Best Cebu Restaurants 2020: First on the “ENDORSED” list is…

Updated Post for Best Cebu Restaurants for 2020 on January 27, 2020

The search just started for the list of Best Cebu Restaurants for 2020!

As we say hello to 2020 a few days from now. Erik the Hungry Traveller is making another milestone as this travel and food website is heading towards its 4th year.

And yes, even I can’t believe it has been 4 years since Erik James Requina (that’s me by the way) conceptualized Erik the Hungry Traveller.

For the past years Erik the Hungry Traveller has been to countless solo travel adventures, have featured different dining experiences and have stayed in a handful of hotels both locally and internationally.

With the collection of 3 solid years of travel and food experiences comes the recognition and prominence of the brand.

Recognition and Awards for Erik the Hungry Traveller Brand

For the past 3 years of blogging, Erik the Hungry Traveller has consistently been awarded as part of the Top 15 Male Travel Bloggers in the Philippines together with Esquire Magazine and Erwann Heussaff as fellow awardees.

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Erik the Hungry Traveller has also been on a 2 year consecutive streak as part of the Top 100 Travel Blogs globally ranking at 97 last 2018 and 67 this 2019.

The brand has also been invited to different restaurants, hotels and branding events both locally and internationally.

Grand Lapa- a 5 star hotel in Macau welcoming Erik the Hungry Traveller in their hotel.

In a nutshell for 3 years this guy right here –Erik the Hungry Traveller is building a mark in the travel and food blogging niche.

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Building a Quality and Trusted Brand

Thus as the website welcomes its 4th year as a Brand it can now confidently boast its influence in certain topics that relate to travel and food.

Thus it is with great pride, joy and a huge amount of excitement that we launch Erik the Hungry Traveller’s “ENDORSED”.

Aside from documenting my travel adventures all over the world. I will also feature up and coming artist—wait whut? Kidding!

Okay seriously- I will be ENDORSING Restaurants, Hotels, Must Go to Travel Destinations and Travel and Food Events that you need to visit come 2020.

So What Does it mean when a place/event is Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED?

A logo of Erik the Hungry Traveler ENDORSED only means that it meets the quality and meticulous standards of this food and travel blogger.

And that you would only expect nothing but good service, great food and or great experience from the establishments which are Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED.

The Second Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED Restaurant

Click on the link below to find out more about this 2nd Erik the Hungry Traveller Endorsed Restaurant:

Restaurant Review: Seoul Korean Grill + Cuisine Is It a KPOP Hit or a major Miss?

The First Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED Restaurant

And to kick start the Endorsed program. We start building the list of Best Cebu Restaurants for 2020

And first on the list is Anton’s Restaurant Cebu.

As we enter 2020 this list is going to expand even more so make sure you visit this blog post every so often to see who else made it on list Cebu Restaurants Endorsed by Erik the Hungry Traveller .

I did a write up about Anton’s Restaurant around April of 2019.

Back then the restaurant was at its soft opening. While on the infant years of the restaurant I already saw its potential to soon be a staple in Cebuano dining experience.

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Anton’s Restaurant: Why is it on Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Endorsed list of Best Cebu Restaurants for 2020?

In a nutshell it has all the elements that is needed for a restaurant to thrive in the Cebu- Philippine market and be Endorsed by Erik the Hungry Traveller.

And what are these elements you ask? (Okay even if you didn’t I’m going to tell you anyway)

The Elements that qualifies you to be one of the Best Cebu Restaurants for 2020

  1. Perfect Location- 25 points
  2. Quality Service – 25 points
  3. Trademark- Restaurant Identity – 25 points
  4. Food Integrity – 25 points

If the restaurant rates at 90 points or higher then this establishment will be on Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Endorsed list of Best of Cebu Restaurants for 2020!

Describing my Dining Experience at Anton’s Restaurant Cebu based on the Big 4 Elements

Perfect Location

Definition: You know the feeling that it takes you one hour to get to the place and only 15 minutes to eat your meal? – yeah not a perfect location!

Anton’s Restaurant Score: 25/ 25

A perfectly located restaurant should be easy to find, accessible to both private and public vehicles and must have adequate parking area.

