6 Underrated Restaurants in Puerto Princesa : Viet Ville
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A Brutal Review: 6 Underrated Restaurants in Puerto Princesa Recommended by the Locals

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When traveling you have got to listen to the locals’ thus here is a list of 6 underrated restaurants in Puerto Princesa that were suggested by the residents of the city.

The Locals suggest the place while Erik the Hungry Traveller provides his brutally honest feedback about his experience in each of the restaurants.

I recently visited the city of Puerto Princesa Palawan for a well-deserved vacation. Aside from exploring and revisiting some its iconic destinations I also took time to check out the food scene in Puerto Princesa.

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Not Your Usual Restaurant Line Up

For this trip I decided to visit restaurants that are not usually recommended by food and travel blogs but have good feedback coming from the locals.

Solo traveling allows you to interact more with the locals. Thus during my trip to the different tourist spots in the city I spent time to chat with the locals about must visit restaurants in Puerto Princesa.

Locals Recommended while Erik the Hungry Traveler Brutally Reviews.

Thus these 6 underrated restaurants in Puerto Princesa Palawan were exclusively handpicked and recommended by the drivers, waiters, drinking buddies, students and  hotel staff that I “interviewed” while in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

The locals provided plenty of options and Erik the Hungry Traveller tried almost all of their recommendations but for this blog post only 6 are worth mentioning based on my dining experience.

And yes a handful of restaurants that I tried just had extremely bad food or bad service (or both) that they do not deem worthy to be on this list.

Disclaimer: None of the restaurants I included in this post have reached out to the website nor is this post a paid partnership with any of the restaurants listed below.

The 6 Underrated Restaurants in Puerto Princesa Palawan According to the Locals

1. Reefs Hotdogs and Sausages

Address: Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Budget for 2 Person: 100 – 400 Php / 2- 7 US
Hours: Open 24 hours

First on the list of underrated restaurants in Puerto Princesa Palawan is this food stall located along Rizal Avenue.

Reef hotdogs are the go to snacks for students, people working in the vicinity and those craving for a late night meal after a night of drinking.

Barbecue Sausage
6 Underrated Restaurants in Puerto Princesa : Reefs Hotdogs
Barbecue Sausage

Reef’s makes their own hotdogs and sausages and they grill them real time.

They offer an array of sauces and condiments to compliment your order for an additional price. This makes the experience more enjoyable a DIY hotdog!

While their hotdogs/ sausages are not to die for. I appreciate how each of their hotdogs and sausages are not store bought.

If you Blink you may miss it!

Finally, since its just a stall along the road, Reef hotdogs maybe difficult to find. Some drivers are not even familiar with the place. Thus the best landmark to get to Reef is noting that it is across Palawan Provincial Capitol.

The Good : Their homemade sausages and hotdogs and they are open 24/7

The Bad : It may be hard to find as it is just a small stall.

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating: 90 %

If you’re looking for a quick bite or if you are craving for a midnight snack then this is the place to go. It is just a small joint along the road thus finding it maybe a little tricky

2. Viet Ville

Address: Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Budget for 2 Person: 500 – 1000 Php / 9 – 18 USD

Hours: Everyday 8 AM – 9 PM

There are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Puerto Princesa but nothing could be more authentic than visiting the first Vietnamese restaurant that opened in the city.

Viet Ville is located in the Vietnamese Village (thus the name). The Village used to have a lot of Vietnamese migrants who sought refuge in Puerto Princesa during the height of the Vietnamese war.

I wanted to enter the village but the locals told me that its not allowed and I was already hungry so i complied and just went inside the restaurant.

As per the locals, there are still a couple of Vietnamese villagers residing in the area but it is not as populated nor as economically thriving as before. My “tipster” mentioned a lot of politically fueled stories about Viet Ville – perhaps I shall tell their story on my future posts.

Chao Long Noodles and Summer Rolls

While in Viet Ville I ordered their signature Chao Long (beef stew noodles) together with their summer rolls. Their soup has a smooth consistency to it. It is also less greasy compared to other Chao Long restaurants I tried in Puerto Princesa.

I am also a sucker for homemade quality noodles thus I prefer Viet Ville’s as their noodles are more translucent.

The Good: Authentic Vietnamese dishes that are less greasy.

The Bad: It’s more pricey and its farther away from the city proper compare to other Chao Long Restaurants in Puerto Princesa.

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating: 95%

I like my experience in Viet Ville. The place is relaxing and the meal is hearty. Yes its more expensive than the other Vietnamese restaurant but what your paying for is an authentic Vietnamese meal. So its worth the extra bucks.

In terms of distance if your itinerary includes a Honda Bay island hoping then Viet Ville is just a block away from the road that takes you to Honda Bay port.

3. Sabie Bakes

Address: 2F SM City Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Budget for 2 Person: 300 – 500 Php / 5 – 9 USD

Hours: Mall Hours 10 AM – 9 PM

Another underrated restaurant in Puerto Princesa that got recommended by the locals is this small café found inside SM Puerto Princesa.

The area where Sabie Bakes is located is surrounded by artisan cafes but what attracted me to the place was its youthful and colorful vibe.

