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Solo Travel in Dumaguete & Valencia Negros: 2 Days of Pure Fun and Food!

Planning to Solo Travel in Dumaguete, Philippines? Then you have come to the right page!

Weekends are built to create a pause from the 5 days of daily grind.  They breathe new life before going back to your 9-5 work.

For Erik the Hungry Traveller weekends mean short getaways,fun adventures and food splurge.

This past weekend and in the coming weeks I will travel to neighboring islands of Cebu city Philippines.

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First on the list is a weekend solo travel in Dumaguete!

Duma- What?!

Dumaguete is found right across the Southern tip of Cebu. It is the most populous town and the capital of Negros oriental.

It is otherwise known as The City of Gentle People.

Aside from friendly folks I can also add that Dumaguete is a wonderful place to travel for a quick weekend getaway.

Why do a Solo Travel in Dumaguete?

So why did I choose a solo travel in Dumaguete as my first weekend getaway adventure for the year?

First off, Dumaguete is near Cebu, my hometown.

Second, I visited Dumaguete numerous times but did not explore its outskirts. This could not be more than a perfect time to do this road show.

It all starts with a Bus Ride

My solo travel in Dumaguete adventure starts with a 4 hour bus ride from Cebu South terminal to the town of Liloan Santander in Cebu.

From Santander I had to ride a motorized boat to reach Sibulan Port.

From Sibulan port motorcylcles and other Public vehicles can be rented for you to arrive in Dumaguete city which is a good 10-15 minutes travel.

Cebu- Santander Liloan – Sibulan – Dumaguete

I chose to rent a tricycle for a 10 minute travel from Sibulan port to the city of Gentle People.

I got to enjoy the tricycle all to myself and view the town’s outskirts at an affordable affordable price.

Solo Travel in Dumaguete
Tricycle Ride- blurry shot- Solo Travel in Dumaguete begins!

Erik the Hungry Traveller Travel expense:

  1. Bus fare to Cebu to Liloan, Santander Cebu – 210 Php
  2. Ferry Boat Fare from Liloan to Sibulan Port – 70 Php
  3. Tricycle Ride from Sibulan to Dumaguete – 150 Php

First Order of Business : Qyosko Diner

I arrived in Dumaguete city at around 12 pm.

I started my bus journey from Cebu 7 am thus the journey took me roughly around 5 hours to arrive at my final destination.

Upon arrival , I immediately went to one of my favorite restaurants, Qyosko.

I saw this restaurant grow from a 24 hours classic diner in Dumaguete to a posh quirky restaurant.

Despite their improvements the restaurant still maintained its classic signature meals and homey vibe.

Qyosko - Solo Travel in Dumaguete

They have an array of Filipino classics such as pochero, sisig, lumpia. They also have their Qyosko trademarks like drunken buttered chicken, adobo flakes and my favorite arroz balao.

Aroz Balao Qyosko Dumaguete
My favorite: Aroz Balao

Arroz balao (which i ordered) is a rice meal with grits of bulad (dried salted fish).

This has been my go to comfort food whenever I visit Dumaguete.

The dish is well balanced. Not too salty and not too bland. A quick and affordable meal for any hungry traveler visiting the place.

  1. Qyosko Arroz Balao- Php 98.00

Finding a Hotel in Dumaguete : Hotel Palwa

After that satisfying lunch. l I went out and looked for a hotel to stay for the night.

Dumaguete is a hub for bed and breakfasts. I went to my go to hotel. It however had no vacancies thus I decided to try a new one.

Hotel Palwa Dumaguete
Hotel Palwa

Hotel Palwa is located at the center of the city. I have known of this hotel for some time but never got the opportunity to stay here until now.

I thought the hotel was expensive. But when I looked at their prices it actually wasn’t at all that pricey.

The hotel was a simple and clean. Not fancy but definitely presentable.

The hotel staff were friendly and accommodating. They cater to your requests and queries quickly. I also tried their room service and it was fast and the food was affordable.

My Room at Hotel Palwa
  1. Room at Hotel Palwa: Php 1198.00 
  2. Breakfast Meal: Php 98.00

Adventure Time

Now Erik the Hungry Traveller’s stomach is full and I now have a place to stay for the night.

Thus there is only one thing to do.

Let the solo travel in Dumaguete begin!

Solo travel in Dumaguete
Dare to Jump?

. It was 3 pm when I left my room. And yes it was extremely hot, like prickly hot.

But i only have the weekend to explore this place so Mr. Sun bring it on!

For this solo travel in Dumaguete I again rented a tricycle to help me visit the tourist destinations in Dumaguete and its neighboring towns.

I told the driver to take me to as many tourist spots as the time would permit.

Since this was only a weekend get away my driver suggested we tour around Dumaguete and visit the neighboring town of Valencia.

All About Valencia Negros and not Valencia Espana

Valencia is 9 km west from Dumaguete city.

I visited 3 tourist spots for my 3 hour travel and they are: Tiera Alta, Sulfuric vents and the Red Rock Falls.

Tiera Alta

Tiera Alta was my first stop as it was the closest from Dumaguete city.

This is a high end subdivision with a European , Santorini-esque feel. The highlight for this place is their man made lighthouse with the view of Dumaguete and the outskirts of Valencia.

Solo Travel in Dumaguete
The Lighthouse

As a traveler and a blogger.

One must be honest with their reviews and recommendations. And Tiera Alta is a place which I recommend only at an average level.

