A PLDT Review: Yes they Suck and They Need to be Aware of It.

I consider this article as my official PLDT rant in the guise of a PLDT Review. It has been 42 days since we lost our internet connection.

Yep I called PLDT, emailed them and even reached out to the National Telecommunications Company of the Philippines.

And still I am 100% confident that tomorrow will be the 43rd day that I will have no internet connection at home.

Do You Pay Your PLDT Bill on time?

Anticipating your question, yes I do pay my bills earlier than the due date. In fact if not for this incident I would have not known that I have 3000 Php of advance payment in my PLDT account. – Blame it on not viewing the statement of account and just automatically paying what I assume is the monthly bill.

PLDT Review: My Terrible Experience with the Provider

For someone who writes for a living one of the worst scenarios that could happen aside from having writer’s block is being unable to post your articles on your platform.

This is exactly what happened at the start of December 2019, December 5 to be exact. I lost my internet connection at home.

Well this was not the first time the connection of PLDT FIBR was down but it usually gets restored within a maximum of 5 days.

And mind you never had I ranted or escalated this to deserve a slot on my website, well up until now.

So yes, I am making this post on my favorite corner of a coffee shop here in Cebu.

Instead of making a restaurant review I decided to prioritize this PLDT review.

Did I Reach Out to PLDT to Resolve the Issue?

YES! In fact I have been calling them like a person obsessed with a lover. But instead of asking about how their day went. My one and only question with PLDT is: When will my internet connection be restored?

So to all my Filipino readers here is a rundown on why we terribly need a new player in the telecommunication Industry and to the rest of the world here are the reasons why you should lower your standards in terms of internet connectivity when you visit the Philippines:

1. PLDT provides good service for the first few months then all hell breaks loose after.

I have been with PLDT for nearly 5 years now. They are the only internet provider that can reach our place. Now we don’t live on top of the mountain or the middle of the sea.

It’s just that the other providers still has not reached our area in terms of coverage. See if this is the benchmark of greatness in terms of internet service provider WE are so DOOMED!

I recalled during the days when we first had internet. The speed was up to the roof but fast forward to 5 years the speed is significantly slower.

And no I don’t have kids, well I’m a pet parent but I don’t allow my “kids” to use an IPAD. Im raising them the old school way (lol).

So basically, the users of my internet has not changed in the span of 5 years but my bandwidth mysteriously did (hmmm).

2. It Takes Forever for PLDT to restore internet connection but quick to cut your connection if you miss out on your Due date.

Now this has never happened to me, but viewing social media you can see the terrible experience of the Filipinos when it comes to PLDT service.

If you’re interested to read about other’s stories just key in PLDT Rants, PLDT Review and PLDT Sucks and viola it’s like reading a book with no happy ending.

And yes, PLDT if this has not been established yet you really do SUCK at what you’re doing.

3. PLDT’s Customer/Technical Service Teams are trained in Emphatic communication but they sure can’t do anything in resolving your Internet connection.

The customer service of PLDT (bless their souls) are very skilled with providing spiels to console their callers. But they are unable to fix your internet problem.

They create the tickets but they have no way of providing a resolution to the issue.

Thus if you are to waste time talking them (which you would really have to for ticket creation) expect that it’s going to be a pointless discussion.

4. They would always tell you at first that it’s an AREA OUTAGE and then eventually tell you Oops our mistake it’s an ISOLATED incident.

This is what happened to me. Upon my follow through with them last December 5 PLDT claimed that it was an Area Outage and after multiple attempts they now surmised that it was only an isolated incident.

Our internet connection was restored after 7 days last December 5 but was cut off after 11 days.

From December 20 up until January 21st I have been reaching out to PLDT and I keep on getting inconsistent messages.

With one Customer Service provider he mentioned that it’s an area outage, then the next day I get a response that it’s an isolated case. Called them again for the 3rd time and we circle back to an area outage.

Imagine calling every day and getting different causes on why your internet connection is down. Geesh if you want to make an excuse at least make it fool proof.

5. They Can’t Provide Proper Timelines on Fixing the Issue

Being able to address the issue right away if your customer’s are paying for the service on time should only be fair. At least tell them on an estimated time of 5 days or 10 days or heck tell it straight to my face that it will be 30 days before we resolve the issue.

But nopes, the only phrase that they can provide is “we will do our best to resolve this issue right away”

Amazing service right?

6. The FILIPINOS have been CLAMORING for a 4th TELCO provider and have been Ranting about PLDT but we are falling on Deaf ears.

Blame it on politics and the monopoly of businesses. We have been given substandard quality of service from PLDT.

Now I can’t rant about the other network providers since I have no experience with their service (but feel free to input your thoughts on Globe and Sky Broad Band in the comments section) but I tell you we are paying a hefty price for a service that is absolutely substandard.

