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10 Best Life Lessons Travel Teaches You: Thoughts from a Hungry



When you enjoy the destination you get the experience of a lifetime. Here are the 10 life lessons that I learned from travelling the world.

6 countries and 2 continents. That was how my 2019 travelogue looked like. Never did I imagine that 2019 was the year that I get to travel and see the other side of the world.


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As customary with Erik the Hungry Traveller site. We kick off the year with an inspirational article (well that is what I’m aiming for). But still related to my travel adventures- don’t worry I won’t veer far off from the travel related theme.

I have been documenting my travels a little over 4 years now and have been fortunate enough to visit places not everyone has visited. And along the way I met new friends, new experiences and life lessons.

For this post I will share with you the 10 Life Lessons that I Learned from travelling the world.

And we begin with the First Life Lesson.


ETHT’s Top 10 Life Lessons Travel Teaches You: 


1.Not every post you CREATE in social media should be shared with everyone.


Erik the Hungry Traveller


As a travel and food blogger it is a requirement for me to post my trips and the places I’ve been too (especially if it’s sponsored) on my social media pages. That’s how I earn and how I get recognition. Without my posts and photos I wouldn’t be where I am at now.

But despite the profession that I chose I always make it a point to keep some travel memories to myself. Yes I take snaps and clips of some of my travels but I choose not to share all of it on my social media pages.

But why Erik? Well, it’s always healthy to keep some life events to yourself.

In the age of social media where almost everything gets shared in the World Wide Web isn’t it a breath of fresh air when you can keep a few things private?


2. Prepare for YOUR plans to go south but still expect for the best.


life lessons that travel teaches you


The 2nd life lessons travel teaches you  is the lesson on expectations.

There have been multiple incidences where I had flight delays, rerouted flights and uncooperative weather during my travels. But hey it did not stop me to have a good time.

Take for example my previous trip to Boracay Philippines.

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All throughout my time on the island I was met with rain showers, flood and a cancelled flight. And yes, it was a real bummer but instead of mopping about it I just made the most out of my trip.

I was already there so might as well make lemonades out of the lemons handed to me right?

Life will always absolutely throw you a curve ball.

Unless you are Dr. Strange who has played out all the possible outcomes of any event then might as well be open to the possibility that not everything will go as planned.


3. The GRANDEST way to live is with a dash of Spontaneity.



I am always a plan ahead kind of guy. And prior to my travels my mind when deciding things was always on a straight path.

Now it’s all about zigzags, curves and twists. Seriously traveling has taught me to live a little. In connection to Life Lesson #2 you won’t always get what you want in life.

Thus no matter how you have everything planned in your head it will most likely not play out the way you want it to happen.

So just take that extra days off, use your sick leaves for vacation days (not all the time though!), visit that place you always wanted to go to.

I tell you, being spontaneous in some of the things that you do in life gives a good jolt to the heart.


4. If your VISION is that you will get more than what you paid for then you will most likely be disappointed.



As people watching is a hobby of mine I have seen a lot of bad behavior while on my travels.

Traveler’s absurd requests and expectations with their budget hotel accommodation and ranting about almost every little thing.

If you want a nice accommodation, better service and great food then darling you have got to pay a few extra bucks.

What you read on reviews where they got an upgrade or had complimentary items handed to them are not as frequent as you hope them to be.

Consider yourself lucky if you got an upgrade or complimentary meals. Be grateful and just enjoy the nice stuff and if you don’t get one then read back the title of the 4th Life Lesson that I learned from travelling the world. (wink)


5. Getting lost is always POSSIBLE. But deciding to stay lost is a choice.


Life Lessons Learned Travelling World


My sense of direction is similar to a toddler. Even with google maps or waze I absolutely still get lost.

I’m the guy who turns right at 800 meters when turning right should still be at 300 meters.

But when I do find my way I retain the correct coordinates in this crazy brain of mine permanently (ha!).

Being lost is never a bad thing but what you decide to do after realizing you’re are lost will define the outcome of your future.

Getting lost, provides the opportunity to try something novel. The realization that hey there’s another way to do this or “hey I didn’t know this path existed”.


6. YOU must allow yourself to grow out of your comfort zone.


The 6th life lessons travel teaches you

Now we have repeatedly heard about stepping out of your comfort zone for you to be successful at life. I am the living and breathing testament that this is absolutely true!

I wouldn’t be where I am at today if I decided not to leave my desk job and settle for a career that pays well but is feeding my soul with junk.

Getting out of my comfort zone and buying a plane ticket to Boracay Philippines for my first solo travel was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.


7. Asking for help makes you BECOME stronger not weaker.


Life Lessons Learned Travelling World


When I visited Hong Kong last May 2019 I wanted to try HK street food.

But when I was at the store the vendor did not know any English and the signs were all in Chinese. I panicked and I also felt that she was also panicking since she had no idea how to communicate with me.

We both were out of our element!

There was this guy who just paid for his order and I just looked at him and said: HELP!

And as I uttered those words he did his best to explain to me how to go about with my order. It was a combination of Chinese and English but we got through it. He even recommended I try a certain dish (which I did and I loved it).

