Where to Eat in Cebu: Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant

Anton's Cebuano Chinese Restaurant
Ej Requina
Ej Requina


Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Amethyst Boutique Hotel.

Check out my hotel review for AMETHYST BOUTIQUE HOTEL CEBU

So is their in house restaurant worth a visit?

Read along to for my restaurant review for Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant – I promise this would be a quick one.

Afternoon Delights at Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Cuisine.

After checking in to my room, I decide to wander a bit around the hotel. That got me very thirsty and hungry.

Good thing Anton’s Cebuano and Chinese Restaurant was open during that time for me to have a quick drink and some snacks.

The Thirst Quencher, Appetizers and Oh Dessert!

Cherry Lychee Shake

The shake was not too sweet and very refreshing.

Drinks at Antons

Their empanadas?  Oh don’t get me started on them. It was my absolute favorite!

They were perfectly cooked. Hard on the outside and soft at the center and you get a mozzarella surprise! Love it!

Before retiring to my room I was presented with one final item. Dessert!


If the tikoy- a sweet steamed cake and the masi a delicacy of Liloan- a town in northern Cebu (feature that next Netflix!) had a baby then this one would be their son or daughter.

Cut to the center of this small but terrible dessert and surprise – peanut butter! I think majority of us are a fan of peanut butter.

An Asian inspired Dinner at Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant.

Here were the dishes that I tried during Dinner at the restaurant

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Loved how they cooked the rice. As well as the meat and vegetables mixed with the rice. This is a meal in itself.

Steamed Fish in soy sauce

When the waiters told me that this was one of their best sellers I was very hesitant to taste it, why?

  1. Most of steamed fish meals Ive tried are Cream Dory fish– no offense but I am not a fan of that fish (not a reference to the Disney character which I love by the way- I love Dory not the fish okay this is confusing.. moving on)

But when I tasted the dish I was pleasantly surprised! Why?

  1. It was not Cream Dory. It was a fuller and tastier fish.
  2. It does not taste like any other steamed fish in soy sauce that you can easily order in other restaurants.
Brocolli with 3 Kinds of Mushrooms

I love mushrooms so anything with them babies on it I’m trying. Again the taste was very unique (the good kind not the weird type of unique).

I am not sure if their mushrooms were fresh or canned but if they were canned I was not able to notice the “canned” taste of the mushroom. 

Patatim with Fried Bread

A staple in any Chinese cuisine here in the Philippines. This is actually the pork leg braised until tender. And with what I tasted it was extremely tender that the meat fell off from the bones.

Pair it with the Fried Bread and it’s the dynamite meal ready to explode in your mouth.

The fried bread was a winner for me!

The Breakfast Feast

When you book a room at Amethyst Boutique Hotel you also get a free breakfast meal.

And yes, this is the free breakfast when you book a room at the hotel.

A selection of Filipino breakfast classics.

Regardless all meals have the complimentary congee, seasonal fruits and a choice of coffee, tea or juices.

Anton’s Cebuano Chinese Restaurant – An Authentic Dining Experience in Cebu

Filipinos are very picky and critical especially when it comes to food more so Cebuanos. We do love our food.

A Bold Move for Anton’s

 Thus choosing to open a Cebuano Chinese themed restaurant is a bold move for Amethyst Boutique hotel Cebu.

And based on my dining experience at the restaurant the risk was all worth it!

The ambience of the restaurant is simple and clean- nothing fancy. The price?

It’s not for a solo traveler meal as their portions are huge. So its best if you visit Antons Cebuano Chinese restaurant with family or group of friends.

Although they also do take aways so if you can’t finish the meal you can take it home with you.

Their price ranges from 250 Php to 750 Php


#7 M.Velez St. Capitol Site, Cebu City Hotel- 2nd floor of Amethyst Boutique Hotel Cebu

For Reservations: (032) 260 9350

The restaurant has a separate stair case entrance right beside Amethyst Boutique Hotel if you don’t want to use the hotel lobby to head up to Anton’s

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