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Quest Hotel Cebu City

Quest Hotel Cebu City: Staycations During The Pandemic


Last October 25 I visited Quest Hotel Cebu City for some well-deserved Rest and recreation. Frankly the rates for the hotels have gone down due to the pandemic and most folks are still a little apprehensive on doing hotel staycations. And I get it, I was and still am a little hesitant myself.

But someone’s got to do the dirty job right? So with a pack of vitamin C, 2 types of disinfectants, a bottle of alcohol (the antiseptic type and not the…well never mind!), a hand gel sanitizer and some wet wipes on my backpack I could not have been more ready to stay at Quest hotel Cebu City so that I can provide you guys with an in depth look at how safe or unsafe staycationing in hotels are nowadays.

The goal of Erik and The Hungry Travellers Club is to find the Best Hotels Cebu 2020 that meet the websites criteria when we talk about quality stay in this new normal of travel and staycations.


Erik the Hungry Traveller at Quest Hotel Cebu

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Best Hotels Cebu 2020: Hungry Travellers Club Endorsed Criteria


As customary to hotel reviews conducted by Erik the Hungry Traveller. The review for Quest Hotel Cebu will be assessed on a 5 point scale rating on the following categories:


  1. Location
  2. Amenities and Facilities
  3. Room Cleanliness and Functionality
  4. Customer Service

Disclaimer: This is Quest Hotel Cebu City review is not sponsored by the hotel. Quest Hotel Cebu City did not reach out in any way or capacity  for me to make this review or to influence the contents of this post. Kapish?


Quest Hotel Cebu city: Location



Quest Hotel Cebu City is conveniently located in the business district of the city. It is smack right in the middle of Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT park although the former is more close to the latter.

Aside from that it is just two cross walks away from Ayala Center Cebu. For my international readers Ayala Center Cebu is one of the popular malls in the Philippines. It is a one stop shop and a great venue to dine in!

Best Restaurants in Cebu 2020


My only criticism for the location, although it is centrally located and generally close to Ayala Center Cebu. Quest Hotel Cebu City is situated in a weird nook and right outside of the building is a flyover.

Hmmm I guess my advice here is a. Do not talk to strangers if you decide to walk outside during the night time and do not attempt to cross right at the foot of the flyover regardless if its night and or day. There is a traffic light a little bit farther at both ends of the street where the flyover is located.

And yes  I frequently drive by in the area and have always seen people just casually walking at the foot of the flyover neglecting the danger of their actions.


Quest Hotel Cebu City: Amenities/ facilities



Great Work on Health and Safety Protocols Quest!

Quest Hotel Cebu City has the amenities of any premium hotels in Cebu city. They have a fancy lobby, a swimming pool and they have adapted to the new normal to ensure guests safety and security. Like limiting the number of guest who are allowed to get in the elevator, personnel wearing their masks, front desk folks are enclosed on a plastic divider and the practice of social distancing so kudos to them for that!

Seeing that the staff are very conscious with health and safety protocols is very reassuring to me as a guest in the hotel.


Safety Kit at Quest


What Quest Hotel Cebu City needs to work on:


The PUSO Disenchantment


I have always been a fan of their restaurant PUSO. For those of you who are not familiar PUSO is steamed rice placed on woven coconut leaves. Eating puso is a common and must-try culinary experience when you visit Cebu City.

Anyway, Quest Hotel’s in-house restaurant PUSO was not open during the time I checked in. I long for a buffet experience similar to that of PUSO. With that said, the meals that were part of the room accommodation were just okay. There was nothing special about their meals but the advantage of Quest hotel Cebu city is that it is near a lot of restaurants and the Ayala mall. If you don’t find the food to your liking you can always dine out.


Best Hotels Cebu 2020 : Breakfast at Quest

Parking – Lobby Directions


When you bring a car with you expect to go through a maze of undesirable looking doors before you enter the main lobby of the hotel. Their parking was spacious with the security team equally courteous yet stuck to security and health protocols.