A 5 out of 10 for me. The lighthouse was good but not great. Plus since it is a subdivision, upon heading up to the lighthouse what you can see are soon to be built houses and truck loads of construction.

Not something you wish to see for a nature lover like me.

Tiera Alta Dumaguete
Tiera Alta Lighthouse

They ask you to pay 50 php to check out their lighthouse.

This is a matter of preference but I visited places that are free or asks for a smaller entrance than Tiera Alta which are more worthwhile.

Pulang Bato Waterfalls (Red Rocks ) 

Located just a few kilometers away from Tiera Alta .

Pulang Bato is named such as the water seemingly appears red due to the rocks that are naturally (you guess it) BLUE, kidding they are naturally RED.

Pulang Bato Solo Travel in Dumaguete
The River at Pulang Bato

You have to travel uphill by riding a motorcycle to bring you to the actual location of the falls.

Upon arriving you have to pay 50 Php for the entrance. Unlike the first destination the entrance is worth it!

Pulang Bato

For those who love the water (like me) this is a good deal!

Red Rock Falls not only has a waterfall but it also has a hot spring. If you intend to spend the night here then the place also has cabins that you can book.

It is a popular tourist attraction so expect a lot of people.

But if you find the right angle and are a bit adventurous you can find your sweet spot and just capture the falls minus the crowd.

Sulfuric Vents

Located along the highway before you ride the motorcycle heading to Pulang Bato falls.

This was my last stop as recommended by my guide/ driver.

He believed that Red Rock falls is mystical and he recommended for me to leave the place before dusk.

Solo Travel in Dumaguete
Just along the highway

In fact all my guides did. So in respect of their tradition and belief I obliged. Now on to the sulfuric vents.

This was the highlight of my trip. Waterfalls and lighthouses are common with my travels but I never seen a smoking mountain.

Like ever!

Sulfuric Rocks- Solo Travel in Dumaguete
The “Smoking” Mountain

I could not get a scientific explanation as to why the rocks and soil spew sulfuric smoke.

The locals did mention that the area spewed smoke since time in memorial. The area smelled like rotten eggs and it would be hard to take a good smokey picture as the area was windy.

Selfie at the Sulfuric Vents

I would highly recommend to explore the vents. I allocated some time checking out each vent and soil. The smoke came from the inside of the rocks and soil.

I left the place a quarter to six. My driver brought me back to my hotel.

There were some other places that he recommended but due to time constraint i was not able to visit.

I definitely will visit those said attraction on my next travel adventures on my upcoming solo travel in Dumaguete Version 2.0 (wink).

  1. Tricycle Tour – Php 800
  2. Entrance at Tiera Alta – Php 50 
  3. Entrance at Red Rocks – Php 50
  4. Motorcycle Fare to Red Rocks (back and forth) – Php 50

For those interested to visit and have a tour in Negros you can contact my friendly and knowledgeable driver/ guides. 

JunJun – 0935 815 7395

Allan – 0912 311 4429 / 09352527128

Solo Travel in Dumaguete Capping of the Night: 

For dinner, instead of finding a restaurant I went to a popular food outlet along the boulevard.

It is a street food haven where a stretch of vendors sell fish balls, squid balls , tempura and balot.

Dinner at the Boulevard

For those who are adventurous this is a must try.

You inform the stall owner on what you wish to order and they will have it cook for you on the spot.

You will then be redirected to sit on small benches and table which would now serve as your dining area.

Reminds me of kindergarten days.

Now for Dessert!

Since i have some money to spare I decided to visit a budding cafe shop in Dumaguete.

For my dessert i tried the cake and coffee of Chef Tobz RN cakes and pastries.

Trying out their Blueberry Velvet Cake
  1. Dinner at the boulevard- Php 100 ( includes tempura, egg and drinks)
  2. Dessert – Php 270 (cake and coffee)

Day 2: City Tour

I made a quick visit to their Cathedral and to Sans Rival to buy some pastries.

These two stops if you are to do a solo travel in Dumaguete are a must go to places.

Both are found in the city proper and are just a tricycle ride away.

You can also tour Siliman university which is the first american university in the Philippines.

I visited that place before plus the sun was at its 10th power during that day that i decided to just stay in  my hotel before I checked out.

Solo Travel in Dumaguete : That is a wrap Hungry Travelers!

So there you have it my solo travel in Dumaguete was a blast. Jam packed but definitely worthwhile.

Overall I spent Php 4004 for my transportation, accommodation, food and exploration. This does not include my pastry souvenirs that I bought in Sans Rival.

Again, if you wish to do solo travel in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. Do not hesitate to contact Junjun and Allan.

They work as a full time motorcycle drivers and part time travel guides.

Their familiarity with the place and their first hand experience is what will make your experience an authentic adventure. They even take your pictures which helps when you are a solo traveler.

Solo Travel in Dumaguete Tour Guides:

JunJun – 0935 815 7395

Allan – 0912 311 4429 / 09352527128

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    Wonderful! I like this blog, this is helpful for those who wants to visit Dumaguete.
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    How fun. I love the pictures and your writing about your adventures is great and makes me want to visit. Keep us posted!! Love your blog.

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    How fun. I love the pictures and your writing about your adventures is great and makes me want to visit. Keep us posted!! Love your blog.

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    How fun. I love the pictures and your writing about your adventures is great and makes me want to visit. Keep us posted!! Love your blog.

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    The Philippines is on my travel bucket list, and the city of Dumaguete looks like a great place to visit! I would like to see the waterfalls, and try that blueberry velvet cake. Looks amazing!

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