Solo Travel Experience: Goals and Passion
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My Solo Travel Experience: The Lies About Solo Traveling

Coz telling the truth about my Solo Travel Experience is overrated!

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Who takes your pictures while travelling? How much do you spend on your travels? Do you meet people while on solo travels? In a scale of 1-10 how was your solo travel experience?

These are but a few of the most asked questions (at least for me) that my friends and family ask me when they see my travel photos on social media.

Back in 2016 when I first started my solo travel experience I would answer all their questions enthusiastically and with gusto. Fast forward to 2018 you would see me eye roll when I hear those questions.

My First Solo Travel Experience

I mean, imagine watching Game of Thrones episode 1 for 20 times. I love the show but it gets tiring when you re-watch it multiple times. That’s how I feel when people ask me the same questions about my solo travel experience.

But then it hit me. This could be a good blog post. Instead of me ranting about the situation why don’t I just blog about it.

So thank you friends, family and random people who asked me those questions (repeatedly) for being my inspiration for this post.

Solo Travel Experience: Debunking the Myths and Lies 

1. Solo Travel is for the lonely and the brokenhearted

Perhaps the most common misconception about solo travel is that people do it to pick themselves up after a bad break up or to perk themselves up because they find their life extremely sad.

Solo Travel Experience: Not for the Brokenhearted

While some do it for that actual reason, majority of solo travelers who I have met are actually happy, contented people who just are passionate about traveling as they are about life. And oh they are also in a happy relationship or are happy being single.

So no we are not the sulkers nor the whiners. We just love to travel and love the energy that the solo travel experience brings.

2. Only Those with Money can Afford Solo Travels

People often think that solo travelers have it easy. That they have a limitless supply of money.

Solo Travel Experience: Not Just for the Rich

How I wish this was indeed the reality. Truth is we are just like you. We have bills to pay, we like and dislike our job at the same time and we like all people, run out of money as well.

When I plan my travels I always keep my budget in check. What’s that word… oh yes I SAVE for my travels.

Like anyone, we work hard to afford our travels. For some travel nomads that I have met they do online work just to sustain their travel nomad lifestyle.

3. We Travel Because We Have No Direction In Life

Aside from the fact that we are not sulkers nor whiners (generally). We also are ambitious and goal driven.

Solo Travel Experience: Goals and Passion

From my end I own a restaurant- Crazy Hungry Asian, an artisan hand painted bag online shop- Klassy Bolsita, I have an 8-5 job and I run Erik the Hungry Traveller blog. So yeah this solo traveler is in the driver’s seat of his life.

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Traveling is a passion of ours. It’s the reward for the hard work we put in. In fact solo travelers that I have met in person or whom I have met online are the most resilient and goal driven people.

Crazy Hungry Asian
4. You Travel Solo you Return Solo

I have read an article that solo traveling is the anti-thesis of dating. While this may be true as I have never dated anyone on any of my solo travel experience.

One thing that can debunked though is that you gain nothing out of your solo travels.

Yes I may not have found the love of my life while traveling but I did meet awesome people who through their experiences made me a better, happier and more driven person.

You travel solo you return with more than just your backpack. You return with gained experiences, new friends, memories and adventure.

Solo Travel Experience: Gaining Friends

My fellow “solo travelers”

On that note and as a way to end this post. Here are the awesome people whom I have met recently either in person or online who like me love traveling. Some travel solo, some in pairs, with friends or even with family.

What brought us together is our passion about traveling and our goal to live life to the fullest

These awesome folks love traveling and are better human beings because of it. Go check out their social media pages and visit their blogs to find out more about what makes their travels inspiring and fun.

Before you meet these awesome traveler let me just talk to the person reading this eye to eye ( or whatever its called since I can’t see you in person).

So to YOU reading this post. I want you to travel and see what the world has to offer. Enjoy Life and have fun! 

The Great Wander 

Instagram: thegreatwander

They have been to more than 41 countries and are still set for more global adventures. I have had the opportunity to meet both in person and i absolutely … hated every moment of it…. kidding!

I love them and am inspired by them. Their authenticity and passion about life is very infectious. Check their posts on their blog as well as visit their social media for inspiring posts and photos.


Instagram: adventureswitheric

So who travels with Eric? Well that would be Stacy. Both are LA based weekend adventurers who loves taking cool photos and go on road trips. Plus they give you tidbit trivia of their travels which I find fun and interesting. I am a fan of fun facts and trivia posts. 

I have not met this dynamic duo in person but I know for a fact they are awesome people! Visit their blog to find more fun filled adventures of both Stacy and Eric.


Instagram: AshleyLovesKiwi

She’s my sister from another mother and 50% of The Great Wander. Love her genuineness and spunky personality. She is the self-proclaimed cow whisperer. Check her journeys by visiting her Instagram page and of course the Great Wander blog.


Instagram:  pnewb

I have never met this person but I am inspired by her experience. 

Plus I am a fan of her tattoos. Go read her blog and see her social media post to know why I find this gal inspiring.  


Instagram: Freedom_Diaries

Same with the former, I have only met her online. She has been all over the world. A travel nomad as they commonly say. Her photos are fun, engaging and light hearted that it will definitely inspire you to hop on a plane and visit the places she has visited.

Leah Mathew

Instagram: leah_mathew

This gal has been all over the world! I love her instagram shots and the candidness of her posts. Go check her out to get some idea on travel itineraries  and must see places in any country.

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Erik James aka Erik the Hungry Traveller is a Human Resource Ninja and at the same time a travel & food blogger. He uses his passion for the arts particularly with painting and photography to add more fun and color to his social media pages. He loves extreme adventures and does not back out on any food challenge. His passion for food and travelling started during his childhood years where he would accompany his parents to business trips around the Philippines. He currently focuses on writing blogs on solo travelling and trying out restaurants that are not your usual run of the mill places. To counter his extreme love for travelling and FOOD he also enjoys swimming and mix martial arts so that he can stay “relatively” fit and healthy. Instagram : Facebook: Email: [email protected]


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    Your tips are spot on. Your advice is wonderful and from the heart. I love watching you grow as a person and as a blogger. I can honestly see amazing things coming your way with all the hard work you put in!

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    Lee C.

    I am a fellow solo traveler and I am so glad someone else feels the same way as me. I don’t travel alone because I am lonely, lost, or don’t have friends… I travel alone to fully absorb the cultures, the food, the music, everything about the destination. When I travel with others, I miss out on experiences that require me to detach from my normal life. People don’t seem to get that. It isn’t about the destination but the enriching experience you feel in your soul.

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    I really admire everyone that decide to do a solo travel. I travel always with my love or in the past with my family never tried to do a solo travel.

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    Rhonda Albom

    I don’t like stereotypes and I think your question answers show that solo travellers to not fit into any particular mold. now where can i get some of that Crazy Hungry Asian food – it does look delicious.

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    Great to hear your friends and family are asking you about your travels … and brilliant you’ve found a place to direct them for answers. I love it when friends and family take an interest in what I am doing. Hopefully you’ll get lots of blog sign-ups from them.

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