So to the random guy who helped me not starve in Hong Kong , thank you! And oh yes, It okay to ask for help.

People are generally nice and will always find a way to help you out so don’t be afraid to admit you need help.


8. WHAT we have in common is far more important than our differences.


Life Lessons Learned Travelling World


Traveling gave me the opportunity to meet people with different cultures, background and who speak a different language.

And even with those differences WE still gaze and smile when we see fireworks, wake up early to see the sunrise (although I never could do it) or bask at the beach to watch the sun set (yeahup more me!) and lastly we all enjoy taking selfies!

Traveling made me look beyond the differences of people and made me find similarities. And finding those similarities helped me in better connecting with them despite our differences.


9. YOU are never too old to try out new things.


Life Lessons Learned Travelling World


They say age is just a number and I absolutely back this one up!

I started trying new things when I was already 27 years old. This is in the era where kids as early as a year old have social media accounts and are earning from them!

Never be ashamed to try something different. To step out of the box whether you’re in your late 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s (you know where I’m getting at this right?)

In my travels I witnessed a guy who’s probably in his 50’s riding the roller coaster. I met a middle aged woman who enrolled in an art class. Retired couples who travel around the world.

Point here is no one is too old or young to go after the things that they want to achieve in life.  

And this leads me to my last and perhaps the most important life lesson that I have learned from travelling the world.


10.  Everyone has their own unique journey! BELIEVE in Yours!



What we allow our audience to see on our Facebook and Instagram feeds are our proud and happy moments. No one would ever share life events that made them sad, angry or frustrated.

Heck we even use camera filters to ensure that we enhance the beauty of our photos.

This has now been the norm and I personally am fine with it.

But what shouldn’t be the norm is when we benchmark our contentment and happiness with what we see on social media feeds.

Your life journey is different from everyone else. If we use other people’s travel photos as a measurement for happiness then we will never truly be happy.

Instead focus on your own life journey instead of sulking over how you wish you had that other person’s life.



Now for the fun part and as a means to end my post!

Dear readers I would like for you to read only the capitalized and highlighted words in every life lesson I enumerated starting with the 1st lesson all the way to the 10th life lesson.


And if ever you find yourself in a pickle just remember those 10 words that are not so secret anymore.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it!

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29 Responses

  1. It’s good that you’ve been able to learn life lessons from your travels. Travel can be more than enjoyable experiences, so thanks for sharing yours.

  2. A really lovely read. I quite enjoyed the hidden message and the manner in which it connected the entirety of your positive lessons. Travel really is an education in and of itself. Very well done!

  3. The GRANDEST way to live is with a dash of Spontaneity. Word!

    No plans are sometimes the best plans, isn’t it? It was only because of spontaneity that I ended up travelling so much in the last two years! And I will continue to do the same!

  4. These are great lessons to learn. My biggest fears when traveling is to get lost in country I don’t speak the language x

  5. Getting lost is always possible but staying lost is a choice? I loved that!! I enjoyed the commentary of your visit to Hong Kong and the humour thrown in!

  6. Nice blog, I love your travel advices here, it’s so nice of that guy who helped you out with your order. Small acts of kindness really makes a great day.

  7. I totally agree for not sharing everything on socials. Sometimes I want to just chill with my family, enjoy the moment but then (especially when is sponsored ) that is not possible. We need to learn and try more not to be dragged in today’s social lets say algorithm because that requires a lot of energy which we can spend in a walk with a family. And yes I talk too much, sorry for my long comment 😀

  8. I’m loving your tips because they’re focused on what’s real. I mean, I am not a travel blogger but I’ve been traveling all my life, and things always go wrong so you cannot expect or things to be perfect. But just because things are not always perfect, doesn’t mean things won’t be amazing.

  9. These are some amazing tips I too always believe in asking for help makes me become stronger not weaker. Thanks for sharing

  10. I so love your thoughts. We love traveling too and somehow, even if it’s expensive, we still try to bring our kids to the farthest places we can bring them. I’m bookmarking your post so I can read it all over again when I need inspiration.

  11. I love your writing style. The hidden message was so cool. Traveling does give life lessons. I am hoping some time soon we can resume our travel plans too.

  12. This is an awesome post. I have traveled to many countries, and I agree with every one of these tips. The spontaneity one is the one I need to work on. I tend to like to stick to a plan and not be as flexible as needed to really enjoy the trip. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I’m a lot older than you. But I still never have gotten the hang of the ability to keep my travel expectations low. You’re absolutely right (and wise beyond your years 😜).
    ~ Suzana Barton

  14. You have travelled a lot. Excellent. I do envy you in positive sense. Inspired. Loved to read your experiences. I liked most about coming out of comfort zone and trying out new things.

  15. Hi Erik, I like this “Getting lost is always POSSIBLE. But deciding to stay lost is a choice.” For me whenever i have time, i would always want to venture to the unknown, this led me to places that is just amazing, i would not have visited such an interesting place if I dont let me myself to be lost.

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