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Macau Travel Tips: Commonly Asked Questions About Macau

FAQS and Comprehensive Macau Travel Tips fuse into one blog post!

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Traveling to Macau anytime soon? Read along for Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Macau Travel Tips to ensure your stay in Macau gets to be worthwhile!

Below are the questions that I asked myself before my trip to Macau. And if your reading this blog then you must be like me who wants to know the basics of the place before actually going to the place.

These are situations where the words SURPRISE! does not always mean good news.

So consider yourself lucky that I am sharing this with all of you (LOL). I visited wonderful Macau last May 2019 so these tips are fresh as it can get.

Okay here we go!

Specific Macau Travel Tips Included in the Q&A portion ( wink)

1. Overnight or Just A Day Trip?

Macau Travel Tips: You can either go on a day trip or an overnight stay in Macau. This will all depend on your planned itinerary and your travel budget.

Traveling to Macau is usually synonymous with travelling to Hong Kong. A common itinerary is making Macau a side trip travel after or before exploring Hong Kong.

With this said a day trip Macau adventure is possible. Especially now that the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge is finally accessible and can bring you to either the three places mentioned any time of the day.

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However, if you want a more relaxed tour of Macau and get to see more scenic spots then I recommend you do an overnight stay.

I always consider myself as a laid back, chill traveler. Thus in all my visits to Macau I always stay overnight.

I visit the known tourist spots in the morning and I explore the hotels and malls at night.

Macau Travel Tips

Make sure to catch fountain shows and light shows at night. They’re a spectacle.

2. How do I Get to Macau?

You can get to Macau via Hong Kong either through:

  1. Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge
  2. Turbo Jet or Cotai Water Jet Ferry
  3. By Swimming – Kidding !

Macau Travel Tips: As mentioned on my first travel tip. You can now take the Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macau Shuttle buses heading to Macau.

Travel time is at 30-40 minutes in crossing the bridge. Its a lot cheaper and faster than riding a ferry.

However, if you still opt the common mode of transportation then head to Macau through a ferry ride.

A Ferry Tale Story

There are two ferries (the boat not the “fairy god mother” – bad joke I know) that would cross Macau from Hong Kong and vice versa.

They are the Turbo Jet Ferry and Cotai Water Jet Ferry.

The Turbo Jet ferry arrives in Macau at the Macau Outer Harbor while the Cotai Water Ferry arrives in Macau at the Taipa Ferry Port.

Travel time for either of the two ferry boats is approximately 1 hour.

What’s the difference if you arrive at the Outer Harbor and Taipa Ferry Port? Well you’ll find out in the next travel tip. (wink)

3. Why Must I Know the Difference Between Macau Outer Harbor and Taipa?

There are 2 ferry ports in Macau. One is near Macau’s popular tourist spots while the other is near the Casino strip.

Wanna take a guess which one is which? Okay Im not going to make you wait any longer (and geesh can’t stop you from scrolling down as well)

Walking the Streets of Macau

Macau Outer Harbor is closer to the frequently visited tourist spots of Macau while if you want to explore the “Las Vegas strip” then your starting point should be in Taipa.

Macau Travel Tips: Knowing the difference between the Outer Harbor and the Taipa ferry port is crucial as this is a good vantage point when exploring Macau.

When you ask directions from locals (based on my experience) they always reference either the Outer Harbor or the Taipa port when they give you directions.

Why is that?- I absolutely don’t have a clue but hey as long as it helps in navigating the place then that’s all you need to know. (wink)

4. Where to Stay In Macau

Macau Travel Tips: Stay at Grand Lapa Macau Hotel as it is near the famous tourist spots in Macau plus it has got a great view of the Outer Harbor.

There are a lot of hotel options in Macau. One in particular is Grand Lapa Macau Hotel.

The hotel is one of the pioneering 5 star hotels in Macau. Thus it’s a tourist attraction in itself. And just because it one of the first it does not mean its facilities are old.

Grand Lapa Macau Room
Our Room at Grand Lapa Macau

Shall we compare Grand Lapa to wine? As it ages it becomes more and more sophisticated.

You may not know this but Macau has a strong European influence being that they were previously a colony of Portugal.

And Grand Lapa captures the beauty and regality of old Portugal combining with the rich Chinese architecture which is equally beguiling.

Grand Lapa Macau is a practical and value for money option if you wish to stay for a couple of days in Macau.

It has all the amenities and facilities of the more expensive 5 star hotel at a more reasonable cost.

You can book a stay at Grand Lapa by clicking this link : Room Reservation Grand Lapa Macau.

5. What are the Common Modes of Transportation in Macau

Unlike it’s neighboring town Hong Kong. Macau does not have any trains.

You can either explore Macau either through walking, by bus or by taxi or a combination of the three.

Macau Travel Tips: Explore Macau by taking a bus AND walking

Bus rides in Macau can be so much fun!

Taxis are not that expensive in Macau however it generally costs more compared to riding a bus and walking.

Plus your there to explore the city so immerse in the culture. Ride a bus and walk!

The bus in Macau cost 6 Macanese Pataca /HKD and there are multiple bus routes that will take you to the different parts of Macau.

A taxi ride from Grand Lapa Hotel to Macau Tower cost me around 40 HKD while a bus ride would only cost me 6 HKD.

You just need to walk to the bus stops though as the buses only stop there. I’m Filipino and our buses stop ANYWHERE-that’s something we need to improve and unlearn.

Oh another tip: When asking for directions make sure to ask the Macau police officers or hotel concierge (any of the hotels) as they are the best at giving directions.

6. Can I Use Hong Kong Dollars When in Macau?

You absolutely can! However, you can not use Macau currency when in Hong Kong so…

Macau Travel Tips: When shopping at Macau make sure to ask the shop for a change in Hong Kong Dollars so that you can still use it on your Hong Kong trip. If not then make sure to use up all your Macau money before heading to Hong Kong.

7. What are the Absolutely Must Go to Places in Macau?

This is a bonus as my next blog would actually be about the specifics of what to eat and what are the must visit places in Macau. But because I love my dear readers so much here are my top choices and my final Macau travel tip:

The crowd in Macau
  1. Ruins of St Paul
  2. Senado Square
  3. Macau Tower
  4. Cotai Strip
  5. Hotel Hopping at the Cotai Strip
Macau Travel Tips: Make sure to check out my next blog posts as I will be highlighting most of the tourist destinations on the list.

Pack Your Bags… Macau is waiting for You!

Macau may not be on top of your list when we talk about South East Asia destinations. But I tell you the place is absolutely beautiful and offers a lot of great cultural experience.

Its the perfect blend of when east meets west type of place.

I hope that through my Macau travel tips it would ease up your apprehension and or concern of visiting this wonderful place.

So there you have it! Erik the Hungry Traveller’s Macau Travel Tips.

While you are it check out my other social media pages for more tips and travel suggestions. Add me up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. My handle name for all these site is erikthehungrytraveller.

Xiexie / thank you/ salamat everyone for finding time to read. See you on my next posts.

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