How to Get To Macau via Hong Kong by crossing the Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macau Bridge

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Planning on traveling to Macau via Hong Kong? Well here is a cheaper and much faster alternative than riding a ferry.

This is traveling to Macau by crossing the Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macau Bridge.  

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The Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macau Bridge (HZMB) is a 39 km long, bridge – tunnel system that connects the three territories: Hong Kong, Zhuhai (entry point if you want to visit Mainland China) and Macau.

This post will be a travel for dummy’s guide on how to get from the Hong Kong International Airport to Macau via Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macau Bridge.

So are you ready? Let’s begin.

Note: our entry point is Hong Kong International airport . For this route you would need to ride 2 buses.

The first bus will take you to the HZMB Hong Kong port while the 2nd bus is the shuttle bus that will cross the Hong Kong- Zhuhai – Macau Bridge which eventually take you to Macau.

From Hong Kong Airport to the Bus Station

1. Upon arriving at the Hong Kong International airport you need to exit at Terminal 2.

2. Once you have exited the gates of Terminal 2 you need to make your way to the bus Station.  

Caution: On your way to the bus station right after exiting the gates of terminal 2 you will be seeing 3 escalators heading down with a sign above it saying: Mainland Macau Transport.

DO NOT head down to those escalators as that is not where the bus heading to the Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macau Bridge is located.

Instead head towards your right after exiting Terminal 2 to find the bus station.

If you see this sign . That’s the wrong route.

The area leading down to the elevators are for those who wish to travel using a ride hailing service or private transport aka limousines.

Either of the two options are more expensive than riding a bus to Macau by crossing the HZM Bridge. At a minimum the ride hailing service cost 200 HKD.

Back on Track: Ride a bus heading towards the Hong Kong Port

3. The bus station is just a 2 minute walk from the terminal 2 exit gate.

4. Upon arriving at the bus stop the first thing you would notice is that Hong Kong buses are labeled according to number and letters.

5. The bus you need to hop on is the B4 bus.

6. The B4 bus stop is located at the other end of the street which means…you have to cross the street (I know stating the obvious right?)

Note: The cross walk is just located right of the bus station entrance. You do not need to get in to the bus terminal itself.

7. Once you’ve crossed the street find the bus stop for B4 buses. There is a signage to indicate the buses that will pass by that particular stop.

Note: Cost of the ride is 6 HKD. You may use an octopus card (highly recommended) or pay in HKD (make sure it’s the exact amount as the buses will not give you any change)

What is an Octopus Card? It is a multipurpose card that is essentially used to pay for Hong Kong transportation fares eg. Buses and trains/ mtr.
You can get the card in advance through booking apps or get one at the Hong Kong airport.

Hong Kong Port heading to Macau

8. Once you are onboard the B4 bus your destination would be at the Hong Kong port. Don’t worry it’s the last stop for the B4 bus route.

At this point I need you to BREATHE for 3, 2 ,1 …  okay now continue to number 9

9. Once you’ve reached the Hong Kong Port make your way to immigration.

10. Make sure to fill out the immigration departure slip which you can find at the left part of the building. It’s in a small corner a few steps away from the rest rooms.

11. Once you’ve filled in the immigration slip head to the Immigration -Visitors lane. Hong Kong security personnel will assist you on where to go.

12. As soon as you enter the restricted area- which is the area after passing through immigration (kept on reading this but never knew what “the restricted area” meant until my actual visit)

You would now need to purchase your HZMB bus ticket.

13. Just follow the path towards the ticketing counter – this should be an easy part. Just follow the signs. And there are no other way except towards the ticketing counters.

You can either purchase the tickets via Octopus or via cash.

14. The ticket counters are towards your right – don’t worry – again there are a lot of immigration officers that will guide you.

15. The ticket for a Day Rate is at 65 USD and 70 USD if you travel at night.

So yes, you can travel to either Zhuhai or Macau via Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge anytime of the day

Note: There are discounted rates for senior citizens so if you are traveling with one make sure to inform the ticketing counter and present their IDs.

Hello Macau: Crossing the Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macau Bridge

16. After purchasing your tickets you are now ready to hop on the shuttle buses heading to Macau.

17. There is only one exit heading to the shuttle bus. There are a lot of immigration officers that will lead you to the correct bus and as long as you follow the cordons then everything should all be fine.

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18. The shuttle bus is the only mode of transportation allowed to cross the Hong Kong- Zhuhai -Macau Bridge.

19. The bus ride is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. The shuttle bus will drop you off at the HZMB Macau port.

This is the only stop of the bus so at this point you can now breathe again (3, 2, 1…) as the worst part is over.

20. Upon arriving at Macau port head to the Macau Bus station (there are clear EXIT signs ).

21. You have to walk a good 3 to 5 minutes, ride a few escalators before reaching the Gate.

22. Upon Exiting you may now proceed to the bus station. You can either ride a bus heading to your respective hotels or ride the free hotel shuttle buses.

Note: If your hotel does not have free shuttle service or your only planning a day trip you can always ride other hotel shuttle buses that are near your hotel and it is still free of charge.

There you have it. A thorough guide on how to get to Macau via Hong Kong by crossing the Hong Kong -Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

Again the route above is from Hong Kong International airport heading to Macau.

For those planning to visit Macau via Hong Kong using the HZMB route, buses coded B5, B6 and A21 buses also has routes heading towards the HZMB Hong Kong port. Just make sure to ask the driver first for confirmation- just to be extra sure !

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