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Maasin Solo Travel : Tourist Spots and Food Tripping

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So I left a cliffhanger on part 1 of my Maasin Solo travel adventure. I was already in the room of an undisclosed lodge.

At that point I tried to convince myself that everything will be alright. That I can last 2 days living in this unconventional settlement.

To keep a clear head on my next move I decided to leave the room and explore the town of Maasin city. This was like the nth time I made a dumb move for this solo travel (never head out at 11 am unless you long for a sunburn).

I went out of the lodge at 11 am thus the sun was at its brighthest. I did not want to head back to my room as I felt safer outside. Besides I need to explore the town to ensure proper documentation of my Maasin solo travel.

Good thing was while I was one my way to the lodge I took note of the landmarks that I passed by.I remembered passing by a church on our way and beside it was a plaza. That was where I was headed.

It was a good 10 min walk in the heat of the sun before I arrived at the church. Like any other religious structure I visited, the facade looked like it was built ages ago. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption was I site to look at.

Maasin Solo Travel

Maasin City Solo Travel: The Cathedral and the Plaza

Commonly known to the locals as the Maasin Cathedral, The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption is one of the oldest parishes in the Philippines which had a run of missionaries that occupied the said structure.

Maasin Solo Travel
The Stone Cathedral

It has a Barouqe architecture typical of any Spanish colonial structures found in the Philippines.

A Sistine chapel inspired ceiling

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption has both the regality and artistry of any Spanish colonial churches. From the outside you can really tell that it has seen years of history of the city. In the inside it’s a dome of art pieces helmed so perfectly together.

Maasin Solo Travel
The Altar

After doing a quick tour of the church I went and explored the plaza which was right in front of the Cathedral. Good thing there were a lot of shaded benches to sit in. It gave me time to catch my breath and to recharge from the draining heat of the sun.

Maasin Solo Travel

While on the benches I realized that I would be able to explore the good part of Maasin city in less than a day. Which means staying in my hotel room longer than I imagined.


That was when I decided to look for a new and better hotel accommodation.

There are multiple hotel finder apps in the market but I always prefer So far they never failed me in finding a hotel that is relatively affordable and with all the facilities that I need while staying at the hotel.

For my Maasin solo travel adventure, did not disappoint. I found a hotel 10 min away from the city proper and was a beach side property.

The difference of the said hotel with the first one was night and day.

I lost 600 Php for my first booking but I did not care as I wanted my Maasin solo travel to be memorable and not traumatic.

Massin City Solo Travel: Jaimees Hotel

Jaimess Hotel and resort is located in Ibarra, Maasin city. The hotel is one of the well-known hotels (and not lodges) in the city.

The property is already in the outskirts of the Maasin city. The best way to get there is via a tricycle. They ask for a range of 11 Php to 20 Php dependent on the time of day and the passengers heading to that area.

Now is Jaimee’s hotel a luxury hotel? The answer is a big NO. But relative to other hotel accommodation in the area it’s the best there is.

What I liked about the hotel is the exclusivity and the friendliness of the staff.

Maasin Solo Travel
The Entrance of Jaimees Hotel

It is a family owned hotel with rooms that feels homey. The property has 2 pools. One pool is an infinity pool overlooking the beach. A Gym, a karaoke room, a game room and of course a restaurant.

For the rest of the day I decided to rest my tired body and just spend the whole day at Jaimees.

The Room

My room was  spacious and clean and so with the bathroom. Two point though that needs improvement is their AC units. It was not cool enough for my preference even at a 17 Celsius temperature.

Maasin Solo Travel

There were also mosquitoes in the room and all over the hotel. Possibly because the place had lots of plants in the area. Good thing I bought a mosquito repellent lotion with me so no Biggy. You should always bring one when traveling in tropical countries. 

The Food

The hotel offers variety of dishes. From your traditional Filipino meals to American, European and even Irish dishes. For my stay I tried their Pork Adobo.

Maasin Solo Travel
Pork Adobo Coma

The food preparation was similar to how my parents cook our meals. It had a homey taste which I liked.

The price range of their meals are a tad too pricey though. For a less progressive place their prices for their meals can be compared to that of Cebu and Manila.

Thus staying in the hotel is a must but try exploring other meal options as there are more cheap finds (keep on reading to find out the cheap meals in the city).

Take a dip at their Pool

A highlight of the hotel is their infinity pool overlooking the sea. I recommend to take a dip either early in the morning or late in the afternoon for you to witness the sunrise and sunset. It’s the suit spot for instagrammable photos.  

Maasin Solo Travel

Maasin Solo Travel
I’m bringing sexy back (lol)

So What’s Next? – Onwards with my Maasin Solo Travel!

After taking a dip in the pool which by the way I had all to myself. It was now time to head out for dinner.

The goal was to be one with the locals. So I hoped on a tricycle and ask the driver to take me to an eatery where locals head out for dinner preferably with fresh seafood and barbeque.

The driver immediately told me he was to bring me to McDo. Hmm cool McDonalds in Maasin City offered skewered meat. That’s a first.

However, the McDo that the driver was referring to was not McDonalds but an abbreviation for Mag-DokoDoko (visaya word for Bend Down).

The place had numerous stalls all selling skewered fish, pork, chicken. If it can be grilled then you can find it here.

After exploring the whole stretch of the food park. I finally settled with one stall and went on a meat splurge. And oh they also give you free soup.

Maasin Solo Travel
The Chosen One!

Across the stalls they provide a stretch of tables where you can eat your food most likely in a bent down position (thus the coined term McDo).

Maasin Solo Travel
Kuya is not happy that I’m taking a picture of the place (LOL)

Eating alone was a bit awkward since this the food park catered for friends or family. I don’t want to assume but some people actually stared and checked me from head to foot. They probably know I was a traveler. Irregardless, I continued eating my meal.

Maasin Solo Travel
Food trip

The experience was far from fancy but I totally enjoyed it. The stall owner and her daughters (I assume they were her kids) were friendly. She even gave me a discount for my meals. Awesome Right?

Overall my Day 1 Maasin Solo Travel experience was adventure driven. There were some hurdles during the start of my day but I definitely ended on a good note.

Maasin Solo Travel Day 1 Expenses:

The Scary and Unsafe Lodge- 600 Php

Jaimee’s Hotel – 4300 Php (for 2 days)

Pork Adobo at Jaimees (with a cup of rice and soda) – 290 Php

McDo grilled meal (with 2 Hanging rice and soda) – 100 Php (initially 105 but the owner gave a 5php discount)

Transportation Via Tricycle/Motorcyle- Approx 150 Php for the whole day

Total Day 1 Expense: Php 5440.00

So that ends Day 1 of my Maasin Solo Travel. What adventures shall I showcase on my 2nd Day? For starters I went further South of Leyte and immersed more with their food culture.

To be continued for Part 3…..

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    How did I miss part 1? I’ll look for it. Sounds interesting. That infinity pool, though. How cool is that. Did you set a timer for the picture? Your day sounds fun, but maybe tense??

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    Adam Samson

    Food trips are my jam! Very glad I stumbled on this page. I caught some of your pics on Instagram and decided to check out the blog. I will be going to Maasin at the end of April. I am super excited for it. It will be my 4th solo trip in the last 2 years. I gotta check these spots out when I go. The food looks amazing!

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