China Travel Guide: Hong Kong- Macau 5 Day Itinerary

When you read a post that is titled China Travel Guide. What is the first thing that would come to mind?

Perhaps, a guide on how to get to the Great Wall of China? Or a China Travel Guide on where to find Pandas.

The options are limitless but for this post we are to talk about a China Travel Guide in Exploring Hong Kong and Macau.

I will try to provide you with tips and recommended places to visit based on my recent trip to these two China territories.

Plus if yall are nice I’d even throw in the estimated cost – wink wink.

Erik the Hungry Traveller’s China Travel Guide

Recommended Hotels in Hong Kong and Macau

These two hotels that I’ve stayed in during my May 2019 travel were all booked using a travel app – which I will tell you all about in the apps section of this post.

For my Macau overnight stay my mom and I stayed at Grand Lapa Macau. I’ve raved about this hotel in my previous post.

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But if you’re too tired to click on the link. Here is the low down.

The place is clean, elegant and the staff are extremely friendly. For those who wish to try their luck at gambling they also have an in-house casino. So what more can you ask for?

Grand Lapa Macau

Address: 956-1110 Avenida Da Amizade, Macau, Macao

Overnight Stay (including tax and service charge) – Php 8545. 58 or USD 164

The price includes a buffet breakfast which is absolutely delicious.  


Our Room at Grand Lapa Macau

After our overnight stay in Macau we spent 4 days in Hong Kong. And for that 4 days we stayed at Inn Hotel Hong Kong.

Unlike Grand Lapa where you’d be treated as Kings and Queens.

Mom happy about our stay in Grand Lapa

Inn Hotel is an average hotel. Clean, decent and affordable.

One thing I noticed about Hong Kong hotels is that they are very thrift when it comes to room space.

Our room was a rectangular shaped room with the basic bathroom amenities and 2 twin beds that are arm’s length away from each other.

Room is a mess I know.

If you have a problem with small spaces then I suggest to find other hotels. I was able to try Holiday Inn Hong Kong and its much spacious than Inn Hotel.

To put it simply Inn Hotel is your BASIC hotel. Since our goal was to have a hotel where we can sleep soundly and securely – and that has a clean bathroom. Then Basic was the route to go for our recent trip to Hong Kong.

Inn Hotel Hong Kong

Address: No. 60 Portland Street, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

4 days and 3 Nights –Php 13654.83 (Php 3,411 per night) / USD 263

No free breakfast and the hotel does not have a restaurant- like I said this is a basic hotel.

China Travel Guide: What booking app do I use? Or do I even use one for my hotel bookings?

The answer is YES– I do use a booking app for my travels.

I use


This is because I find the site easy to navigate plus they give great discounts to frequent users.

For my account I am now at Genius Level 2 and what that means is I get 15% discount at select properties and free breakfast on select options.

You need to have at least 5 hotel stays within 2 years to be at this level though.

I used for both my Grand Lapa and Inn Hotel stay.

An alternative to

While there are other travel booking sites, one good alternative is going directly to the hotel website. I have observed that some hotels offer cheaper rates than booking websites.

Although, it’s really a matter of doing a comparative research. If you have the time and the patience then by all means do it. I on the other hand neither have the time nor patience so it is.

China Travel Guide: KLOOK is the way to go!

I was not paid by either or klook to promote their services. The reason why these travel apps are on this post is because I actually used them during my Hong Kong – Macau travel.

I am not sure how popular Klook is in the West but here in Asia Klook is one of the best travel apps in the market right now.

You can book activities, tours, and even transportation through Klook. Thus it is absolutely helpful and it saves you a lot of time compared to lining up at the ticketing counter.

You just need to show the confirmation code and have it scanned and you’re on your way. Less hassle and less waiting time.

China Travel Guide: The Must Visit Places in Macau

It rained for the majority of our stay in Macau. And by rain I mean the soaking wet, too cold and too windy type of rain.

Thus we were not able to maximize the full 24 hours that we were there. However, despite the rain we were still able to manage to visit the Must Go to sites in Macau.

1. Macau Tower

What to Expect:

Macau Tower is more than just a tower it is actually a shopping center with a handful of restaurants, signature shops and a movie house.

