6 Tips For a Completely Chilled Jamaican Vacation

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When you ask people to imagine the most relaxed holiday location on the planet.

The chances are that Jamaica will pop into more than a few craniums.

Its powder sand beaches, sapphire Caribbean water, verdant mountains and cool reggae vibes make it the tropical paradise on everyone’s to-do list.

So if you want to wander slightly off the beaten path in Jamdown to really feel the nation’s life force.

Here are six tips for a completely chilled Jamaican vacation.

1. Frenchman’s Cove

For many Jamaicans, Portland parish boasts the prettiest scenery the island has to offer.

But visit Frenchman’s Cove to decide for yourself — this bijou beach is one of the world’s most beautiful and boasts an adjacent stream where the water’s so warm it feels like a bath.

Soak up the ambience and unwind all the way.

2. Weddy Weddy

If you love to wind your waist to pounding basslines and appreciate dancehall DJs who can ride the rhythm with wicked lyrics.

Don’t leave Jamaica without attending Kingston’s iconic Weddy Weddy party hosted by Stone Love sound system.

It’s held on Wednesdays (hence the name) and lasts into the wee small hours — so you’ll need plenty of stamina!

3. Grand Port Royal Hotel

If you yearn for a romantic Jamaican bolt hole with beautiful views of Kingston Harbour, be sure to book a room at Grand Port Royal Hotel.

Located at formed pirate capital Port Royal, it’s a sweet spot for movie buffs — 60s Bond thriller Dr. No was filmed there and it’s close to Lime Cay, where the screen-searing gun battle in cult gangster flick The Harder They Come was shot.

4. Harbour View roundabout

If you’ve never spent part of your vacation at a roundabout (what we might call a traffic circle), you’ve missed out big style.

Harbour View is a residential community at the foot of Palisadoes Peninsula on the airport road, and just opposite the main traffic circle you’ll find some of the best jerk chicken Jamaica has to offer — fried fresh in authentic open-fire steel pans.  Put simply, it’s culinary heaven.

5. Country Country

Country Country is the Jamaican hotel that’s so good they named it twice.

It’s a complex of pretty pastel cabins nestled on the shores of Seven Mile beach in beautiful Negril — and it’s one of the best places on the planet to splash in the sea or sink a cold beer and let your mind drift away.

6. Flights

If you got an A-grade for Geography, you’ll realize that Jamaica’s closest to east coast airports like JFK, Boston and Miami — but check out Kayak.com and you’ll find cheap direct or layover flights from many US locations.

And whether you’re departing from Orlando or Ontario, reserve valet parking at Looking4.com and leave your ride in safe hands for the duration — it beats getting stressed on public transport.

So ends our list, but please share your own Jamaican vacation tips in the comments section.

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