Nagtabon Beach: A Crowd Free Destination in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Nagtabon beach is the perfect destination for travelers who want to avoid the crowded and commonly visited tourist spots in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

If you are in the mood to just chill at the beach, drink some local beer or just swim without bumping into other tourists.

Then this is the perfect location!

YouTube Video: Nagtabon Beach Adventure Erik the Hungry Traveller

Information About Nagtabon Beach:

Nagtabon, pronounced as Nag-tah –bhon (stress on the 2nd syllable) is situated 31 kilometers from the city of Puerto Princesa Palawan.

The beach is facing the West Philippine Sea. It has a 1 km shoreline of white sand and pristine waters similar to the famous beaches that are farther away in the Palawan area.

It can be classified as a “virgin beach” due to the absence of cottages, restaurants and other business establishments in the vicinity.

How to Get to Nagtabon Beach ?

The beach is arguably the best beach closest to Puerto Princesa Palawan. Although by closest I would mean 45 minute to an hour drive from Puerto Princesa.

Although the roads to Nagtabon beach is cemented, it is still relatively a challenging drive as the roads heading to the beach have either hard curves, narrow roads or requires uphill and downhill drive.

Best transportation to get to Nagtabon ?

Being that I’m part witch I flew using my broomstick to Nagtabon.

Kidding! Upon arriving at Puerto Princesa Palawan I hailed a tricycle (similar to tuktuk’s in Thailand) to take me to Nagtabon Beach.

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How Much Should you Pay the Driver?

The driver initially offered to take me there for 1500 Php or around 28 USD but I haggled the price down to 1300 Php or 25 USD.

He suggested that we use his motorcycle rather than the tricycle as it’s more fast and convenient.

Thus the best mode of transportation heading to Nagtabon Beach is through motorcycle. You can rent & drive one in the city or hire a driver to take you to Nagtabon.

While heading to Nagtabon Beach I understood why it was more convenient traveling using a motorcycle. The roads were very zigzagged and eventually become narrow  and the route also passes by cliffs.

It’s not technically dangerous but with the diverse road conditions it is highly recommended that a vehicle in good condition is the best option if you are planning to visiti Nagtabon.

What Can I do When in Nagtabon Beach?

The beach is very simple.

Upon arriving at the beach you can park your motorcycle or car (yes it’s possible to drive a car on the road heading to Nagtabon) at their make shift car park.

You will be required to pay 25 Php for the parking fee– no time limit.

There is no entrance fee on the beach thus you can freely swim, talk to locals or just hang out at the beach and watch time pass by.

It was a relaxing experience for me as I can only count the tourists in the area with my own 2 hands.

This was precisely the reason why I decided to head to Nagtabon beach. I wanted to just stay on the beach with little to no interruption.

What NOT to Do In Nagtabon Beach?

In as much as I support local tourism, I am discouraging you to buy any item that the locals would offer you. I was approached by 2 locals and they offered to sell me pearls and semi-precious stones.

Hawkers are not your friend:

They offered it to me at 2000 Php or 37 USD each. Good thing I did not but their products.

Later on during my trip I found out that the same pearls and stones are only priced at 100 Php -300 Php or 3 USD – 5 USD each in a souvenir shop in Puerto Princesa.

So please unless you have extra bucks avoid the hawkers selling these souvenir items while in Nagtabon Beach.

Bring a Pack meal with you on the Beach.

The beach has no business establishments and the only store that you can see in the vicinity is a mini grocery shack.

The store offers refreshments, snacks and fresh meat ready to be grilled.

While their snacks and drinks are reasonably priced their meat products are expensive. Thus if you are able to bring food on your way to Nagtabon beach then I highly recommend you do so as it will save you some money.

Do Not Forget to Enjoy the Beach Exclusivity

Nagtabon beach is not teeming with tourists. Thus make sure to grab the opportunity to enjoy its “exclusivity”.

Explore the island. Talk to the locals and take in the experience of somewhat being in your own private resort.

Staying in Nagtabon Overnight?

If you plan on staying in Nagtabon overnight you can do so as there are lodging houses near the vicinity but its not the “fancy” accommodation you would expect.

And oh electricity is not 24/7 in Nagtabon Beach and it turns off at night thus if you plan on staying overnight make sure to factor that in.

Weekends Vs Weekdays?       

I visited Nagtabon beach during the weekdays specifically a Friday. I arrived at the beach around 9am and aside from the fishermen docking their boats on the shore, I was the only tourist during that time.

Some local and foreign tourists arrived 2 hours later but man the sun was scorching hot during that time.

A boat man who also takes tourists on island hoppings said that every weekends, Nagtabon beach is teeming with tourists.

Thus if you want some peace and quiet then best to visit Nagtabon on Weekdays.

Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed!

For those craving for a quiet place to chill and relax then Nagtabon beach is the perfect tourist destination for you.

It offers some exclusivity and sanctuary that you rarely find in tourist spots in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

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  1. Kathy Kenny Ngo – Philippines – Unicorn Poop. Care Bear hugs. Pen and paper addict.

    If I was a beach lover, I’d definitely go here. My partner is though so I’ll send him this link.

  2. WritesandBlogs – A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Also would like to hear about ideas from travellers around the world to explore further.

    Nagtabon Beach looks so serene and neat. I loved the tranquility and calmness. Would love to visit the beach.

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