Boston Choco Cupcake, Silvana and Choco Strawberry Frappe

They specialize in, you guess it baked goods! I tried their Boston creme cupcakes and their silvanas. Both were really good.

Their cupcakes were very moist possibly the most moist cupcake I have ever eaten while their silvanas were not as sweet as the silvanas you can buy in Dumaguete.

Their coffee was not to my liking while service could use a little more oomph !

The Good: Their baked goods are VERY GOOD especially their cupcakes.

The Bad: Staff needs more training on how to be perky and how to better communicate. Don’t just look at customers like a deer in the headlights.

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating: 92 %

Despite the staff’s inability to market their goods. My overall experience for this restaurant is good. I definitely enjoyed eating the cupcake and silvana that I ordered.

4. Itoy’s Coffee Haus

Address: Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa,  5300 Palawan
Budget for 2 Person: 500 – 1500 Php / 9 – 28 USD

Hours: Everyday 7 AM – 11 PM

Itoy’s coffee house has to be the most popular restaurant on the list of underrated restaurants in Puerto Princesa as recommend by the locals.

Anyone who lives in Puerto Princesa know this restaurant which is why I am a bit surprised that this place does not usually come out on famous restaurants to visit while in city.

The restaurant is a culture hub of food. From burgers, pasta and to your local traditional meals. The place is centrally located and has both indoor and alfresco dining area. I also like how Itoy’s is a bit quirky in terms of its set-up.

Sizzling Bulalo and Café Americano

I ordered one of their popular dish which is the Sizzling bulalo (beef shank) and I paired it with their café Americano. I know crazy combination right?

Their sizzling bulalo is a tad creamy for my liking. I was imagining more of a steak meal but ended up with a beef stroganoff type of dish.

I kind of wish I ordered their other meals just to neutralize the creaminess of the bulalo.

Their coffee on the other hand was the best I have ever tasted throughout my stay in Puerto Princesa.

The Good : Coffee was incredibly good! Best café Americano I drank while in the city.

The Bad : Sizzling Bulalo was a NO for me and the complimentary soup and vegetables that came along with it was the perfect definition of why it’s just “complimentary” .

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating: 90 %

I feel it in my gut that there are other food options in Itoy’s that deserve a two thumbs up and I unfortunately chose an average tasting meal. With this said, their coffee was just divine and that is more than enough reason for me to give this restaurant a second visit.

5. EightyNine Café

Address: 420 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Budget for 2 Person: 700 – 1500 Php / 13 – 28 USD

Hours: Everyday 6 AM – 10 PM

I wasn’t leaving Puerto Princesa without finding out if there is a restaurant that offers quality burgers.

Fortunately I found a café that offered just that.

An Above Average Burger

The highlight for me was their burgers. The meat was tender, the bun was well toasted and the French fries on the side was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

I also liked Eighty Nine Café’s quaint and romantic vibe. I was the only customer in the café but I imagined that it could get a bit noisy if the place was a full house.  

The Drinks: Subzero Quality

What was not appealing to me was their Activated charcoal coffee. Why is that? One it was expensive, heck it was more expensive than my burger and two it was different (in a bad way) to the other Activated charcoal drinks I have tasted.

Point is if your drink is more expensive than your meal then it has to taste really good and their activated charcoal coffee for me failed miserably.

The Good: Their burgers and fries were good!

The Bad: 2 words to describe their Activated Charcoal Coffee: AWFULLY INAUTHENTIC.

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating: 88 %

The place for me has a good style but it needs more substance. Yes their burgers were good and I am praying that the rest of their offerings are equally as good if not better. The biggest downer is their coffee obviously.

6. Street Food in Puerto Princesa

Address: Valencia St, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Budget for 2 Person: 100 – 300 Php / 2 – 6 USD

Hours: Everyday 6 PM onwards

Now I’m not talking about the ones located at the Puerto Princesa boulevard. Those stalls rips you off of your money.

The street food stalls I am referring to are those grilled and fried meals found along Puerto Princesa’s China town and those found at the intersection along Rizal Avenue.

The street food scene in any Philippine destination I visit is just happiness for me. Although not ideally a healthy option it is still a gastronomic experience like no other.

Puerto Princesa offers an array of fried and grilled meats. Fried squid, intestines, spring rolls and pork. They also sell barbecued pork face which I find chewy and surprisingly tasty.

The street food are affordable and delicious. Although I recommend to try it just once throughout your trip as it is absolutely unhealthy.

The Good: Affordable and delicious meals that can be found almost anywhere in Puerto Princesa

The Bad: Bad for your heart, bad for your liver and bad for your kidneys.

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Rating: 90 %

Nothing can be more authentic than a street food meal in Puerto Princesa. Its very affordable but don’t go crazy over it as these meals tend to also be very unhealthy.

Puerto Princesa Food Journey

So there you have it the complete list and brutal review of the 6 Underrated Restaurants in Puerto Princesa. My food journey in the city was definitely a memorable one.

Looking forward to my next food trip adventure. Hmm I wonder where my feet and stomach would take me next.

For suggestions, comments or questions feel free to comment on the post or send me an email at [email protected]

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