Seoul Korean Grill Cuisine : Is the resto a KPOP Hit or a major Miss?

Here is Erik the Hungry Traveller’s review on Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine which is located at the ground floor of SM Consolacion.

If this is the first time stumbling upon this page. Let me give you a quick rundown on how we rate the restaurant’s that we visit.

Each restaurant will be rated from a scale of 0-25 points on the following factors:

  1. Trademark- Restaurant Identity
  2. Quality Service
  3. Location
  4. Food Yumminess

By the end of this review we also find out if this Korean Restaurant can be awarded as an Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED restaurant.

If it scores 90 and above then it will be on the ENDORSED list.

Disclaimer: This review is in no way a paid advertisement of Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine. The views and ratings here are based on Erik the Hungry Traveller’s dining experience at the said restaurant.

So let’s start the Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine:

Date of Restaurant Visit: January 20, 2019

Dining with: Family

Trademark/ Restaurant Identity:

Definition: If you’re a Burger joint you don’t highlight your signature Ramen noodles on the Menu!

Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine Score: 23/ 25

Yep they offer Korean meals alright. No deviation there!

The restaurant stands out in the mall as it is the only Korean Restaurant in SM Consolacion. The place has wide open space and does not feel cramped.

Unlike other Korean restaurants I have been in where they maximize the space to the point that people with claustrophobia would have a panic attack before they could even eat their first set of meal.

The architecture (from my untrained non-technical but artistic eye) is very modern and pretty much gives off a very youthful and energetic vibe.

The only concern that I have is their tables are a wee bit small for my liking.

Quality of Service

Definition: “There’s a black fly in your Chardonnay” – Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine Score: 18/ 25

The place looks and smell’s clean and the place screams youthful vibe.

Their major challenge though is that there are no staff around to entice people to dine in.

Being that it looks modern and that it’s the only Korean restaurant within a radius of 10 km they could have banked on that marketing strategy.

People seeing how modern and “expensive” looking the place is may be intimidated to enter the restaurant.

Their attendants were not at all rude but they were not also bright and sunny people. Meaning? They were just there to attend to you.

Their stoic expression can suck the life out of the diners. Now who wants to dine in a place where you feel like the food servers aren’t too happy with what their doing. I know I wouldn’t.

Despite this being a major turn off for Erik the Hungry Traveller. I believe that Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine can turn this little booboo around.

With proper staff training and a doze of dopamine for all their staff.


Definition: You know the feeling that it takes you one hour to get to the place and only 15 minutes to eat your meal? – yeah not a perfect location!

Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine Score: 25/25

The location would greatly depend on where you are staying in Cebu. If you live within Cebu City then the restaurant’s location may not be appealing to you.

But then again the city is saturated with Korean Restaurants so diners living in the heart of Cebu City is not the target market for this restaurant.

However, if you live within the North of Cebu – Basak, Consolacion, Liloan and further North then this is the perfect location if you are craving for Korean food.

We all know how stressful the commute is if you plan on going to the city thus dining in a Korean Restaurant without having to face the long hours of traffic is an absolute deal.

Plus its located inside the mall thus it’s a one stop shop in the event that you plan on watching a movie, go shopping or just kill time.

Food Yumminess

Definition: Plain and Simple- Is there food delicious?

Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine Score: 24/25

For 350 Php you get unlimited samgyeopsal and unlimited array of side dishes.

Compared to other Korean restaurants where 350 Php only gives you one kind of meat. Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine offers a lot of unlimited meat options and for additional price you can also get other add-ons.

Although I recommend sticking with the 350 php I tell you it’s a bargain!

In terms of how their food tastes. It is actually good.

Although I could not really say the food is very authentic as there’s just something unique about the food in Korea that I have yet to taste and experience in restaurants here in the Philippines. But nonetheless worth the bucks spent.

Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine Score: 90 /100

Welcome to the ENDORSED list Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine

Whew! I thought they wouldn’t make it with the meager score of 18 for Service. They really need to work on that aspect though.

But what set’s this Korean restaurant apart from the rest is their location which targets a specific market in the metro and their selection of dishes which are a bargain and a cut above the rest of the Korean restaurants in Cebu city.

So congratulation Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine for making it on the list of Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED restaurants for 2020!

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16 thoughts on “Seoul Korean Grill Cuisine : Is the resto a KPOP Hit or a major Miss?”

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    Your page is an example of a quality content that people can enjoy.

  2. I have actually never had Korean food before so I don’t know what traditional dishes this country has. The restaurant sounds pretty good, especially that for one price you can eat as much as you want.

  3. momi berlin – A lifestyle and parenting blog of Berlin Domingo to initially cope up with – what she thought – the boredom of staying at home. Life is indeed full of adventures and lessons learned, and now she is ready to embrace each challenge with an open heart and loving hands. Follow her journey here as she writes all the feats and what she considers the never misses of a life of one mom. It is her ultimate goal to live life to the fullest and make daily life the happiest!

    i only learned to eat koreAn food because of my friend. i find Korean food cool to eat as it doesn’t require any complication

  4. Lisa Fucci, CPC – Lisa has a business degree from Strayer University and recently graduated from The Life Coach Institute of Orange County with a Degree as a Certified Professional Coach. She is currently working towards her Master Certified Coach and will specialize in PTSD. She owns and operates a National Association for Professionals that has been proudly serving its​ members for 43 years. She is a published author and has served most her life as a Firefighter/Medic helping her community. While not at work she is tending to her mini zoo of beloved animals and two small children. She is an animal advocate and a loyal supporter of our Military, Law Enforcement and all those who are in uniform doing work for the greater good. Lisa says, "I truly love helping people succeed. Sometimes we just need someone to help maneuver through the noise and help realize our own truth. Because let's face it, society can be a hot mess, we don't have to be."

    Oh wow. That looks real yummy. I’m gonna have start getting braver with the foods I eat! And expand my choices.

  5. Angela Ricardo Bethea – New York – If you can't stand women who speaks out their mind then you're more than welcome to leave. Imperfection is beauty, Madness is Genius.

    My family and I are a huge fan of Korean cuisine. Will definitely check this place sometime, I’m sure they’ll love it.

  6. Arun dahiya – A blog on poetry, books, chronic illness, Pain and mental health .

    Thank you for the review. The place sounds okay and worth visiting. And I guess, they improve the points soon on they are looking.
    The food in the picture looks delicious.

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