The main attraction of the building is the Macau Observation deck that is located at the 58th and 61st floor of the building. Imagine being on the 58th floor- oh better yet here is a photo of mom and I on the 61st floor of Macau Tower.

For those more adventurous and have more money than me (lol) you can try doing the Macau Tower walk or if you have a death wish the bungee jump.  

If someone sponsored the expense for either the walk or the bungee jump I would still not do it. Call me a sissy but I’m never doing it. Like ever! (LOL)

Macau Tower Admission via Klook – Php 723.00 / 13.9 USD

How to get there:

     1: Take a taxi

     2: Bus with routes: 9A, 18, 21, 23, 32 and 26

    3: Free shuttle bus between Studio City, Macau Ferry terminal, Altira, Macau City Centre, Taipa City Centre and MGM Cotai.

2. Ruins of St. Paul

The last time we went to the Ruins of St Paul the museum was already closed thus we only got to explore the façade of the attraction.

Last May 2019 we arrived at the Ruins around 4pm thus we (Mom and I) were able to explore the site.

What to expect:

Literally Ruins hehe. But it’s a site to marvel at. How a once grand structured has been reduced to rubbles. You can also see the former pillar of the church-convent encased on glass walls along with some religious artifacts.

Expect large crowds of tourist at the Ruins of St Paul. The challenge here is getting a good shot of you with the church façade while avoiding the flock of tourists.

Crowds , crowds and crowds

How to get there:

Ask which bus can bring you close to Ruins of St Paul. Take note that there are no buses nor taxis that can take you directly to the Ruins. You need to walk to get to this landmark.

The bus route you would have to ride will depend on which bus stop you’re hoping on. Make sure to ask hotel reception/staff or the Macau police officers as they are extremely helpful and can point you to the right direction.

Bus Routes: 3, 3X, 4, 6A, 8A, 18A, 19, 26A, 33, N1A

3. Senado Square

What to Expect:

Just like Ruins of St Paul expect this place to be crowded. Senado square is busy with tourists, vendors, money exchangers and musicians. This will also be the route you need to walk going to Ruins of St Paul.

What’s unique about the place is the square itself. The style is very classic European with cobblestone-ish architecture. The feels walking down the steps of the area is like being in a quaint town in Europe.

How to get there:

Option 1: Take a taxi

Option 2:  If you plan on heading to the Ruins most likely you would have to pass by Senado Square. Thus visiting the Ruins will also mean passing by Senado Square.

Bus Routes: 3, 3X, 4, 6A, 8A, 18A, 19, 26A, 33, N1A

4. Se Catedral

Now this is not really a tourist attraction but my mom was curious to take a peak at the architecture of a Cathedral in another country.

What to expect:

Being from the Philippines were European designed churches are abundant, Se Catedral was a reminder of home.

It had big arches and statues of Saints. I have never stepped on a church outside of my hometown thus this was an interesting experience.

I decided not to take photos of the inside as I was not sure if it was allowed. Furthermore, the church has a strict dress code. Ladies and guys wearing shorts and sleeveless outfits were not allowed to get inside the church.

Again, it’s not meant to be a tourist attraction but if you are curious to visit the church you know what to wear people..

How to Get there:

From Senado Square heading to Ruins of St Paul before the narrow path ladened with food stalls is the area is where you can find cathedral.

Bus Routes: 3, 3X, 4, 6A, 8A, 18A, 19, 26A, 33, N1A

5. The Food Stall before Ruins of St. Paul – Free Food Everywhere!

What to Expect:

2 of my favorite things Food and Freebies! These small pathway heading towards the Ruins is filled with side vendors (coz literally they’re at the side of the stree dugh!) who sell mostly street food.

The crowd in Macau

From shabu-shabu meals, milk teas, moon cakes and my favorite meat , jerkys. To attract customers, the strategy of these vendors is to give away free samples of their product.

Now I don’t know about you but this strategy needs to be implemented globally!

On a downside, the place is extremely crowded so if your not a fan of crowds then better mentally prepare yourself for the chaos.

How to Get there:

You won’t miss it as it’s the only way heading to the Ruins of St Paul.

5. Dancing Fountain Light Shows

Okay, I made the title up but let me explain what I mean.

