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Guest post written by Benjamin Forlani August 11, 2018

This marks a  milestone for Erik the Hungry Traveller website! Our first ever guest post is courtesy of our friends from INSIDR. They are a friendly travel start up born in Paris in 2015. Their goal is to help foreign travelers prepare their trip to Europe with qualitative content and recommendations. 

To get to know more about this European travel start up company or if you plan to visit Europe anytime soon then just click on this link : Travel Guide to Europe with INSIDR

For their first guest post INSIDR shall share with all the Hungry Travellers the best authentic Italian pizza in Paris. Spoiler alert, you may end up craving for quality pizza after reading this post. Enjoy Hungry Travellers! 

8 absolute best authentic Italian pizza in Paris
No need to fly to NaplesMilan, or Rome in Italy to find authentic Italian pizza! The pizza scene in Paris has actually greatly improved in the past few years. Whether you like them really thin and simple, to creative and elaborate, we have listed our top selection of authentic Italian pizza in Paris. GOOD Pizza is always a good choice, wether you travel as a family, as a couple, or even on your own. We’ve got you covered! Read on!


Daroco made big buzz when they opened a few months ago. To start with, the restaurant is nested in the heart of the Opera district, not too far from the Louvre and near beautiful Galerie Vivienne. The restaurant decor is really fancy, with mirrors covering the ceiling. Don’t miss the hidden secret cocktail bar at the back! Perfect for a romantic night or business dinner with drinks.

Address: 6 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

Telephone: +33142219371


At INSIDR, we are found of IOVINE’s pizza selection. At IOVINE’s, everything is locally sourced and organic. The pizza dough has exactly the right texture and bubbly crunch. If you prefer to enjoy pizza at your apartment or hotel, IOVINE’s also offers take away and delivery.

Address: 7Bis Rue du Colonel Driant, Paris, 75001, France
Telephone: +33147039209


Popolare is a newly opened branch of the super-successful Parisian foodie startup Big Mama. Here at Popolare, is all about pizza. The setting is warm and authentic, and the decor is really instagram-able! But don’t get me wrong, the joy is in your plate. The pizza selection is wonderful, as well as the selection of antipasti to start or complement your dish.

Address: 111 Rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris
Telephone: +33142213091


Grazie was one of the first to rejuvenate the pizza scene in Paris. The New York style decor of this chic restaurant makes a perfect setting for a nice dinner in the Bastille / Marais area of Paris. The pizza are simply delicious. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get to seat on the comfy leather sofas near the windows. Grazie is perfect for a couple, and even families with kids.

Address: 91 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
Telephone: +33142781196


Il Brigante is a hidden gem at the back of the Montmartre hill in the North of Paris. Here it’s all about pizza. Don’t expect a fancy decor, a vast seating area, and top notch service. The chef is preparing and baking the pizza right on front of your eyes. The ambiant smell is a delight! However, you better get there a little early for the dinner service, as this super tiny restaurantcan only accommodate a handful of pizza lovers!

Address: 14 Rue du Ruisseau, 75018 Paris
Telephone: +33144927215


La Felicita is the new gem of the Big Mama group. It is located in the redeveloping 13th district inside Station F, the European temple of innovation and startups. There are various self-service stations to choose from, including a delicious authentic Italian pizza corner. The menu changes very frequently here. La Felicita has also a nice covered terrace outside, as well as extensive seating options. La Felicita is a great option with friendskids, and even for solo pizza enthusiasts.

Address: 55, boulevard Vincent Auriol Station F Paris 75013
Telephone: n.a.


Popine was created a couple of years ago and is our absolute favorite spot in the North-Eastern part of Paris. The pizzaiolo Gennaro Nasti is from Naples, which is usually a good sign of quality and authenticity for pizza fans! Popine’s pizza have that perfect balance of texture and flavor. A must if you happen to stay or visit the Belleville area of Paris.

Address: 108 Boulevard de Ménilmontant, Paris, 75020, France
Telephone: +33986250571


Louie Louie is a wonderful pizza spot in the foodie rue de Charonne. All ingredients served here are locally sourced in Italy. The decor is simple, but the pizza here are actually quite elaborate. Staff is caring and friendly. If you like wine, don’t miss the neighbouring natural wine bar Cave de Septime on the other side of the road 😉

Address: 78 Rue de Charonne, Paris, 75011, France
Telephone: +33973581436

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