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Eating Out Alone

If you think this blog post is all about how melancholic it is to eat alone while on travel. You are so wrong! I created this blog to further support aspiring solo travelers. To give them tips and tricks when eating out alone in the Philippines.

A solo traveler must accept the fact that aside from traveling to the famous destinations on your own. You will also eat alone.

Eating Out Alone

It may not be all throughout the duration of your trip that you would dine on your own. But chances are there will be breakfasts, lunches or diners where you would tell the waiter “Table for One please”. 

Dining alone when I am on travel is ordinary for me. Although I have to admit the first time was definitely painful. The feeling that all of a sudden you inherited super powers of reading people’s thoughts. “Why is he here alone? He just is the saddest person in the planet. Poor thing lets invite him over”

But overtime you become more comfortable with eating out alone while on solo travels.

I however learned it the hard way. I mustered a lot of courage and some unforgettable experiences before I became comfortable dining out on my own when on Solo travels.

Thus, I find it my obligation to share with you tips and advice on what to do, what to bring and what not to feel when dining out alone on solo travels.

Specifically, Erik the Hungry Traveller will provide you tips on eating out alone in my hometown, The Philippines.

Eating Out Alone Tip # 1

Make Google Your Friend


The Philippines is known for its beautiful islands and its array of sumptuous meals. There will always be a signature dish in every island you visit in my country. In short – prepare to gain some weight (☺)

Eating Out Alone: Philippines
Chili Ice Cream and other yummy Philippine flavors

Thus it’s important to hit on google and check out the signature meal or delicacy of your chosen Philippine destination. 

For Erik the Hungry Traveller researching beforehand is important. I always prefer spontaneity when I go on adventures but not when it comes to my food.

Eating Out Alone
Palawan Nouggat
Eating out Alone
Palawan Hopia

There is more excitement for me when I know what meals i am to anticipate on my travels. I make sure I create a list of the restaurants or the signature dishes that I will have to try whenever I visit a new place.


Make sure you take note of the name of the delicacy, where you can find it and what it’s made of. Getting allergies while you are on travel can be a real bummer.

Eating Out Alone Tip # 2

Bring your own ATM Machine (kidding!) – Allocate Cash for your Food Trips

A no brainer right here. If you allocate money to visit tourist spots. Then you have to do the same for your meals.

Eating Out Alone
Yummy Right

I do have to confess that despite allocating money for my meals in all my solo trips. I always go overboard and I blame it on how delicious the food are in the Philippines.

Well if you are a foreign tourist you would definitely marvel at how affordable food is here in my country. So binge on that mango and lechon!

Whether you find the food affordable or expensive here in the Philippines. There is always value in allocating money on your meals when you are on a solo travel.

Eating Out Alone Tip # 3

Do Not be Like Courage the Cowardly Dog- Be Brave Like Merida!

My apologies if I had to be cheesy. I just had to put that in there (blushing)

Anyways, based on my experience there are always restaurants where the facade intimidates even the bravest of souls. I have had multiple moments of “should I enter or should I just find another place to eat “.

Eating out Alone
A Philippine inspired pasta

And yes, there were also numerous occasions when I skipped that restaurant which was part of my list as I found it too intimidating.

Back when I started doing my solo travels I did not have Erik the Hungry Traveller persona encouraging me to GO ENTER and EAT.

Hesitating on a place to eat was an opportunity area for me. But do not worry as generally Filipinos are warm people

It always helps when servers are friendly and encouraging. It helps you muster that courage to enter that restaurant and try their signature dishes.

Waiters in the Philippines will proactively suggest what dishes you need to taste. They keep you ordering food until you had all your worth’s fill. So long as you have the money to pay then all will be fine.

It is all in the mind. So if ever you need a little more push to head to that place then Erik the Hungry Traveller would like to tell you in the nicest manner possible.. GO ENTER and EAT !

Eating Out Alone Tip # 4

Eat your Meal with a Smile

My final advice when eating out alone in the Philippines. Enjoy your own company.

Eating out Alone
Fish Maji Maji

This is not at all difficult when you eat out alone in the Philippines.

Eating out alone helps you appreciate more the food. How much effort it took to prepare the meal. The complexity of the ingredients and of course how good the food tastes.

An added bonus are the smiles of the waiters and waitresses when they present to you the ordered meal.

From a stall along the side of the street to a high end Filipino restaurant. They will always make you feel comfortable (to be honest it does come off creepy sometimes… ☺ ) .

I did solo travels in Boracay, Legazpi, Puerto Princesa and Negros. For the places I visited all my solo dining experiences were awesome.

Despite some bad reps about restaurants giving different treatment to local and foreign customers. I did not have that experience. If i did I would rant about my experience here.

For Foreign nationals like I said above it will not be difficult. You have a lot of choices whichever food trip destination you choose in the Philippines.

Thus with all my eating out alone experiences I always wore a smile (well not a crazy smile, the subtle cute one ). Knowing that the people who prepared it had warm hearts and were passionate about what their cooking.

Eating Out Alone in the Philippines – Book that flight now ☺

Generally eating out alone in the Philippines is not at all challenging. Whether you are a foreigner or a pure blooded proud Filipino you will always witness and feel the warm smiles and happy hearts of my kababayan (Filipino term for countrymen) .

Whether you tend to eat out in fancy Filipino restaurants or be adventurous and try Filipino street food always remember the 4 tips that Erik the Hungry Traveller provided you.

This will surely maximize and add more value to your solo travels and solo dining experience in the Philippines.

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13 Responses

  1. I really like this post – it’s an aspect of travelling that not many people write about! I think eating alone can be very stress-relieving and I agree that it often means you can appreciate the food more.

  2. I’ve only solo traveled once so far and eating was definitely the hardest part! But once I got over the initial fear, I actually quite enjoyed it. I’d imagine it’d be even easier in a country of very friendly people like the Philippines!

  3. When I first set off on solo adventures, I hated eating alone especially at dinnertime – breakfast and lunch wasn’t so bad. Still intimidated by some places but now I quite enjoy it because when you do dine with friends, most of them are on their phone anyway lol

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