Macau has a lot of fountains especially hotels near Cotai strip. Thus if there’s a fountain expect that there is a Light show accompanied by music at certain time of the day. It usually starts at 5pm.

What to Expect:

It’s a spectacle of light and sounds. How the water is synchronized with the music and how the changing of lights make the mood so magical. Make sure to watch at least one fountain show when your in Macau you’d surely enjoy every moment of it.

How to get there:

There’s one right in front of Wym Hotel. This is also near the park. Like I said if there’s a huge fountain then expect it to “dance” at night.

6. Casino and Hotel Hoping

Macau is said to be the Vegas of Asia thus you should not miss out on exploring its Casinos – well except if you’re a minor.

What to Expect:

The good thing about most hotels in Macau especially the 5 star hotels is that they have free shuttle service that would take you from Cotai to Macau region for free. Even if you’re not a guest in that specific hotel you can hop on their shuttle.

In front of Grand Lisboa Hotel

Plus in the Cotai Strip most of their hotels are connected or if they aren’t then they are just close together. Thus going hotel hoping is very convenient.

So you may probably ask why do hotel hopping? Well their hotels have signature stores if you’re a shopaholic. And even if you’re not (just like me- neither have the interest nor the money to shop for expensive things) the hotels in Macau have their unique signature vibe that is definitely worth exploring.

One last tip based on my experience, I always had a fun time visiting The Venetian hotel. I have not been to Italy but it felt like I was in that country when I stepped foot in the hotel. Thus make sure to not skip Venetian on your Macau tour.

At the Venetian Hotel

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How to get there:

There are hotel shuttle buses that you can ride for free from Taipa to Cotai and vice versa. Departure and arrivals schedules are also posted. If the free shuttle does not pass by on your hotel go to the nearest hotel where the shuttle buses stop.  

China Travel Guide: Hong Kong Weather Bulletin

After an overnight stay in Macau we took the bus heading to Hong Kong to spend our next 4 days on the island.

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Good thing there was no downpour of rain when we arrived in Hong Kong although there were occasional drizzle all throughout our stay and only rained heavily during late nights or at dawn.

Thus summer in Hong Kong does not necessarily mean bright and sunny days. Based on research and my experience summer in Hong Kong consists of warm weather and occasional rain showers.

Very used to this as I’m Filipino. Although throughout our entire stay it was chilly which I am not complaining as our trips were less stressful as we never sweat considering that there were intense sprints of walking heading from one tourist spot to another.

China Travel Guide: Must Visit Places in Hong Kong

Throughout my Macau and Hong Kong travel I was with a travel buddy- my mother. Thus because of that the itinerary I created had consisted of only one major tourist spot visit per day. As I did not want to stress my mother out.

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1. Ngong Ping Village

Due to the bad weather and my not so awesome navigation skills- that’s why I call myself Erik the Hungry Traveller and not Erik the Hungry Navigator. We were not able to visit Ngong Ping. Which was supposedly our major tourist spot for the 2nd day.

Soaking Wet : The highlight of our Day 2

It would have been a nice experience but hey that only means I need to visit Hong Kong for the 3rd time and make Ngong Ping my priority right?

What to Expect?

Despite the cancelled trip I did my research on Ngong Ping. This is where the Giant Buddha or locally known as the Tian Tan Buddha can be found. This the tallest outdoor statute of a seated Budhha.

Aside from seeing the Tian Tan Buddha you may also explore the Ngong Ping village which is home to the Po Lin Monastery. You can explore and marvel at the giant wooden steles of the Wisdom path once you’re in the village.

How to Get There:

Take the MTR/ train and embark at the Tung- Chung MTR station. As soon as you exit the MTR station you would need to walk towards the Ngong Ping cable star station which is just a few meters from the MTR exit.

Since this is a popular tourist attraction expect a long line of tourists lining up to take the cable car.

Klook Voucher: 2250 Php / 43.27 USD for a roundtrip Ngong Ping cable car ride.

2. Victoria Harbor- Symphony of Lights – Avenue of the Stars

After settling in to our hotel room. My mother and I decided to head to Victoria Harbor to watch the Symphony of Lights and stroll around the Avenue of the Stars

What to expect:

A port where you have a nice view of Hong Kong and is where the Symphony of Lights happen every night. It is a light and sound show that is participated by approximately 40-50 buildings at the bay area.

