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Last January 30, 2019 Erik the Hungry Traveller received wonderful news. This blog of almost one year received the honor of being one of the Top Philippine Travel Blogs for 2019!

The recognition came from Joseph Archibald who runs Ranked at the Top

Not only was this website recognized as one of the Top Philippine Travel Blogs for 2019.

Readers of Ranked at the Top were also given the opportunity to get to know Erik the Hungry Traveller better through a short interview.

You can check the full length interview at Ranked at the Top : Top Philippine Travel Blogs for 2019  along with the rest of the awardees.

Or better yet you can read through my full interview here!

Again thank you Mr Joseph Archibald for the recognition.

To my Erik the Hungry Traveller readers find out how this blog site got to be a part of the Top Philippine Travel Blogs for 2019 by reading my interview below!

Top Philippine Travel Blogs for 2019 as recognized by Ranked at the Top – Erik the Hungry Traveller Interview

Top Philippine Travel Blogs Question 1:

Ranked at the Top: Hey, Erik! Please tell our readers about your blog at erikthehungrytraveller.com. What’s the main focus there and what was your inspiration for setting up the blog?

Erik’s Answer: Hey everyone Erik the Hungry Traveller blog is a fusion of a travel and food blog. In almost all my travels the first thing that always get me excited is to try the food in the places I visit.

It is always a joy to immerse and understand the culture of a place through their food.

This blog started off as a personal blog/ a diary of some sort to document my solo travel adventures.

When my friends started reading my post which I shared on facebook they were surprised and curious by how I an extreme introvert was able to survive exploring Boracay alone (my first solo adventure).

First Solo Travel

At first they did not believe I was doing solo travels but over time and with other solo travel adventures that Ive posted on my blog they finally accepted “defeat” and were convinced that hey this guy has indeed evolved to being the introverted solo traveler guy.

2019 Top Travel Philippine Blogs
Solo Travel in the Philippines

With that positive feedback from friend and family I decided to officially launch the website as I felt that I had a platform to share with aspiring travelers my solo travel journey and hopefully inspire them to try solo traveling even once in their lives.

Top Philippine Travel Blogs Question 2:

Ranked at the Top : You state on your blog that you are relatively introverted.

Do you feel that a typically introverted character means it’s more difficult to travel.

Do you need to push yourself to interact? The reason I ask, Erik, is that many people that wish to travel are similar to you in that they can be introverted.

This introversion can put  a stop to any travel plans they had.

Erik Answer: In a psychological test that my previous company paid (Myers-Briggs) for me to take I had a 100% score on introversion I was at the extreme on that scale.

With that being said it was very challenging for me at first even the thought of planning to go on solo travel made me extremely anxious. But I knew I had to step out of the box and just do something unexpected for once.

There were a lot of questions looming in my mind , what was I going to do, do I really have to interact with people, how was I to survive. But soon enough I realized that it was all in my head.

Despite being introverted I was able to meet friends on my first solo travel experience and mind you I still interact with some of them up to this very day.

Throughout my solo travel journeys I realized that yes introversion has its disadvantages when solo traveling but so is extroversion. Thus for me it’s really a matter of accepting and knowing your strength and flaws as an individual for you to make the most out of your solo travel experience – and in life in general.

Top Philippine Travel Blogs Question 3:

Ranked at The Top: You travel around the Philippines. What’s been your favorite destination to date and why?

Erik’s Answer: Oh man! Visiting Legazpi and seing Mayon. That for me still tops the list. It was surreal that as a kid you just saw Mayon in textbooks and post cards knowing that it was called the perfect cone shape volcano.

Me and Mayon

Seeing it up close and finally realizing that hey what the textbooks said were true. It is indeed a perfect cone shaped beauty!

My experience in Legazpi was comparable to me being in Amazing Race (love that show).

I had to ask for directions, I had to locate my next travel destination and had to race against time to see Mayon Volcano in its full glory before the puffy clouds engulfs it and I had my first ATV ride with Mayon Volcano as my background!

2019 Top Travel Philippine Blogs

So yeah that for me is still the best solo travel journey in the Philippines.

Top Philippine Travel Blogs Question 4:

Ranked at the Top : I see some advertising on your blog: Is that Google AdSense? Do you monetize in any other way?

Erik’s Answer: I used to have google adsense but they suspended my account and I have no idea why (but all good no bitterness here).

But I have other ads popping up in my site such as yahoo’s counterpart of google adsense, chitka and infolinks.

I also was given the opportunity to monetize through guest blogs.

In addition, i also receive request from hotels and restaurants to visit their business and blog about it. 

Top Philippine Travel Blogs Question 5:

Ranked at the Top : What about social media?

Which social media channel or channels is/ are your preferred way to get the word out about your blog?

Erik’s Answer: I essentially use Instagram (yall can follow me at Instagram.com/erikthehungrytraveller). I keep my posts travel related in that account. I also have a facebook page same handle: erikthehungrytraveller.

Top Philippine Travel Blogs Question 6:

Ranked at the Top : Any travel plans in place for 2019, Erik? And, here is the code for the logo to post on your site:

Yes! I recently met with some folks in Manila for a possible collaboration blog/vlog gig.(can’t say much about it yet)

That’s mainly the reason why my blog has been dormant for a month or so.

But definitely have plans of traveling in Manila again by Q1. Excited to post about Boracay 2.0.

So that’s something in the works for this year. Lastly I have 2 international trips lined up HongKong by May and Taiwan by Q4 of the year.

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