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Our second guest post features one remarkable yet underrated city in the Philippines- GenSan 

Erik the Hungry Traveller 100% supports fellow bloggers who wish to promote and highlight the beauty of the Philippines.

And since I have not been to this beautiful place ( summoning all possible sponsors hit me up *wink) I for one enjoyed reading this post.

For those planning to visit General Santos City aka GenSan read along friends. 

5 Surprising Attractions You Didn’t Know Were in GenSan

Guest post written for Erik the Hungry Traveller blog

June 9, 2018 

We all know that the city of General Santos- known colloquially as “GenSan” is the home of famed boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao.

GenSan is also where you’ll find the southern most major airport in the Philippines. Making it a favorite gateway to the Southern island of Mindanao for both locals and foreigners alike.

Here are five reasons why this jewel of the south is the most underrated cities in the country.

Aweng Balbacuahan

In any place in the world, one of the best ways to truly get to know the people is to sample the local cuisine.

It does not get any more local than this. Aweng Balbacuahan is your classic highway “karinderya”. A restaurant that specialized in cheap but good local eats.

Do not be fooled by their affordable prices. Their beef stew is an invigorating helping of soft- boiled meat swimming in a soup of local spices and produce.

The best part is that at these prices, you would not feel guilty about sampling anything that catches your eye.

99 Brewery

If you are looking for a place to party in the south this is it.

99 Brewery was established on July 8, 2015 by 9 friends.

These friends all belong to batch ’99 of the local Notre Dame of Marbel University high school. Instead of just spending money on alcohol they decided to invest in it.

Now, 99 Brewery is the premier destination for nightlife in the city of General Santos. Whether you’re looking for ice-cold local beers or top shelf foreign alcohol. You will find it all here.

This is also a good place to catch the next best local DJ as several nights of the week are dedicated to musical performances by GenSan’s own pool of talents.

General Santos City Fish Port Complex

If you are wondering why GenSan is known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Then head to the General Santos City Fish Port Complex. 


If you plan on visiting make sure that you wear pants as those wearing shorts would not be allowed to enter. You would also be required to wear rubber boots that you you can rent out at a reasonable price.

Try to stick to a budget or you might end up buying more tuna than you can carry.

Lamlifew School of Living Traditions

This place is actually 20 km north of the city of General Santos. However, the trip there is much worth it.

Recognized by the NCCA or National Commission on Culture and the Arts as an official school for living traditions.

Lamlifew is a local community that is dedicated to preserving, fostering and passing on the traditions of the B’laan tribe.


This includes the weaving of the tabih, caring for their ancestral artifacts and living in harmony with the land.

While this place is not exactly in GenSan, your visit to the city is the perfect excuse to see Lamlifew as well.

After taking the the two-hour Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to GenSan, what is another hour long car ride to the north?

Sanchez Peak

Located at Barangay Olympong. Sanchez Peak is the nearest natural wonder from the heart of General Santos City.

There are several trails that you can take to reach the peak. Each of these trails offer a different level of difficulty which caters to both amateur and seasoned climbers.

At night, whether you are on the trails or resting at the peak itself, you will see the lights of GenSan below while stars greet you from above.


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