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Types of Travel Buddy

14 Types of Travel Buddies: Which Type Are You?


Catchy title, right? As a solo traveler and a proud introvert, I enjoy people watching. While traveling, I sometimes sit at one corner and just people-watch. I observe their quirks, their behavior, and how they interact with other travelers and or locals.


Misconceptions about solo travelers


Solo Travelers usually are typecasted as people who do not enjoy being in the company of other travelers. WE revel on the thought of having a travel buddy.

Well, that is not entirely true. Solo Travelers thrive in an environment where they meet like-minded individuals. And I’d like to stress on like-minded individuals phrase.

In my three years of solo travel experience, I have met different types of travelers, both the good and not so pleasant ones.

Now that I am expanding my traveling horizon. I created a few profiles of travelers that I have met while solo traveling. I initially started with 7. however the more I looked back on my travels the list grew until I eventually settled with 14 types of Travel buddies.

Mind you, this has got to be one of the fun posts I have ever written. I feel like I have created a documentary of all the individuals that I have met while on travel.

I can say that there are certain types of travel buddies that I like to be with and others I avoid. Each has its unique strength and quirks. And yes, we are going to get to know each of their personas.

Now on the list are pictures of my friends – who I requested to be part of this blog. And yes, their photos are where they truly belong on the list.

Feel free to share this link or tag your friends if you find a type of travel buddies that best describe them or even you here in this post.


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14 types of Travel Buddies


1. The Selfieholic


Need I say more? This type of travel buddies is perhaps the most common of all “species” of travel buddies.

The type of travel buddies who love to take selfies! In any corner, angle, or location. If it catches this type of travel buddies’ attention then expect to hear multiple clicks on their cameras until they are satisfied with the shots they took of, well themselves!


Types of Travel Buddies


Advantage: Bringing along a travel buddy who is a selfie-holic means you have an independent traveler. Since they are experts at taking a perfect selfie. These types of travel buddies would not need your help in taking photos and documenting your trip. Perhaps, you can even learn a trick or two from them in taking good photos.


Disadvantage: They are their own worst critics. Thus these types of travel buddies will stop at nothing to get the perfect selfie. And taking the perfect selfie may take time. So if you are following a not so flexible itinerary. Then be wary if you have them tag along on that trip.


2. The Hungry Traveller

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The travel buddy who has an unlimited supply of food in their backpack.  Moreover, this travel buddy always makes it a point that they visit restaurants and cafes. In order to try every local cuisine that the place can offer. Rely on these types of travel buddies to locate the ideal places to grab a bite while on your trip.


Advantage: You would never go hungry when you are traveling with the Hungry Traveler which is extremely helpful for delayed flights, long drives, and long queues.

Plus since Hungry Travelers know their way around food. Deciding where to eat would not be a problem.


Disadvantage: A Hungry Traveler loves food and will make sure that your trips would have a mandatory visit to famous restaurants in that place. So if you are on a tight budget you may want to give these types of travel buddies a heads up before your actual travel.


3. The “Budgetarians”


Speaking of a tight budget. These types of travel buddies are an expert at keeping your expenses in check.

In order for the budget to stick, Budgetarians will take the lead in planning for the itinerary of the trip. Making sure all expenses are accounted for to come up with the exact or if not close to perfect expense for the whole trip.


Advantage: You won’t go over your budget. Which is really helpful.


Disadvantage: There’s a slim chance you can do side trips especially if it’s not part of the agreed Itinerary.


4. The OOTD Buddy


OTTD buddies have their outfit planned from Day 1 up until the last day of your trip a month prior to the actual trip! Perhaps your itinerary was even influenced by the outfits they plan on wearing for that trip. These types of travel buddies always see to it that they are on point all through the trip.


Types of Travel Buddies : The OOTD


Golden Rule: No outfit must be worn twice throughout the duration of the trip.

Can be best friends with the Selfie-holic or could be the same person! And oh designer stores are their weakness! They are always on the hunt for bargain quality outfits that they can use on their next travels.


Advantage: Err you have a fashion-forward friend? Seriously, this travel buddy can also help you plan out your look for the entire travel.

Well if your into that sort of thing.


Disadvantage: Outfit changes may require some time so having these types of travel buddies around may screw up your plans due to their OOTD goals.


5. The Politician


The travel buddy who will win any election by a landslide vote! He’s the travel buddy who can and will interact with anyone he/she meets. From the bus driver to the random guy on the street, to the waiters, and to fellow travelers. If it talks then the Politician will interact with that person.


Advantage: Navigation would not be a challenge since you have a walking-talking compass with you. Plus you may get discounts or visit interesting destinations because of recommendations from people The Politician interacted with.


