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Hotel Benilde

Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle : 1st ETHT Hotel Review


The prestige of the first ever hotel review for Erik the Hungry Traveller travel and food blog goes to Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle.

Now I want this review to be straight forward, honest and helpful as possible. I can hear my readers screaming: Get to the point Erik the Hungry Traveller! We just want to know if Hotel Benilde is a worthwhile book for our future travels in Manila!

Since I love my readers so much I will answer this important question on this paragraph. The short sweet answer is NO…. Kidding! The short sweet 2 word answer is HECK YES!


Hotel Benilde


Knowing how I’m absolutely picky with my choice of EVERYTHING in life you may want to stop reading up to this point and book a room at Hotel Benilde by clicking this link: Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle

If you want to get into the details as to why this is an Erik the Hungry Traveller approved hotel then read away:

I could tell you about the history of the hotel and some flowery intros about how I discovered the place but I prefer to do this article the unconventional way (wink).

Plus we have google for those kind of stuff. Now on with the review:



Erik the Hungry Traveller Reviews: Hotel Benilde Maison De LaSalle




Hotel Benilde


The hotel exudes regality. If the hotel vibe was personified she would be Kate Middleton. Enough said right? The right blend of class and rigidity to attract both business minded and free spirited travelers. I have been to numerous hotels and the vibe of the main lobby is a summary of the entire vibe of the hotel.

The right tone of colors and proper brightness helps contribute to the Kate Middleton vibe of Hotel Benilde.




Okay, going local with my personification here so to my international reader just click this link to know more about this person: Anne Curtis

The personification of Hotel Benilde would be Anne Curtis. Very pretty, she can act well, dance well and host like the world depended on her. However singing is not her strong suit. The food looks good, the waiters were accommodating, the waiting time was short but the taste of their meals was nothing exceptional.


Hotel Benilde


In their defense I only tasted a handful of their meals so maybe I chose wrongly. Don’t get me wrong though the food does not taste awful it’s your average run of the mill hotel meal.


Thus, in my opinion their food is not their strongest suit but hey I’ve seen youtube vids of Anne Curtis singing and man has she improved.

Thus I am 110% confident that Team Hotel Benilde can deliver a greater dining experience to their customers.



The Facilities and the ROOM

Liam Hemsworth, yes the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. Both are equally talented, handsome but one is more popular than the other. Hotel Benilde can definitely compete with other 3 star or 4 star hotels in the area. It is at the upper part on that list.

The hotel has a gym facility, a pool and meeting rooms.


Hotel Benilde

Like Liam Hemsworth it’s a complete package however, it just isn’t Thor. There are other bigger and equally nice hotels in the area that offer the same facility.


However, if you are looking for value for money with more or less the same facilities as a 4 or 5 star hotel then go for the younger Liam, go for Hotel Benilde.



The Highlight of Hotel Benilde

No I did not forget about the ROOM. There was a reason why I capitalized it. For any traveler either on business or leisure one important and perhaps THE MOST important location is the room.



I absolutely loved their room. I can definitely compare it with much high end hotels that I’ve been to. It smells clean, looks clean and of course the bed is very comfy.


Hotel Benilde

The Final Verdict


So there you have it my quick and quirky review of Hotel Benilde Maison de Lasalle. In reference to the 3rd paragraph of this review. This hotel should be a priority in the event you intend to stay within Malate area. It exudes elegance and the amenities of a toned down 5 star hotel.

To know more about the hotel or to make a reservation just click this link: Hotel Benilde Maison de La Salle

Their address and contact number is: Arellano corner Estrada Streets, Malate, Manila, Philippines | Phone Number: +63-02-2305230


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  1. I really love your honesty, first of all. And that is definitely something that they can work on. Perfectly thorough review and sounds like a place that I would stay. Hotel food choices are definitely not a deal breaker during travel:). Super cool to see you doing this.

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