Anton’s restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu. The hotel is located a few meters away from one of Cebu’s National Historical landmark, the Provincial Capitol of Cebu.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Provincial Capitol was patterned after the US Capitol? Bet you didn’t know that!

Finding the hotel is easy breezy as the hotel is right along the road and definitely stands out from the rest of its neighboring establishments.

There are two ways to access Anton’s restaurant, first is through the hotel elevator of Amethyst Hotel.

While the second option is to take the flight of stairs right outside the hotel and beside a massage parlor.

Quality Service

Definition: “There’s a black fly in your Chardonnay” – Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Anton’s Restaurant Score: 22/25

Good customer service is definitely a keeper for me. Anton’s Restaurant provides quality customer service to all their dining guest.

The restaurant looks and smells clean and the place is not cramped. Unlike some of the staple restaurants where you get to hear the other patron’s conversation.

The waiting time for your orders is also reasonable. Their standard cooking time is 15-20 minutes and it does arrive on time or even earlier than the allotted time.

And dare you ask, yes I timed my orders from the time the waiter ends his/her spiel to the time the food arrives on the table. (If you want to be a food/traveler blogger this is an absolute must – every detail counts!)

The only area of opportunity I see that is for their servers to have a little extra umph! in their customer service. More energy and more perkiness when dealing with customers.

Perhaps when they become more seasoned they would be more fluid with their actions and can confidently greet guests and recommend dishes.

Trademark- Restaurant Identity

Definition: If you’re a Burger joint you don’t highlight your signature Ramen noodles on the Menu!

Anton’s Restaurant Score: 25/25

Anton’s offers Chinese and Filipino cuisine.  Their dishes are well thought off and are made with ingredients that are authentically Asian. And it goes without saying. Deliciously prepared meals!

Wintermelon Soup – doubled broiled chicken with Red dates, Dried Japanese Scallops and wolf berries served on a wintermelon cauldron.

I got to meet their Head Chef, Chef Jay who has an extensive background in Chinese and Cebuano cuisine. He says he is a pure blooded Cebuano with a Cantonese palate.

with Chef Jay – Head Chef of Anton’s Restaurant and Ms Jessica – General Manager for Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu

The interior of the restaurant also contributes to the Cebuano-Chinese dining experience. A perfect combo for anyone who wishes to try non-commercialized Chinese and Filipino dishes at reasonable prices.

Food Integrity

Definition: “What are you? An Idiot Sandwich”- Gordon Ramsey

Anton’s Restaurant Score: 23/25

No matter how fancy your restaurant claims to be it will never flourish if you do not have QUALITY Food.

With stiff competition in the market Anton’s restaurant definitely stands out with their dishes that are prepared fresh and with utmost finesse.

Fried Wantons and Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Going creative and quirky helps too! I find it appetizing to both the eyes and your stomach.

Kung Pao Chicken – For those who wants a plated meal that comes with rice!

Although I do hope that Anton’s expands their selection of desserts. They have good entrée’s and appetizers but what they need more umph (yes I said umph again) is their dessert selection.

Fried Banana Fritters with Jack fruit slices wrapped ala “Spring roll”

Their coffee selection is really good which would really be nice if it were paired with some glazed doughnuts or moisten cake.

Best of Cebu Restaurants for 2020: Anton’s Restaurant Cebu 95% ENDORSED Score!

Erik the Hungry Traveller’s first ENDORSED Best of Cebu Restaurants for 2020 goes to Anton’s with a Hungry Traveller score of : 95% over a 100!

The dining experience at Anton’s restaurant Cebu has both the heart and soul that would make any diner keep coming back for more.

Some restaurants are overtly luxurious (to the point of having an intimidating vibe) and present complicated meals that it are hard to comprehend and worst difficult to eat.

Anton’s Restaurant Cebu offers both a unique and authentic dining experience. Simple and straight forward meals that I’m sure anyone will enjoy.

Want your Restaurant ENDORSED by Erik the Hungry Traveller? Or got recommended places / events you want an Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED stamp of approval?

Feel free to reach us through [email protected].

We are definitely looking for more worthy restaurants/ hotels/ travel destinations to add to Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Endorsed list!

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