The decent to the lobby was a different story. Upon parking you have to head from the 4th floor down to the lobby of their business building. Then you enter a suspicious looking door uncertain if it would lead you to the hotel itself or to a restricted area. I had to ask security if I was heading the right direction.


The Dungeons

I stayed at the 18th floor. Upon getting off to the elevator I thought I hopped on a magical elevator since I felt transported to the Dungeons of the Lannister’s.

It was dark, not dimmed light it was dark. I could not use any of my gopro footage while heading to my room due to how poor the hallway lighting was. I had to shine a light at the shot i took below since it was too dark but I wanted to take a shot of how the hotel is particular with cleanliness and safety.


Quest Hotel Cebu Review

Quest Hotel Cebu City : Room Cleanliness and Functionality



As my first hotel stay during the new normal. I again am to emphasize how extremely impressed I am with their health and safety protocols. The room I stayed was optimized to ensure the safety of the guests.

What you usually find in a typical hotel room where either wrapped in plastic or fully sealed. Plus you get a care packet which included an alcohol, a face mask and some wet wipes.


Quest Hotel Cebu Review


Bed and Bathroom


I always check under the bed just in case someone was hiding in there (lol) and to see if its dust free. I can assure you there are no dust bunnies under the bed.  Their bathroom was also squeaky clean. No untoward smell and the showers and toilet work properly.

Quest Hotel Cebu City: Customer Service



Above Average service!


Everyone I interacted at the hotel were courteous and helpful. The pandemic has been tough on all of us and I admire how the Quest team are still able to put on genuine smiles when dealing with the guests.

They even check on you to see if everything was alright with the room. And called me up in the morning to check if I was still breathing – kidding to check if I wanted my breakfast served already.

But what I see they lack is that those staff I do not interact with felt disconnected. They do not acknowledge- greet their guests unlike International hotels where they observe a protocol on how to interact with guests.

I learned from my stays with 5 star hotels that they are required to create a response depending on how near or far guests are.  In all my stays here in Cebu one hotel that remained consistent with this protocol is PLANTATION BAY RESORTS in Lapu Lapu. 

Perhaps their hotel staff were just not feeling the day. So my dear followers if you are particular with that type of international customer service treatment then expect the bar to be set low for Quest Hotel Cebu City.


Overall Rating for Quest Hotel Cebu City:

Location: 4
Amenities & Facilities: 3
Room Cleanliness & Functionality: 5
Customer Service: 3.5

Quest Hotel Cebu Review: Overall rating 3.9 Stars!


Quest Hotel Cebu city is Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED !


I enjoyed my stay at Quest hotel. Though they need to work on their Amenities, Facilities and benchmarking on International standards on hotel courtesy and customer service.

Moreover, staycations in Quest Hotel Cebu city became more comfortable for me since they went the extra mile in ensuring their guests were safe while staying at Quest Hotel Cebu City. The health and safety set-up is just impeccable!

If you plan on doing a staycation especially with the upcoming holidays! Quest Hotel Cebu is one of the best options to choose from. And as soon as they re-open their in house restaurant PUSO and acquire international standards and or fire their training and development team (LOL). This hotel sure could give the other hotels in Cebu City a good run for their money.

As I Erik and the Hungry Travellers team visit more hotels to continue the search for the best Hotels Cebu 2020. We shall see how Quest Hotel Cebu would fair in comparison to other Cebu based hotels with regard to adapting to the new normal for staycations. So Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow Erik, you live one amazing lifestyle ,traveling and visiting places and staying at different hotels.
    I slightly envy you. Anyhow, thanks for this recommendation.
    I’ll remember it I I ever visit Cebu.

  2. I have never been in this hotel but will definitely visiting this once I go to Cebu. Thanks for sharing this review, keep safe!

  3. Looks nice naman, and if only we are allowed to travel back to the Philippines, definitely we will visit Cebu and stay in this accommodation. I’m jealous here coz you can now travel around Cebu!

  4. I love staying in Quest hotels, always a positive experience here in aus but i didn;t know they had branch all over the world..

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