds in Cebu: Gorilla BowlZ

Specialty: Healthy Food Bowls and Burritos

Price Range: Bowls starts at 145 Php; Food Trays start at 780 Php

Location: Cebu City
Order from Gorilla BowlZ

Best Online Food Business In Cebu : Gorilla Bowlz


Imagine Red Lizard and Salad Stop had a baby and named it Gorilla Bowlz. 

I first encountered this healthy fast-food option on Instagram. I was impressed by the creatives of their page. How classic and clean their food shots and videos were. In some of their Instagram posts, you even get to see how their food bowlz are made.

In the time of the pandemic, when all food sellers aim to increase sales revenue, they sometimes forget to make their food healthy and presentable. Come on, we all love ourselves some fried food, right?

What Gorilla Bowlz has achieved is it created healthy food options that are relatively affordable compared to more well-known brands. Plus, Gorilla Bowlz is ServSafe certified!


Best Food Finds in Cebu : Gorilla Bowlz



For those of you who are not familiar, ServSafe is a company that offers food safety training to employees. Your brand gets to be ServSafe certified as soon as you complete the training and pass the exams.

Gorilla BowlZ stands out for its well-thought products and their commitment to food safety! Earning their right to be considered as one of the best food finds in Cebu.




Best Food Finds in Cebu: Pasta Jeureeka

Specialty: Pasta
Price Range: Solo – 90 Php
                        Medium: 170 Php
                        Large : 450 Php
                        Party Tray : 800 -950 Php
Location: Mandaue City
Order from Pasta Jeureeka


Best Online Food Business In Cebu : Pasta Jeureeka


Another pasta menu on our list of the Best Food Finds in Cebu! Before you whine about having another pasta online food business read my pitch on why Pasta Jeureeka deserves a spot on the list.

Have you ever tried Spicy Aligue pasta, Tuna Pink carbonara, Scallop in Soju Pasta, Pasta Negra, Creamy Kimchi pasta, and Creamy Curry Pasta? If you have not and you find these combinations interestingly unique, then you should message Pasta Jeureeka now!

I was able to try their Spicy Aligue Pasta. For those who are unfamiliar- Aligue is crab fat. Now usually crab fat can be a bit “umay” when you eat a lot of it.


Best Online Food Business In Cebu : Pasta Jeureeka


What is Umay?

Man, I’m giving myself a hard time with my descriptions. Umay is a weird feeling in your gut similar to being full. You tend to eat less when you are “umay” since the food could either be too rich, too salty and or too sweet. To counteract the “Umay” effect you find something to balance what you just ate.
Pasta Jeureeka’s Spicy Aligue pasta can counteract the Umay effect with the richness of the Aligue and the spiciness of the sauce. A perfect full meal any time of the day and perfect for any occasion- especially when there are alcoholic drinks involve!

And oh, You’re welcome!


Best Food Finds in Cebu: Pop A Corn Balls

Specialty: Corn-based snacks
Price Range: 100 Php – 300 Php
Location: Cebu City
Order from Pop A Corn Balls

Best Food Finds in Cebu : Pop A Corn Balls


I was fortunate enough to be one of the first lucky individuals to have a taste of Pop a Corn balls together with Ms. Kaye Abad- Castillo and other food influencers in Cebu. They were still on their soft opening a month back and sought feedback on their corn balls.

What I tasted was a unique offering of corn. It is corn on a batter mixed with sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors.

What made me decide to include Pop A Corn Balls on the list of Best Online Food Business in Cebu is their willingness to hear feedback and improve on their product. Pop A Corn Balls being relatively new in the food business, wanted to capture the meticulous and discriminating taste of the Cebuano’s.


Best Online Food Business In Cebu : Pop A Corn Balls


I especially like their Caramel Pop A Corn Balls! It was perfect even during their conceptualization stage. They also have their Italian Pop A Corn balls with cheese inside. Lastly, for those craving, some heat they also have their Curry flavored Pop A Corn balls.