Side note:

Day 2 was not really our lucky day as this was the time where there was heavy downpour and the harbor was extremely windy. Thus we just explored the place and went to our hotel as it was raining accompanied by strong winds.

3. Temple Street Night Market

Despite the series of unfortunate event aka RAIN. Our Day 2 Macau – Hong Kong still ended on a good note. All thanks to our visit at this tourist attraction.

What to Expect:

This temple street is named after Tin Hau temple which is located at the center of the market. This is the busiest flea market at night in the territory of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei.

It is supposedly crowded with tourist especially at night however, during our visit it was not crowded at all probably because people were afraid that there might be another downpour.

The temple street market showcased a variety of stores from gadgets, to souvenir shirts-accessories and Jade products.

My mom and I always wanted to buy Jade as we (as a family) collect crystals and semi- precious stones. Thus we did a shopping spree of jade while at the night market.

If you plan on buying Jade – bracelets, bangles, and other Jade accessories. Look for this guy in the photo below. His shop is one of the first stalls you would see as soon as you enter the night market.

The Friendliest Jade seller ever!

He gives a discount to your purchases and takes time to explain the item you are buying. Plus he does an authenticity test to ensure the products he sells are not fake.

How to get there:

MTR Jordan Station Exit A. Turn right into Jordan Road and walk three blocks to Temple Street.

4. Hong Kong Disneyland

It would be a dumb move if you do not include this in your Hong Kong itinerary. Like I who does not love Disney? You would have to be a souless ghoul if you say otherwise.

True to my travel goal to have one Major activity per day. We spent the entirety of our Day 3 in Disneyland Hong Kong.

What to Expect:

Kids of all ages will be flocking to Disneyland thus it is highly recommended to go there on weekdays.

We scheduled Disneyland on a Monday and the crowd was very manageable. We did not wait in line to get in. The lines for the rides were generally okay.

I will be allocating one full post about our Disneyland experience so I’m not spoiling all the details here.

How to get there:

MTR – Disneyland Resort MTR Station (Transit system in Hong Kong is very easy- trust me I’m bad – like really bad at navigation but I was able to find my way in Hong Kong)

Klook Voucher: 3999Php / 77 USD inclusive of the Park Entrance (ride your heart out) and meal voucher worth 150 HKD.

5. Hong Kong Ocean Park      

Day 4 was allotted to a day at Ocean Park Hong Kong although we cut short our trip here as we saw what we came for during the start of our trip – cough, cough PANDAs!

This was more crowded than Disneyland and we had a much nicer experience in terms of crowds in Disneyland compared to our experience here. Hmm perhaps I’ll also create a list of my bad experi.. neh never mind!

What to expect:

The place is huge and its divided into two Major areas. The first area is where you will see different species of animals. From birds, to crocodiles, fish, marsupials and of course PANDAs!

Make sure to explore this site as they not only showcase these animals but they also educate people about taking care of the environment.

The second major area at the Park is the theme park. Getting there can be through the cable car or through their express train. Like our experience in Disneyland I will also be allocating a blog post for our adventures in Hong Kong Ocean Park.

How to get there:

MTR – Ocean Park Station- Unlike Disneyland where there’s a direct train ride heading towards the site. You would need to exit the MTR train station and hop on a A21 bus to get to Ocean Park.

Klook Voucher: 2547 Php / 49 USD inclusive of the Park Entrance and meal voucher ( Main Entrée, Drinks and Dessert)

6. Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery

Day 5 of our Hong Kong – Macau trip and our last stop before heading home. Well technically the airport first before the actual heading home ( being hyper critical lol)

So both my parents are addicted to plants. In fact my parents sell plants for a living – bonsai’s, grape seedlings, plant ornaments and a lot more.

Thus heading to Nan Lian Gardens is a must. The garden is a breath of fresh air and a break from the city life – which is ironic since it’s located at the center of a busy intersection.