Disadvantage: The Politicians enjoy good chitchat and if you’re not much of a talker then prepare for WORD war 3!


6. The Narcoleptic


When on a trip these types of travel buddies are the version of a party pooper in social gatherings. The Narcoleptic loves to sleep it out in the hotel room and or the travel buddy who always sleeps first while on your on the bus/ plane heading to your destination.


Advantage: Peace and Silence for most of the trip


Disadvantage: If you want someone to talk to while on the bus or on the plane then hmm yeah. In worst-case scenarios itineraries may be canceled since this travel buddy is too tired to join you for that day.


7. The Can I Have Some of that, Buddy?


These types of travel buddies’ favorite phrase? Yes, you guessed it! Can I have some of that food? Can I have some of that lotion? Can I have some of that water? The travel buddy who always asks whatever is in your hand.


Advantage: Well if you brought a tub of sunscreen that will expire by the end of your trip then it wouldn’t come to waste when you’re traveling with this one right here.


Disadvantage: When you bought supplies only for yourself then you’d definitely be visiting the nearest convenience store all throughout your trip.


But hey sharing is caring right! Right?


8. I Am Daredevil


Your adventurous travel buddy. The individual who is willing to bungee jump, ride roller coasters, and skydive.
These types of travel buddies feed on excitement and thrill.


Advantage: There is never a dull moment with the adrenaline junky Daredevil. Expect to have adventure-packed travel with these types of travel buddies.


Disadvantage: If you have extreme fears. Expect that the Daredevil would want you to conquer that fear. Daredevils would stop at nothing until you jumped off that cliff or rode the 360 looped roller coaster.


9. The Pocketful of Sunshine


The Pocket Full of Sunshine travelers always stays positive and calm in any situation. These types of travel buddies are made up of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Even if your 5 minutes away from missing your flight. Or there was a mix up with your hotel booking. The Pocketful of Sunshine still finds the silver lining in those untoward situations.


Types of Travel Buddies : Pocketful of Sunshine


Advantage: We all need that ray of sunshine while traveling. This travel buddy is a good source of that energy.


Disadvantage: You may make poor judgment calls because of the infectious positivism of the Pocketful of Sunshine.


10. The Walking Subtitle


We all know of someone who has a reaction to every situation regardless if it calls for it or not. (Quick tag this person in this article)- kidding!
The individual who always shrieks, shouts, or laughs the loudest. The travel buddy who has an opinion on almost everything and reacts to almost anything.


Advantage: Never a dull moment when you are with a Human Subtitle. Expect candid remarks and reactions wherever you go.


Disadvantage: It could get a tad bit annoying when you’re traveling with a living subtitle especially if your one who does not want attention but then again we all love Netflix and their subtitles so, yeah.


11. The Paw Parent


These types of travel buddies love animals. The person who stops on their tracks just to pet a dog or a cat (or both) on your travel.

The Pet Parent also may go on a monologue of how that cute animal reminds them of the furry babies they left at home. How they can’t wait to hug them after the trip.

Lastly, if the Pet Parents can take their furry babies with them on the trip they will!


Types of Travel Buddies: Paw Parent


Advantage: If you’re a pet lover then you and the Pet Parent can get along


Disadvantage: If you’re not into pets then find a neutral topic you can chat about. – I love pets so I can’t even think of  any disadvantage LOL!


12. The Package Deal


Now, these types of travel buddies also have their own set of travel buddies that will tag along on the trip. And their friends also have a set of individuals who also wants to join. You know where this is heading right?


Advantage: If everyone decides to go then it’s one heck of a party


Disadvantage: If anyone cancels you may end up traveling alone since these types of travel buddies have the domino syndrome. If a party decides to cancel then all of them go toppling down and cancels as well.


13. The Lost in Space


These types of travel buddies have no sense of direction whatsoever! That despite having a map, google directions, and the direction of bystanders these types of travel buddies can’t seem to find their way… anywhere!

Heck, they would even get lost in places they frequently visit if they change their usual route.


Advantage: If you like being lost then by all means travel with Lost in Space types of travel buddies. Perhaps you may discover hidden destinations when you get lost together.


Disadvantage: Well as long as you handle the navigation then there wouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you don’t let Lost in Space types of travel buddies out of your sight! Now that’s a problem you do not want to have while traveling.


14. The Parent Trap


These are the moms and dads who just want to go on a quick vacation. After years of convincing them to travel. They finally do it!

Just like the Pet Parents, random kids, or anything that reminds them of their adorable children may trigger a phone call or a video call to check on their kids.