This is probably the only country whose TELCO trends on the number 1 spot on twitter- and not for the right reasons.

Why have I resorted in creating this PLDT Review?  

When you have the capacity and the platform to provide feedback on how things are going then use that platform to hopefully spark a change.

Now a days, having an internet connection is essential. Times are changing. We use it to know the latest global and local news, we communicate to our loved ones through messaging platforms and we make a living out of the internet.

And lastly, you’re paying for something that is not providing the service you expect to receive. In this case, they’re not doing any service at all.  

Will This Post Fall on DEAF Ears?

I absolutely guarantee it will. But at least I can proudly say that hey at least I tried. I attempted to create a change. To spark a difference.

And if it falls on deaf ears then it’s no longer within my control and I can sleep soundly at night knowing that I did the right thing.

If you have any experiences with PLDT or other network providers (both good and bad for transparency purposes) then feel free to post them on the comment section.

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24 thoughts on “A PLDT Review: Yes they Suck and They Need to be Aware of It.”

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      Hi Pat i am at loss on how to get this resolved apparently reaching out to NTC still does not work. Seems like those people also work for PDLT.

  1. In and Out of Vegas

    If I am not mistaken, PLDT holds the monopoly with phone services but are there other options you can choose for internet services?

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      You are right, they have monopolized the telcomm here in the Philippines. the other 2 Telco’s have not gotten a big reach yet thus their signal is unable to reach our place.

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      Hey Chelsea thanks, as a blogger i know you feel me on how frustrating it is when there isn’t any internet connection and you need to work on your articles/posts. sigh

  2. Thanks for your post, Erik. Sorry to say, but poor or spotty internet service is a problem worldwide. Sometimes, I get the idea that providers will ratchet down the speeds in an effort to sell their customers faster service. Complaining never seems to do much good. You may have more luck going to local politicians who may have some leverage over the providers and demanding better service, or the companies may lose their right to use the people’s airwaves. But complaining does make you feel better. At least you got this off your chest. And you never know, maybe it will do some good.

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      I bet its a lot worst here in the Philippines Tommy. Yes unfortunately the only way to get this resolved is to use political connections. Its sad but its the reality. Oh wells well at least they know now their not getting a 5 star review from me.

  3. Kathy Kenny Ngo – Philippines – Unicorn Poop. Care Bear hugs. Pen and paper addict.

    Sadly, as long as they have major monopoly of things, nothing will change. This has been a problem for many years.

  4. Sushmita Malakar – Sushmita, a proud Indian living in the United States, decided to work for herself after slogging in the corporate world for almost five years. She is a Master in Business Economics and loves to play with data. A creative content creator, she loves to talk about everything under the sun while she sips onto her bourbon, on the rocks. She is a writer by day and a reader by night and loathes to discuss herself in the third person. Find more about her on www.sushmitamalakar.com

    I am so sorry to hear that! Loss of communication is probably the most frustrating and terrifying thin! I totally get where you are coming from! I hope your concerns are resolved soon!

  5. Hannah Holyfield

    Wow, 43 days is a long time to be without internet. This review was thorough with great assertiveness and authority. I hope you are able to get through to someone to see a change in this system.

  6. As an online business owner, I would be livid if my internet company left me without service for over a month for no reason. I hope you get a new solution or a resolution.

  7. Hi, from Bacoor Cavite here.
    My Problem with the internet started Nov 2019, LOS in the modem is blinking red.
    Been calling 171 hotline maybe a hundred times already spoked to many call center representatives and they always give me the same exact “im sorry to hear that, sorry for the inconvenience, we will endorse this and escalate the complaint” such a waste of time and energy. I even spoke to eight supervisors!! And NONE of them helped me resolve the problem. Useless 171 hotline!!
    So i decided to go to the PLDT business center,,i was very frustrated but calm during my 1st visit, promised me to wait for a couple of days, still no good! So i went again 2nd attempt was a bit different, i was a very frustrated and a little mad, so another promise from PLDT was made, so i waited for another 7days,, bit still no resolution to my complain. The 3rd PLDT i made sure that this time they will take my complaint seriously! So i prepared myself for the battle! I dont normally shout and get mad in public,,, but this time enough is enough. I never stopped complaining they try to calm me down but i get louder and louder! So the OIC tried to help out and started making calls,, and boom after 1 hour my internet is back!
    Lesson: shouting makes them move faster

  8. 56nothanks1234

    Here in the model city of Bacolod City everything is substandard. Electricity (Ceneco) blackouts all the time. Water service unreliable (Baciwa) Internet just High latency Dsl and for all these substandard services we pay top rates. Welcome to the Philippines.

  9. Prince Yap

    I’m experiencing a similar situation to yours sir. I have no internet connection since January 31 up to today which is February 20, 2020. So, I guess I can’t really do anything aside from calling 171 like a lover. Their service is so frustrating!

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