What to Expect:

Inside Nan- Lian you can see different rock formations and bonsai plants that have been growing for decades. The place is a good place to just relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Part of the experience is a museum which highlights the structures built during the olden days in Hong Kong. Miniature structures that depicts how the Chinese lived during those centuries.

They also have a Jade museum where you can enter for a fee of 20 HKD but is free every Wednesday. And since we went there on a Wednesday we paid 20 HKD- just kidding we explored the Jade museum for free.

Climb a step of stairs and you get to enter Chi Lin Nunnery. The nunnery houses Buddhist relics, gold, clay and wooden statues. Lotus ponds are also prominent in the area. Definitely a place to just breath and collect yourself before heading back to the real world.

How to get there:

MTR Diamond Hill Station Exit C2, follow the signs and walk for about 3-5 min. It is very near the C2 exit and very easy to find.

Entrance Fee: FREE

China Travel Guide: Other Noteworthy Tourist Attractions

I was not able to visit these places due to time constraints or I have already been to the place during my first visit to China.

Perhaps on my next China travel guide post I will include the places below.

  1. Victoria Peak – On my first visit to Hong Kong we went here and experienced riding the Tram and gazed at the city lights of Hong Kong. Thus I decided not to go back for our 2019 Hong Kong visit.
  2. Jade Market – Similar offering to the Temple Night Market that we visit during Day 2.
  3. Wong Tai Sin Temple – its one of the most famous temple in Hong Kong so for those who want to immerse in their religion and culture then make this part of your itinerary.
  4. Causeway Bay – we explored this a bit and went to their market that sold clothing and apparel but that was really it we did not explore the area.
China Travel Guide: Hong Kong – Macau 5 Days and 4 nights Travel Itinerary

Hong Kong and Macau as always was divine!

Creating this blog post took time but it was fun reminiscing the adventures my mom and I went through last month.

Here is the summary of our trip together with the expenses that was incurred.


Macau– Grand Lapa Macau @ Php 8545. 58 / USD 164 (overnight stay) via

Hong Kong– Inn Hotel @ Php 13654.83 / USD 263 (4 days and 3 nights) via

Day 1- Macau:

Macau Tower @ Php 723.00 / 13.9 USD via KLOOK

Ruins of St Paul – no entrance fee

Senado Square – no entrance fee

Food Kiosk before Ruins of St Paul – free food samples in almost all stalls.

Ze Catedral – no entrance fee but no skimpy clothes for you to enter

Fountain Light Show- happens at night

Hotel and Casino Hopping- just take the free hotel shuttles and discover the highlight attraction of each hotels.

Day 2 : Hong Kong

Ngong Ping Village – 2250 Php / 43.27 USD for a roundtrip Ngong Ping cable car ride via

Victoria Harbour – Symphony of Lights and Avenue of the Starts- No entrance fee – it’s a boardwalk

Temple Street Night Market

Day 3

Hong Kong Disneyland – 3999Php / 77 USD inclusive of the Park Entrance and meal voucher worth 150 HKD via

Day 4

Hong Kong Ocean Park – 2547 Php / 49 USD inclusive of the Park Entrance and meal voucher (Main Entrée, Drinks and Dessert)

Day 5

Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery – Entrance is Free

That ends my China Travel Guide for Hong Kong and Macau post. Feel free to write down your comments or questions on the comment section below.

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  1. Your mum looks like she was having a great time. So wish I could still do that with my mum. I loved our stay in Macau but just like you, there was no way I would ever do bungee jump off the Macau Tower !

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      My mom freaked out when we were at the Macau Tower because it was so high. She acted like a kid and wanted to go down asap. It was funny for me but not for her

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      Thanks Shaun! Macau is like an arms length away from HK. And it has a different vibe than Hong Kong. Cheers on your next travel adventures

  2. Awesome writeup, I have been wanting to visit here for some time. I also really appreciated your tips on the travel apps and what you’ve used to book. I have never used Klook, but I’ll keep that on my radar now!

