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2019 Travel Goals

Man and just like that we are now at the second month for 2019! Wow, seems like January just passed by like a blink of an eye. And I am only able to talk about Erik the Hungry Traveller’s 2019 travel goals just this month – February.

As an excuse (lol), I declare February as the start of the year and January being a 30 day free trial for the year. But seriously though the writers block and work got the best of me the past month.

That’s right, writer’s block and adulting are both real. Had to do some writer’s block detoxification in order for me to get my groove back.

And now that the engine is now running smoothly let’s talk about Erik the Hungry Traveller’s 2019 Travel Goals.

What’s the theme for 2019?

2019 marks the second year for Erik the Hungry traveler website and with that said I wanted to introduce a bit of a change for 2019.

Hold up! Don’t worry we are still going to travel and eat a lot this year but I wanted to highlight another aspect of traveling.

For the past year and even pre – Erik the Hungry Traveller website years the focus of my posts have always been solo travels.

2019 Travel Goals

  1. My Solo Travel Experience: The Lies About Solo Traveling
  2. Manila Solo Travel for the Budget Traveler
  3. Solo Traveling in the Philippines

And I believe I have created sufficient blog posts about it along with tips. And moreover provided a bit of a nudge to my readers as to why we all should do solo travels even once in our lifetime.

With that said for 2019 Travel Goals, Erik the Hungry Traveller wants to step out of its comfort zone (again) and do something new!

Let’s talk about traveling with a buddy!

The Year of the Travel Buddy!

 You read it right this solo traveler is now open to traveling the Philippines and other parts of the world with a buddy for 2019!

2019 Travel Goals
Travel Buddy Ashley

I feel like there is much to explore about traveling than the beautiful scenery, the delicious food and the culture immersion.

We’ve read several articles talking about it.

So how about we address the experience itself! The thrill of traveling alone vs traveling with a buddy or buddies .

2019 Travel Goals

The moments treasured when you witness a solo travel milestone vs sharing it with someone else. Oh I tell you there are lots to explore with this topic and hey I have got the whole 2019 to test this experience.

So What is a Travel Buddy

Well if you ask google, a Travel buddy is simply another person who travels with you.

Self-explanatory right?

So this person could be anyone your friend, your lover even your family or even someone you met while on solo travels.

2019 Travel Goals: Why do a Travel Buddy themed year?

During my previous solo travels I have met awesome individuals who have made my travel experience fun, interesting and memorable.

They for me are considered as travel buddies. Unexpected acquaintances and pleasant company while doing my solo travel journey.

2019 Travel Goals

And from time to time their faces pop up on my post. Just wasn’t able to highlight that experience as I was focused on my own solo travel journey.

So No more Solo Travels for Erik the Hungry Traveller? (sad emoji)

This guy right here will always be an advocate of solo travels and hey have already planned out a few solo travels for this year as well.

But imagine watching season 1 episode 1 of Game of Thrones for 15 times. You love the show but eventually you’ll get bored of watching reruns over and over again.

Solo Travels will always be the heart and soul of Erik the Hungry Traveller but this time around we want to broaden the horizon and widen our audience reach.

Kickoff for 2019 Travel Goals

The thought of traveling with a buddy came to me in a dream (just kidding). The idea resulted when My Mom and I decided to go on a short visit to Manila.

2019 Travel Goals

Why Manila? Because she has never been to any parts of the Luzon area.

A little Philippine geography crash course: The Philippines is composed of 3 major island groups namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

My mother has visited Visayas and Mindanao region but has never stepped foot in Luzon. Thus I took her there to check that off her travel bucket list goals.

Want to see how it went? Well that my friends would be for another time and for another blog post.

2019 Travel Goals

Open Invite: Travel Buddies Wanted

So this is a casting call – kidding. An open invite to everyone reading this who wants to be my travel buddy to a specific destination in the Philippines or perhaps abroad. Then hit me up!

And no I won’t be covering for your expenses (eye roll) unless if it’s a sponsored travel then heck yeah why not right?

A little too late but Happy 2019 my awesome and lovely Hungry Travellers!

I am so excited and grateful to be able to continue sharing my travel adventures with all of you.

Expect a lot more news-good news- and more announcements for this website in the coming months!

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  1. I traveled alone for a very long time. It was part of my work life so I never gave it much thought. The first few times felt strange but now it feels strange to consider going with someone else. I have now and just wanted to say it is a different kind of experience. I think both are great for their own reasons. You certainly feel less lonely with a travel buddy but you also tend to miss out on little details and fully absorbing your surroundings and the culture around you. Really enjoyed the read and hope this year brings you even more wonderful experiences.

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