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Disney UK Christmas Ad

Disney UK Christmas Ad: Sharing the Filipino Love to the World


This Christmas could not be any more magical as the latest Disney UK Christmas ad features the Filipino Family!

The video is approximately 3 minutes and focuses on longstanding Philippine traditions passed on from generation to generation. Said traditions Like the “Mano”/ pagmamano which is a form of honoring the elders. And at the same time seeking blessings from them through the grabbing of their hand.


Disney UK Christmas Ad


The Disney UK Christmas ad starts with a little girl waiting for the arrival of a father figure and greeting him through pagmamano – or commonly termed “bless”. The dad then hands over a Mickey Mouse toy to the girl to her delight. Noticeable in the scene are the colorful parols or the Philippine lanterns decorated in the families barrio/ town.

The scene then cuts to the little girl now a Lola spending quality time with her granddaughter by making small Parols.

The Lola has left her little town in the Philippines and is living in the UK.
The story then reaches its climax with the Lola staring at her old Mickey Mouse toy that now has a missing ear drops it on the floor a symbolism of how she misses her home- The Philippines.

Her granddaughter upon returning home saw the Mickey Mouse toy on the floor with the ear detached to it. She knew right there and then that her Lola misses her life and the Christmas traditions when she was still young and living in the Philippines.

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The morning after the Lola was surprised to see the whole house decorated in Parol. Her granddaughter then hands over a gift for her Lola. Inside the box was her old Mickey Mouse toy with the ear already restored.

We are not crying, but you are! Thank You Disney UK for highlighting the love of the Filipino family on your latest Disney UK Christmas ad!

Oh by the way the Mickey Mouse in this post is the Mickey Mouse given to me by my parents on my 1st birthday. Until now I still have it with me on my bedroom. 

Check out the full Disney UK Christmas ad below!


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