Regardless, they always allocate time to check on their kids while on the trip.


Types of Travel Buddies: Parent Trap


Advantage: Their instincts as a parent will kick in thus they will be taking care of you throughout the duration of the trip.


Disadvantage: You may be in for a roller coaster ride especially if it’s their first time being away from their family.


Any Other Types of Travel Buddies you can think of?


So there we have it the list of 14 Types of Travel Buddies. Any one of the 14 matches who you are as a traveler? Or do you know of someone who fits any of the 14 types of travel buddies? 

Feel free to share this article with them!


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32 Responses

      1. Haha this post made me laugh. I can relate to a few of them. If I were to be described as any of them it would be the parent or narcoleptic traveller. Its been said I could sleep on a washing line. When my bum hits that plane seat I’m gone to the land of nod!

  1. That´s a hilarious list of travel buddies and it is soo true! I acknowledge a few and see them in a couple of my friends who joined me on the one or the other trip 😀 Great job! Thanks for putting that together!

  2. Oh reading this made me giggle. My husband is the Daredevil, I’m the Sunshine and my daughter is definitely the Can I have Some? haha

    Great social commentary on travellers

  3. Haha this made me laugh! I can’t work out which one I am (I think it’s a combination!) but I’ve definitely met a few of these! 😂

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of post. Your humour is amazing and this article is so accurate! I especially love the Selfie-holic one haha! What a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing

  5. LOL. This is an amusing list. I can totally identify myself and my travelling partner in several a number of types listed. I’m definitely The Hungry Traveller and I love trying out local cuisine. While my partner is definitely the daredevil as he is adventurous, so am I actually. We haven’t done skydiving yet but we have climbed a few mountains and went to remote places in Australia and Indonesia.

    1. This is different type of travel post but great too. Hungry traveler suits me because I love to eat when I travel.

  6. This post was hilarious. I couldn’t decide which one I was, but my husband may have some opinions.

  7. You have a great sense of humour! I couldn’t decide which category I fell into lol! Thanks for this.

  8. What a fun post! I can definitely say I’ve traveled with a handful of these buddies. But some of these remind me why I love Solo travel!

    1. That was such a fun post to read 😄😂 I have been with selfieholics, daredevil, Can I have some of that, Package deal and OOTD.. So many people came into my mind while going through this post. Sometimes I become the Budgetarian and also guilty of being lost in space a few times!! 🤣

  9. Truly, this post has a boat load of amazing and interesting sense of humor, especially for travelers that can truly relate to this. I love that you were able to come up with this, and many travelers have met some of these kind of travelers on their adventures. Personally, I encounter most of these types of travelers, and this actually made my travel journey amazing because of these different types of travel buddy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  10. Hilarious! Not sure which one I fit in but all I know is that I am craving a very solo trip after reading about these buddies lol. It’s been a while, I am just looking forward to not worrying about anyone one’s needs.

  11. Hilarious post!!! My kids are the hungry travelers and I end up being the one carrying eight meals worth of food in my purse- somehow it’s still NEVER enough!!!

  12. I’m the pocketful of sunshine and the hungry traveler, is that allowed lol! I’m always good fun too, but of course I’m biased!

  13. Hahaha! I can’t stop laughing while reading the whole list of type of travel buddies. Amongst all I would keep myself to Daredevil type travel buddy. 😉

  14. Ah that’s brilliant! I’ve spotted friends, and I’ve blushed when I found myself. As a card carrying Pocket Full of Sunshine (known at home as Pollyanna), it would do me a lot of good to admit sometimes that things are pants. Partnered up with Mr Lost In Space, we’ve definitely found ourselves here. Or maybe we will have found ourselves two wrong turns and a white-knuckle crossing of a four lane road later.

  15. What a fun post to read! I could identify some of my friends falling in each category and it made me smile. Thanks for sharing this post as it refreshed some of my favorite travel memories of our group travels.

  16. Haha, I love this! I’m a Pocketful of Sunshine traveling with a Daredevil. (And marrying him in a few months, too!) We are budget travelers, but while we try to keep costs low we don’t stress over it or do a lot of math while on holiday.

  17. I am a determined solo-traveller, but if I’d decide to take someone with me, a pocket full of sunshine would also fit in my luggage.
    With a selfie-taker, though, the trip would be over before we even set foot on foreign soil….
    Very funny – but also true 😉 – post!

  18. Oh my. I’m tired with a selfie-taker. (You can tell by their pictures on social media). Don’t you think the OOTD Buddy is more to people from Southeast Asia? I’m from Indonesia, so I KNOW! My sister is one of them. lol.

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