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      I love this place. Although there are some language barriers but hey that adds thrill to the experience. Thanks for the wonderful comment

  3. Wow a very detailed itinerary about Hong Kong and Macau and seems that you have been to a lot of places! I would also highly recommend the tram ride, and star ferry ride. you just can’t miss them @ knycx.journeying

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      Yes i have to agree. The Tram ride was under maintennace during our visit thus we were not able to do that when we were there

  4. ipbld

    We were sorry we did not get to visit Macau when we were in Hong Kong. We wanted to go for a day. But now I know there is much more to see and do and it may require a longer visit. You certainly packed a lot into your day. I am sorry I did not know about Klook before we went to Asia. A good tip for a next visit.

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      Let me know how you think about Macau if ever you visit. And yes Klook was very economical for trips especially in the South East Asian countries

  5. What's Katie Doing? – London – I'm a gin lush and foodie who loves to travel and experience new things. My blog is all about my passions!

    A great guide! I did many of the same things with my sister in Hong Kong. Accommodation is always tight there, but I was interested to see how much more spacious your room in Macau was. Also your Mum is too cute!

  6. ktlexius

    So I spent a summer in Nanjing a few years back and this WOULD HAVE BEEN SO HELPFUL. Navigating the hot spots can be difficult when you’re clueless- like me. This was a fun read

  7. amayszingblogs – Music Gigs Travel Life

    Hongkong is one of my lists to visit Next year! I’ll save your travel guide it really helps a lot!

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    Some of my friends like doing this too. Havent had the opportunity but looking forward to it esp. the one where the new 007 scene was taken from (dragon boat scene)

  9. This article is really helpful for me bacause I have a plan to visit Hongkong this year. I got new informations about recommended places in Hongkong after read this article. Thanks for sharing!!

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    Looks an awesome destination to spend a vacation. Thanks for sharing through your photos and words.

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    Wish I knew this itinerary beforehand. Our family had a trip to HK Macau and it was great but this itinerary is so much better

  12. First of all, I love your writing style. I bet you and I would be friends. LOL! Second, this is a really thorough list of things to do in China. I’ve never been there, but I would use this as an itinerary for sure. But I’d probably skip that tiny hotel room.

    1. Erik the Hungry Traveller – Philippines – Travel addict, Foodie and Thrill Seeker

      Haha i feel it tooo we’d be a riot! Always a fun experience traveling in HK and Macau and you should travel one day. And that tiny hotel room is mostly a common thing in HK so you better choose your hotel wisely

  13. What a comprehensive guide! Your Hong Kong and Macau trips look so amazing and your pictures speak for itself how wonderful time you had out there. I’m planning to visit Hong Kong next year and can’t wait to check out everything.

  14. toastycritic – If anyone was to tell me what my life would look like at this age, I would have run away screaming. Well maybe laughing. OK, possibly in stunned silence. Has anyone run away in stunned silence before? I wonder what that would look like. But I digress. So who am I? I am a middle aged white guy who isn't balding. Wait . . . that describes half the white guy population? Hmmm. . . . In truth I am a single parent. This takes up a lot of who I am and it has to do with a lot of the decisions that I make. My daughter is my inspiration and motivation every day. I believe in a higher power. Not in the AA nebulous higher power, but in one that has a specific relationship with people. Despite that belief, I do not make my blogs about that. If anyone should ask I would love to talk about it. When it comes to being a person, I believe actions speak volumes and words can barely be heard. So when it comes to loving, it means that I love you by how I treat you, and not the words coming out of my mouth. In that vein I hope to be a person of my word. Finally I love life. So this means my profile will be stories about my adventures, tales from my daughter, recipes I've tried out, movies that I love, places that are amazing, food that's great, or beauty wherever I see it. I hope that this goes for my blog as well as my social media accounts. I think life is a grand adventure made for excitement and thrills and I want to live those out every day, not be stuck behind a computer (even though I do love writing). So from here on out my promise to you is that I will be fully me. I want you to be fully you. And let's engage in a discussion about life., and what it means to live it. What does a life worth living mean to you? Hope to hear from you soon.

    It looks so great out there. I have never been to Macau but it looks beautiful there. I have been to Hong Kong Though. Victoria Harbor was beautiful. And they didn’t have Hong Kong Disneyland while I was there. Must be amazing though.

  15. The Frugal Samurai – Just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose!

    Love this post! We’ve never been to Macau and this post has made MrsFrugalSamurai and I decide that yes, we must go! Thanks for sharing.

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