These cornballs can stand on their own or be a side dish similar to tatter tots. Only instead of potatoes, the main ingredient is corn.


Sinugbox Barbecue

Specialty: Filipino Dishes
Price Range: 3500 Php good for 10-15 persons
Location: Cebu City
Order from Sinugbox Barbecue

Best Online Food Business In Cebu : SINUGBOX


Now, if you are looking for a food service that provides a one-stop-shop for all things Filipino, then Sinugbox is the route to go. They offer food boxes that have all the best Filipino dishes. It saves you the time to prepare these meals and not to mention a budget-friendly option.

I was able to order their Sinugbox during a family gathering last month. I have to say for the price of 3500 Pesos it is an absolute bargain. You get a Lechon belly, buttered chicken, Pancit, Chopsuey, Sweet-Sour Fish, and Pork lumpia.

My favorite is their Lechon belly! Sinugbox’s Lechon belly is crispy and meatier compared to other lechon bellies that tend to be full of fat.

They also offer Barbecue boxes if you wish to go for a more pica-pica themed gathering.


TIP Restobar

Specialty: American Dining
Price Range: 300 Php and Up for a single meal
                        Barkada Treats- 700 Php
                        Food Trays: Start at 1200 Php
Location: Cebu City
Order from TIP Restobar

Best Online Food Business In Cebu : TIP restobar



This relatively new restaurant promises to bring classic American meals at an affordable price. They later expanded to become a Fusion restaurant of Western and Filipino dishes.

Tip Restobar is a highly recommended establishment by the Hungry Travellers Club members. You see, I posted in the Hungry Travellers’ group and asked the team of their recommended restaurants –food places in Cebu. And TIP Restobar was one of those raved about by the group.





TIP Restobar’s address is at Persimmon Plus in Mabolo Cebu City. They have also adapted to the new normal and are marketing their food trays and group meals. You can either pick up your orders at their store or have it delivered to your homes for a minimum order!

They have all of my favorite American staples: Shrimp tacos, TLC Burgers with an inch thick patty (gosh), pan-seared mahi-mahi, and many more food options. If you are a fan of Masterchef U.S, then I am sure you can relate to the dishes I just described.

Do not worry TIP Restobar may sound classy, but their goal as a food business is to bring good food to the plates of the Cebuanos at a reasonable price!


Best Food Finds in Cebu: Caden’s Gourmet Tuyo

Specialty: Filipino Novelty Dish
Price: Original- 165 Php, Spicy- 175 Php
Location: Cebu City
Order from Caden’s


Best Food Finds in Cebu : Caden's Gourmet Tuyo


A unique find to include in our Best Food Finds in Cebu list is the Gourmet Tuyo of Caden. If you are reading this and you are not Filipino, then Tuyo (of Caden’s products) in English is dried fish. For us Cebuanos, this is gourmet BUWAD!

I have always been a fan of Spanish sardines, and when I had the opportunity to try Caden’s Gourmet Tuyo, I thought it would taste the same as Spanish Sardines. To my surprise, it did not taste anything like it. I know the signs were that obvious, but for some reason, I thought it would taste like Spanish sardines!


Best Food Finds in Cebu : Caden's Gourmet Tuyo


With that said, I was not a fan of Caden’s Gourmet tuyo right away. On my first try, I was not sure if I hated or liked the product. But as I continued trying Caden’s Gourmet tuyo, the flavors grew on me until consuming it became borderline addicting.

I find Caden’s Gourmet Tuyo to be best served with hot rice since the combination of rice and the flavors of the Gourmet Tuyo, pickled carrots drenched in pure olive oil, are very complimentary.





So there we have it our first batch of the Best Food Finds in Cebu During the Pandemic ! 

Have you tried any of the food offered by the establishments on the list? Let us know on the comment section.

Plus, If you have any food recommendations  that you would like Erik and the Hungry Travellers Club to try, feel free to message us! 


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