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Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Boracay : ETHT Hotel Review


Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Boracay was the hotel I stayed in during my trip to the island last August 2019.


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Erik the Hungry Traveller will be rating the hotel based on their Facilities, Dining Experience, Customer Service and Location.

A perfect score for each category is 25% and since there are 4 categories … Well, you do the math on what the overall perfect score would be, okay?

So let’s dissect this Lazy Dog (err that came out wrong, no animals were armed in the creation of this post).

Take two! Read along as I break down what’s hot and what’s not with Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Boracay.


Facilities: 20 / 25


The Good


Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast: The Room


A word to describe the hotel is CHILL. It is huge property with tall trees and cabana type lounges all over the area. If you are looking for a less modern and more hippy vibe then this is the ideal hotel for you. The room I stayed in had bamboo stairs and a villa type room. Inside the room are your basic amenities: the bed, a television and toilet/ bath with toiletries. In terms of creativity and uniqueness this was a check mark for me.


The Bad


Since it’s a property covered with Flora then expect some fauna thriving in the area as well. And no I’m just not talking about their 2 fat dogs and cat roaming around the property. I’m referring to the not so nice- okay they aren’t nice at all … Mosquitoes.

The place was thriving with those annoying and possibly deadly bugs. Upon entering my room it felt like they were my welcome party.

So unless you want to get Dengue fever then I suggest you bring along with you some mosquito repellant. Or you can buy them at the local stores on the Island- they don’t sell it at the hotel which is quiet unfortunate.


Another downside with my room is that their television was broken. The screen only displays black and white color. It was not a total downer for me as I had no intention to just sulk in my room but best that I point it out to my Hungry Travelers.


Dining Experience: 22/25

My accommodation comes with free breakfast for two. Breakfast meals have options ranging from the typical Filipino meals to American staple breakfast meals. The advantage of traveling solo? I got to order 2 meals each day! Hey, I’m not about to be ripped off with what i paid for (lol).


The Good


Portions were huge and even with the single meal I was already full. I could not say that their food was exceptional but it was not also bad.

I am a coffee lover so any hotel that would give me instant coffee on their restaurant I would throw a fit at. Fortunately Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast have theirs brewed.

Serving time for your orders was less than 10 minutes on both days I stayed at the hotel – and yes I timed it.



The Bad


This probably would be a matter of taste preference. But if you know your pancakes too well then you’d be heavily disappointed with theirs.

As I said their meals are not really restaurant quality but it is not also awful.

So overall Erik the Hungry Traveller was satisfied with the dining experience at Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast.


                                                                             The Pork Adobo – a popular Filipino Dish


Customer Service: 23/25


The Good


A good customer experience is extremely important for me. The service that Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is what I expect. With that being said…


The Bad


What Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast lacked is the foresight of attending to the needs of the guests.

Mosquitoes in your room is a big no no so it would have been a good customer experience if they sprayed clean those bugs before guests arrived or at least provided an insect replant lotion as part of their toiletries.


Location: 18/25


The Good


For those planning to go on Island hopping tours, scuba dive or do other water activities then Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is the hotel for you.


The Bad


Boracay is known for its white sand beach and Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is far from where the white beach is. Yes, there are motorcycles that you can rent to get there but you have to pass a busy street with road constructions and not well lit alleys. If you are a beach person who wants to lounge at the beach front and just relaxed then this is not the hotel for you.


Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast


I am not entirely a beach person but I love chilling at the shoreline doing nothing. So yeah, the location of the hotel was not beneficial for me.


Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Rating: 83/100

I paid 2950.82 PHP/ 56 USD for a 2 night stay with breakfast for two. That for me is a good deal.

Below is the summary of the good and bad points of Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Hotel Boracay.


The Good:


  1. Chill vibe- plenty of trees and areas outdoor to relax in
  2. Cute Dogs and a Cat
  3. Huge Food portions during breakfast
  4. Good customer service


The Bad

  1. Mosquitoes everywhere
  2. If you’re not a fan of dogs and cats then don’t go here
  3. Location is far from the White Beach


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40 Responses

  1. Eric, Thank you for your candid and honest review. Al always with your blog, you are writing with the goal of educating your readers, who are mostly fellow travelers. I also appreciated the fact that you didn’t just criticize. You also offered constructive suggestions (for example: regarding the mosquito problem, why not put some repellant into the rooms for guests?) But I have to quibble with two things: When you booked this place, you had to have known it wasn’t on the beach. So the fact that it was located elsewhere should not be a point of contention, unless the establishment was spreading false information about its location, and (2) you said you paid $56 U.S. for a two-night stay plus meals. That seems a great price to me. The room appeared clean in your photos. (The bathroom seemed a bit small and dingy, and what’s with that ladder over the commode?) The food looked good, however. Methinks you protest too much, unless there are plenty of other places at that price there that do a better job of serving tourists. That said, I applaud you for your candor and for trying to help fellow travelers. It’s often a thankless job. I respect what you are doing.

    1. First off: Tommy you are awesome for finding time to read my blog post. And here are my answers to your inquiry 😊

      1. The description of the hotel on the booking app says its a beach front property so i booked it little did i know was it was not the white beach property but the back of the beach front. So i wanted to help out fellow travellers who are trigger happy when they see beach front (cough cough like Me 😜) and not read comments from previous guests.

      2. Yes from a western country point of view it is cheap. Your dollars here come a long way. And perhaps one thing that i forgot to point out is that there are more affordable near the beach front hotels in the area. Plus i got this on sale (lucky for me)

      3. And yes i am a bit particular with service i always get squirmy with the little things LOL.

      Again, i appreciate the time that you allocated for my post. And this is very encouraging for someone like me who just loves traveling and sharing my stories to the public. 😊

  2. What a fabulous – and thorough review! The pictures make this place seem quite cozy. And the pancakes actually look pretty good. But I’m not good with mosquitoes. Love the way you tell the truth. It’s incredibly helpful information!
    ~ Suzana Barton

  3. I love a chill, relaxed environment, but I am so glad you pointed out the mosquitoes. That would ultimately be a dealbreaker for me as even in the best conditions I am mosquito bait!

  4. Nice detailed review. The place looks fairly basic but that’s fine for many. As long as it’s clean. When I’m travelling I just want a bed for the night, so this place would be kind of appealing.

  5. Thats an amazing price for 2 nights! If I am ever in the phillipines I will have to check it out, the food and the decor look very good.

  6. When in Boracay I always book along Station 1 not because I want the expensive experience, but mostly because I want to experience the beach the right way. I crave for the beach front experience so I make sure to stay in front.

    I don’t really care much for the food because I like going out to the restaurants outside.

  7. The place looks low key but I think the food is great, I got hungry looking at them! Maybe if it looks a little bit brighter, the rooms and more airy, we can consider this place when we visit bora.

  8. Very detailed review post! Most of the travelers accommodate very cheap price of the hotel however there some instances to have this issue. The room is good and relaxing I like it. awesome photos.

  9. Thank you for your honest review of the place. I wish they would do something about the mosquitoes! The food looks great though.

  10. This is so classic place! The foods looks so delicious. I feel the vibes on those picture. And also i even taste the food with an eye. It is prepared very good and garnish on its perfection!

  11. WOW! This is an amazing place for me. I really love dogs and cat. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. Hope its allowed to bring in there with your own pet. It’s simple. But looks so peaceful. And the cost of your stay is so low. Amazing!

  12. The location is a bit turn off. Whenever I am travelling, I prefer staying in places where I can roam around at night without being scared. I think the property looks good otherwise.

  13. I see lots of recommendation of hotels, but this! This one is the perfect one to stay and relax. Also, I love dogs and cats that’s why I’m getting this feeling that this will become an awesome vacation.

  14. At first I was like “this looks like a cool place to stay.” I like modern, but I also like small local, hippie kind of places too. But then I read about the mosquitos. Oh boy…that might just deter me from a place like this. I hate them and I hate sprays too.

  15. I’m not much of a beach person either, so I’d probably be chilling at the lounge area more so than the beach. It looks so relaxing and peaceful! The food also looks pretty amazing.

  16. That cabana looked amazing, thats where I would be spending all my time it looked so relaxing! That bathroom looked really cool too!

  17. That sounds like a not so bad hotel to try out and I love the minimalist look it has. Awesome review and I like that it was honest and talked about everything especially the pros and cons.

  18. I love dogs and cats and your review. The description of the place looks very honest and objective. I think I would like to stay in this hotel.

  19. The food you pictured looked really good! I’ve always wanted to be able to travel and visit other countries. Hopefully one day soon, thanks for sharing!

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